Thursday 25th to Sunday 28th August 2016. I went in 1990 - what difference the bands ... I think for worse . If we compare the 80 and 90 .... I was lucky. Reading and Leeds festival may be three days long, but the organisers have somehow managed to pack in five headliners. The Reading Festival is the complementary event to the Leeds Festival. Both are held on the same August summertime weekend, with the Reading event taking place at Little John’s Farm in central Reading. The Reading Festival is not only the oldest of this pair, but is also considered to be the oldest popular music festival in history – this doesn’t mean that you’ll be amongst the fogies here, as the vibe here is most definitely an eclectic one full of friends old and new alike. You’re likely to see some of the biggest acts in the world playing at the Reading Festival, as this is one party that has the power to pull in the gods of any genre. It usually features mainstream music with more of an emphasis on bands than DJs playing Dance beats and breaks. There is just about everything and anything you could want at the Reading Festival. Camp for the whole weekend and visit the numerous stalls and eating spots – you can bring your under 13 years olds for free if you’ve got an adult ticket, making this a fairly family friendly event. If you’re blessed with looking younger than your age, over-18s can acquire a special wristband that offers proof of age that can be carried round instead of photo ID for the bars.

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