The project Brainville THREE brings together three legendary musicians, Daevid Allen (Gong), Chris Cutler (Henry Cow) and Hugh Hopper (Soft Machine) combining poetry, punk, jazz, art-rock and noise. The Italian tour includes several dates.

The project Brainville THREE brings together three legendary musicians ovver Daevid Allen (Gong), Chris Cutler (Henry Cow) and Hugh Hopper (Soft Machine) combining poetry, punk, jazz, art-rock and noise. Founded in New York in 1998 by Daevid Allen and Hugh Hopper with Mark Kramer and Pip Pyle - Brainville Three continued as a trio with the late Pip Pyle in 1999 for a tour in Japan.

 Hopper and Allen first played together in 1963 in the then revolutionary Daevid Allen Trio (with Robert Wyatt on drums) - the first group that combined stylistic free-jazz-rock with abstract poetry. Since 1967 Daevid had become a founding member of the now legendary Soft Machine, which he joined in 1968. At the same time Daevid Hugh had moved to Paris and was assembling the first version of the "Gong". When Gong needed a drummer, Cutler was that at the time free from his core group "Henry Cow", was chosen.

Later, in 1979, Cutler worked album Allen "N'existe Pas" and made several festivals with Gong including the now legendary Giorgio Gomelsky ZU Festival in New York. This band brings together three legendary musicians combining poetry, punk, jazz, art-rock and noise.Founded in New York in 1998 by Daevid Allen and Hugh Hopper.

Daevid Allen
Born January 13, 1938 in Melbourne, rightly called the '' Australieno ", Daevid Allen has a position on the edge of the rock corresponds roughly to the role of the late Sun Ra on the borders of jazz. Allen also was a catalyst, a talent scout, a philosopher and a cosmic aphorist gnomic, a poet and a storyteller, a prolific author indiscriminately, an innovator idiosyncratic instrumental and, above all, an independent spirit faithful only to his muse.

The changing versions of Gong and their bands satellites have been for him the equivalent dell'Arkestra Sun Ra, vehicles to bring together musical ideas and extra-musical. As with the Sun Ra surface "absurdity" in the presentation and a sense of theatricality that tends to pantomime have kept away critics pompous or caused hasty considerations. Allen, who does not care to provoke ridicule, continues with the tireless work that he considers too serious to be taken seriously.

Hugh Hopper
began his musical life in the mid-60s and was one of the original founders of the minds of music progressive rock / fusion of the Canterbury school which produced innovative and influential bands such as Soft Machine, Gong and Caravan. Starting with "Wilde Flowers," continued becoming bassist and author with "Soft Machine" during their most successful period, performing and composing in the first six albums and countless miles traveling on tour in Europe and America. In 1970 he recorded several songs on the album "The Madcap Laughs" Syd Barrett. Leaving in the mid 70s Soft Machine, launched into several projects as Yamashta's East Wind, Isotope, Carla Bley Orchestra, Robert Wyatt and groups with its name, while continuing his career in the studio that has mixed with experimental experiments solo a wide range of collaborations with other musicians and jazz fusion. He continues today to go on tour and record in Europe and the United States, more prolific than ever. His most recent band / projects include Hughscore (with musicians from Seattle), Bone (with Nick Didkovsky of Dr. Nerve) and Softworks (with ex-Soft Machine Allan Holdsworth, John Marshall and Elton Dean, unfortunately died recently), and new collaborations with singers such as Lisa Klossner, Tim Bowness and Julian Whitfield as well as a series of CD loopscape that bear his name.

Chris Cutler
In the early 90s he was co-founder with Dave Stewart of the Ottawa Music Company, orchestral ensemble of 22 elements, before joining the British experimental group Henry Cow with whom he went on tour, recorded and worked projects for dance and theater groups: Art Bears, News from Babel, Cassiber, The (c) Nudes, p53 and The Science Group and was a permanent member of American groups such as Pere Ubu, Hail and Wooden Birds. Apart from a number of special projects for the stage, theater, film and radio, Chris Cutler still works continuously with Fred Frith, Zeena Parkins, Jon Rose, David Thomas, Iancu Dimitrescu, the Hyperion Ensemble, Peter Blegvad, Bob Drake, Xavier Garcia and Stevan Thickmayer. He has traveled the world as a soloist with his battery expanded electrified. His most recent projects include works commissioned for the German and Austrian radio, various soundtracks live, timescales Quartet and Calculated Pulses, Life on Earth for the Hyperion Ensemble, Signe de Trois, a piece of music theater with Stevan Thickmayer and Marie Goyette , out of the Blue radio, a project soundscape of a year's duration for FM radio Resonance of london and p53 for Orchestra and soloists (presented in Glasgow with the BBC Scottish Orchestra, Jon Rose and Zeena Parkins). Chris founded and manages ReR Megacorp, independent label, distribution services Artistic and Academic Gallery, publishes the magazine of New Music "Unfiled" and is the author of the collection theoretic "File Under Popular" as well as numerous articles and writings, published in 16 languages. He lectures on topics related to the theoretical and music, teaching most recently as a professor at the Museum School in Boston. He appears in more than 160 discs.

Daevid Allen: guitar, vocals
Hugh Hopper: bass, loops
Chris Cutler: battery, ambience

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