PUNK DIARY 1970-1982

The publication of Punk Diary 1970-'79 and it's follow up Post-Punk Diary 1980-'82 set a new high water mark in formation about the underground rock movement in both the UK and US. Both of the books went out of print in the last few years and after repeated requests, they've been retooled, refurbished and put back into print! This new book takes BOTH of the original volumes and combines them into one massive book, 750+ pages long, completely indexed, with improved pictures, and with over 700 new entries and discoveries. Did you know that Devo first played in public in 1973? How about Oingo Boingo's debut single in 1976? A towering stack of records, newspapers, biographies and interview tapes has been distilled into the definitive volume of the times.

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