Concluding the celebration of their 40th anniversary, The Residents are pleased to announce Shadowland, Part 3 of the Randy, Chuck & Bob Trilogy. Aspiring to examine life in reverse, the trilogy began in 2010 with The Talking Light, a study of ghosts and death; reflecting on love and sex, the group continued with their Wonder of Weird tour in 2013; and finally with Shadowland, Randy, Chuck & Bob will focus on the beginning of life - birth. As with Parts 1 & 2 of the trilogy, Part 3 will feature music from The Residents’ extensive catalog interspersed with short videos about birth, rebirth, reincarnation and NDEs (near death experiences). It is now such a good 40 years ago that the enigmatic avant - garde collective The Residents made ​​themselves heard. First Pioneers in the field of multimedia performances , praised and vilified by their bizarre combinations of electronics deconstructed rock ' n' roll and avant - jazz with surreal visuals and absurdist satire . Makers of brilliant conceptual albums like ' Eskimo ' , ' The Commercial Album ' and ' Not Available ' , which have influenced generations of underground musicians . And notorious recluses who have always refused to disclose their identities and interviews consistently avoided . During this last theater tour the legendary cult band brings the last part of their " Randy , Bob and Chuck" trilogy , which began in 2010 . After " The Talking Light ' , with death as a subject, followed ' Wonder of the Weird ," about love and sex . The third ' Shadowland ' is about birth, reincarnation and " near-death experiences .

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