Jason Noble / 1996 to 2011
Lucky Anchor Studios, - Louisville, KY. Additonal recording at Impact Impression (KY) & Skidmore College (NY). Christian Frederickson, Kevin Ratterman and Darron L. West greatly assisted with engineering and general awesomeness.

Impossible without the support and guidance of Kristin Furnish.
Cover artwork by the incredible David Cook.

Dedicated to Geraldine K. Patterson – endless thanks!

Guest musicians
Kyle Crabtree - drum kit
Christian Frederickson – viola, sample strings
Edward Grimes – drums, sample vibes
Rachel Grimes – sample piano / strings
Dominic Johnson – viola, sample strings
Gregory King – sample vibes, percussion
Libby King – voice
Jeff Mueller – guitar, letterpress
Ryan Rumery – drums
Doug Scharin – drums
Jeffery V. Thompson – voice

The song “Twenty Percent Brighter” was performed by The Poison Arrows and appears on their album “First Class, And Forever.” They kindly allowed Per Mission to remix the song. Original tracks recorded by Greg Norman at Electrical Audio Studio A and Justin Sinkovich at The Plaza – Chicago. The song features these musicians (many thanks to all of them):
Patrick Morris – Bass guitar
Adam Reach – Drum kit
Justin Sinkovich – Guitar, Keyboards, Vocals
with Brian Case – co-vocals
Eric Chaleff – guitar

All other sounds made by:
Sally Kole, Martin Low, Jason Noble & William Chance Jr.
12 string guitar loaned by Aaron Frisbee.

Quite a lot of this music was written for these fine films:
“Our House” by Greg King and David Teague, “Vacation” by Barbara Stepansky, “Rotating Mirror” by Greg King and “Driver” by Anna Cimini.
(a thousand miles of respect to them all)

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