Tales From The Australian Underground Singles 1976-1989

Disc 1:
  1. Radio Birdman- Burned My Eyes (Original Version)
  2. The Saints- This Perfect Day (Original Version)
  3. The Victims- I'm Flipped Out Over You
  4. The Riptides- Sunset Strip
  5. Psycho Surgeons- Horizontal Position
  6. The Leftovers- Cigarettes & Alcohol
  7. La Femme- Chelsea Kids
  8. The Scientists- Frantic Romantic
  9. Numbers- Government Boy
  10. Tatics- Standing By the Window
  11. Lipstick Killers- Hindu Gods (of Love)
  12. Fun Things- When the Birdmen Fly
  13. The Passengers- Face With No Name
  14. The Vistors- Brother John (Original Version)
  15. The Birthday Party- Happy Birthday
  16. Laughing Clowns- Sometimes (I Just Can't Live Anyone)
  17. Flaming Hands- I Belong to Nobody
  18. Sunnyboys- Love to Rule (Original Version)
  19. Sekret Sekret- New King Jack
  20. Pel Mel- No Word From China
  21. Makers of the Dead Travel Fast- Taels Of teh Saeghors
  22. Sardine V- Sudan
  23. Do Re Mi- Standing On Wires
Disc 2:
  1. Scientists- We Had Love
  2. The Moodists- The Disciplines Know
  3. The Triffids- Beatiful Waste
  4. X -Half Way Around the World (Original Version)
  5. Lighthouse Keepers- Ocean Liner
  6. The Moffs- Another Day in the Sun
  7. Died Prety- Ambergris
  8. The Eastern Dark- Julie is a Junkie
  9. The New Christs- No Next Time
  10. Ups & Downs- The Living Kind
  11. Ed Kuepper- Also Sprach The King of Euro- Disco
  12. Bamboos- With Which to Love You
  13. Wet Taxis- Sailors Dream
  14. Thug -Dad
  15. Venom P. Stinger- Walking About
  16. God- My Pal
  17. The Mark of Cain- Lords of Summer
  18. Someloves- Know You Now
  19. The Celibrate Rifles- Johnny
  20. Cosmic Psychos- Lost Cause
  21. Plunderers- I Didn't See them At All
  22. Hard- Ons- Just Being With You

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