TOP 50 ALBUMS 2012... SO FAR

 Top 50 albums of 2012…so far!

1. Killing Joke ‘MMX11’
As a dark, dense slab of apocalyptic new millennium rock as you would hope for
2. Dexys ‘One Day I’m Going To Soar’
Stripped down, intense and beautiful comeback from Kevin Rowland.
3. Ceremony ‘Zoo’
Breaking out from hardcore roots to make a varied album that soaked up psychedlia and even New Order

4. OFF! – OFF!
Hardcore taken back to its short, sharp ferocious roots by ex Black Flag frontman Keith Morris
5. Mary Epworth – Dream Life
Beguiling mix of indie, folk and experimentalism
6. the Stranglers ‘Giants’
Heroic return to form from the indestructible meninblack.
7. Sun Arraw and M Gengras meet The Congos ‘Icon Give Thank and Icon Eye’
Amazing collaboration between psychedelic LA and Jamaican roots legends
8. Japandroids ‘Celebration Rock’
future garage rock brawl
9. Paul Weller ‘Sonik Kicks’

Brilliant change in direction results in eccentric curveball album
10. Laibach ‘Iron Sky’

Darkly humorous electro darkness film soundtrack from Slovene innovators
11. Katzenjammer ‘A Kiss Before You Go
Danish guitar pop girls with a twist
12. Public Image ‘This Is PIL’
As willfully awkward as ever, there are some sublime moments on the album
13. Reverend And The Makers
Great mash of bass, indie and techno and the politics of everyday life
14. Gonja Sufi ‘Mu. ZZ. Le’
More post hip hop capers from our favourite maverick yoga teaching musical hobo
15. Azealia Banks ’1991′
Most exciting new voice in hip hop for years
16. Carter Tutti Void ‘Transcers’
Throbbing Gristle meet Factory Floor with expected results!
17. The Cribs ‘In The Belly Of The Brazen Bull’
Proof that young British bands can still fuck with the template 
18. Meshuggah ‘Koloss’If extreme metal is where the experimentalists are then Meshuggah lead the pack, this is as dark and heavy as it gets.
19. Bruce Springsteen ‘Wrecking Ball’
The Boss makes one of the great, and only, statements about the great 21st century depression. musically and lyrically eloquent and powerful.
20. Flats ‘Better Living’
Scuzzy crew collide hardcore and dirge for a marmite album, which we love.
21. Gallon Drunk ‘The Road Gets Darker From Here’
Mortality and love are the themes of this garage blues workout
22. Alabama Shakes ‘Boys And Girls’
Brilliant voice defines this stripped down blues soul album
23. Graham Coxon ‘A&E’
Blur man makes his best solo album yet
24. Sleigh Bells ‘Reign of Terror’
MIA meets hipster meets metal hardcore! And creates 21st century brat pop
25. Tribes ‘Baby’
Breakout album for UK indie crew
26. Deathgrips ‘The Money Store’
Experimental hip hop and more proof of the revival of the form
27. Actress ‘R.I.P.’
Glammy disco meltdown
28. Tindersticks ‘The Something Rain’
Great well written songs from long term melancholics
29. Pollyn – Living in Patterns
Lush, warm, crafted experimentalism
30. Baltic Fleet ‘Towers’ (Blow Up)
Instrumentals that that pits itself between DJ Shadow, Gang of Four and Neu!
31. Can ‘The Lost Tapes’
This is one archive worth mining endlessly
32. Patti Smith ‘Banga’
The godmother of modern rock and poetic high priestess in powerful return
33. 2.54 ’2.54′
Grunge with space in well thought dynamic cranked shoe gazing outing
34. Joey Ramone ‘Ya Know’
Even a collection of odds and sods from Joey’s last session is genius
35. The Cult ‘Choice Of Weapon’
Almost garage rock with great riffola and the Ian Astbury visionary thing
36. The Enemy ‘Streets In The Sky’
Coventry trio’s third album is tough punk anthems produced powerfully by The Bronx
37. Xiu Xiu ‘Always’
Eccentric post post rock full of charm and ideas
38. Cornershop ‘Urban Turban the Singhles club’
Reminder of the DIY greatness of da’ shop
39. Beach House ‘Bloom’
Dream pop etherealists
40. Spiritualised ‘Sweet Heart Sweet Light’
Great return from trip out visionaries
41. Guided By Voices ‘Lets Go Eat The Factory’
16th album from the crafted kings of lo fi who return after decade for a strong set
42. Dirty Three ‘ Toward The Low Sun’
More adventures from the bearded story teller
43. Napalm Death ‘Utilitarian’
Napalm Death breakout from their relentlessly brilliant grinding grindcore with a varied and brilliant album
44. Lambchop ‘Mr M’
Music to get lost in, dusty Americana from one of the great songwriters
45. The Primitives ‘Echoes And Rhymes’
Excellent return dripping with classic pop
46. Jack White ‘Blunderbuss’

Soul searching collection from former White Stripe
47. Wedding Present ‘Valentina’
More bruised love lorn songs from the Gedge
48. Enter Shikari ‘A Flash Flood Of Colour’
Best offering yet from UK hardcore and techno fusion crew
49. Grimes ‘Visions’
wackoid electronic pop with a really unique vision

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