"It's funny, but the band I did right before Earth had a song called 'Baker's Dozen'. These are in no particular order, so please don't view this as a best-of or an endorsement of any sort of rating system, merely 13 records I could think of rationally while sitting in a London hotel room." - Dylan Carlson

Durante a apresentação do novo album dos Earth, Angels Of Darkness & Demons Of Light Volume II, Dylan Carlson selecçionou alguns dos seus 13 albums favoritos- pela pequena amostra, mostar uma forte tendencia para o, English folk.

Anne Briggs - Anne Briggs
Miles Davis - In A Silent Way
Mr Fox - Join Us In Our Game
UFO - Strangers In The Night
Black Sabbath - Born Again
King Crimson - Starless And Bible Black
Fairport Convention -Unhalfbricking
Pentangle - The Time Has Come
Jethro Tull - Stand Up
Smoke Fairies - Through Low Light and Trees
The Unthanks - Here's the Tender Coming

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