Nick Cave, 1983 (garrafas já estavam vazias)
Stiv Bators, 1980

O fotógrafo David Arnoff tornou-se famoso na década de oitenta com a sua câmera capturou instantâneos impressionantes de alguns dos músicos mais lendários da era post-punk e punk. Stiv Bators, Jeffrey Lee Pierce,Captain Beefheart,The Clash,Dream Syndicate,Joey Ramone,Birthday Party,The Cramps, Nick Cave..... mostrou as suas emoções na frente da câmera de Arnoff, americano que nasçeu em Cleveland, criado em Los Ángeles, mas radicado em Londres na década de oitenta.

As uas fotos têm sido comuns no inglês Melody Maker,ou na revista de música NME, mas o engraçado é que David agora quer publicar um livro com as suas melhores fotos, e não consegue encontrar uma editora para as publicar. Inacreditável julgar pela qualidade das imagens. Aqui estão algumas das suas melhores fotos.

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Obrigatorio consultar o site: http://david-arnoff.com/

Tara: Tell me about the Stiv Bators shot.

David Arnoff: I was hanging around with Stiv and his post-Dead Boys band in their hotel—pretty sure it was the Sunset Marquis—and we decided to do some shots of him on his own. He’d been messing about with a new air pistol, so we brought that along and just stepped out into the hall, after which it occured to him to maybe go back in the room and put some shoes on, but I said not to bother. We started out doing some rather silly and predictable 007-type poses before he chose to just sit on the floor and look disturbed. I always thought the stripey socks made him look even more so.

Tara: You worked with Nick Cave several times. He seems like a guy very concerned about his image, yet playful, too. What’s he like as a subject or collaborator?

David Arnoff: Nick is very easy and unaffected to work with. That shot with Harpo is the result of what started out as another cancelled session at the Tropicana Motel. He apologized for being up all night and indicated all the empty bottles on the TV as evidence, but was perfectly happy for me to carry on regardless even though he was not looking his best. The only downside was he was trying in vain to play “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry,” not really knowing the chords and the guitar was painfully out of tune. Not an enjoyable aural experience. He was quite happy with the photos though.

Jeffrey Lee Pierce, 1983

Tara: Maybe it was the era, but several of the people you shot were junkies. Any “colorful” anecdotes about the likes of Cave, Jeffery Lee Pierce, Nico or Johnny Thunders?

David Arnoff: Far be it for me to say whether or not any of these people were actually junkies, but it’s funny you should mention Nick and Jeffrey together because I did squeeze all three of us into my little Volvo p1800 to go score on the street—Normandy, I think, around 3rd or somewhere. We then went back to my place in Hollywood, where Jeffrey became convinced they’d been ripped off. But Nick seemed more than happy with his purchase. Afterwards we went to that lesbian-run Mexican place near the Starwood. Nick tried to remember what he’d had previously and proceeded to attempt to describe what he wanted it to the baffled staff. I think they just gave up and sold him a burrito.

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