COLECTANEA - Local International 1-14

Various Artists: Local International 1-14
Label: Recommended Distribution, 1984

A1 Home & Garden - Monkey Town
A2 Unrest Work & Play - Struggle
A3 Débile Menthol - Bout d'mou
A4 The Lowest Note on the Organ - Hub of Hubs
A5 C.W. Vrtacek - Live Free or Die
A6 Negativland - One Through Twenty
A7 Heiner Goebbels - I Don't Bend - I Never Turn Round
B1 Zut Un Feu Rouge - Falkhjärta
B2 Zut Un Feu Rouge - Fångadiper Albin
B3 After Dinner - Yoake No Sinban
B4 The Paddock aka Mick Hobbs - Dogface
B5 C.W. Vrtacek - An Infinite Number of Monkeys
B6 Red Crayola with Art & Language - Black Snakes II
B7 The Lowest Note on the Organ - The Beast

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