Film Noir - American Style

Film Noir - American Style, 1984, Ding Dong Tapes & Records. Edição limitada a 2000 copias

A1 Intro-Casablanca
A2 The Doo-Dooettes - Zombi
A3 The Fibonaccis - Looking for Eddie
A4 Craig Leon - In the Eye of the Hurricane
A5 Kerry Leimer - A Spiritual Life
A6 Port Said - Countdown to Midnight
A7 The Residents - Edweena
A8 Naux - The Deepest Parts
B1 Richard Bone - Far From Yesterday Part 1 & 2
B2 Voice Farm - 12th Street
B3 Tom Recchion - Limelight
B4 Bomis Prendin - Hell's Little Ransom
B5 The Ghostwriters - The Middle Distance
B6 Vincent Gallo - The Killer's Kiss
European Contributors

C1 Intro-Casablanca
C2 Van Kaye & Ignit - Behind Venitian Blinds
C3 Arthur Brown & Craig Leon - Morning Was Cold
C4 Benjamin Lew - Apothéose de B
C5 Twice a Man - Sharp the Voice
C6 Ptôse - Martine on the Docks
C7 Clock DVA - We Cast Tall Shadows
D1 Mick Hobbs / Officer - Girl in a Red Dress
D2 Hero Wouters - Strangers on a Train
D3 Der Plan - Film Noir Programm 2
D4 The Hi-Tones - Shadow of a Doubt
D5 Utilisation du Vieux Port - Fuite point Joliette
D6 Muslimgauze - The Asphalt Jungle
D7 Genetic Factor - Don't Enter the Poolroom Now
D8 Anne Gillis - Dernières images et générique

A/B with contemporary interpretations by American musicians
C/D with contemporary interpretations by European musicians
This is a limited edition of 2000 copies

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