Danny Elfman - "Happy" (Official Video)

Oingo Boingo frontman Danny Elfman gets ‘Happy’ - a first in 36 years Danny Elfman is using the combination of a daunting 2020 and the haunting horrors of Halloween to debut a new single. The former lead singer for Oingo Boingo and widely-known film composer is making his return to music by premiering the ghoulish song, “Happy,” his first in 36 years. Oingo Boingo’s last album was in 1994, followed by a farewell tour in 1995. Originally slated to premiere at Coachella before the coronavirus pandemic halted live shows and gatherings of more than a few people, the lyrics for “Happy” appear fitting for the current times. “I’m so happy — everything is crumbling,” Elfman croons in the video ripe with CGI effects. Elfman’s last solo effort came in 1984 when he released the album “So-Lo.” For “Happy,” the Grammy-winning musician tapped the talents of Nine Inch Nails drummer Josh Freese, Dethklok guitarist Nili Brosh and Dub Trio bassist Stu Brooks. 'THE SIMPSONS' ENDING? THEME COMPOSER DANNY ELFMAN CAUSES STIR WITH COMMENTS Elfman also sourced Randall Dunn to produce the gradually-building hair-raising synth. “I originally wrote ‘Happy’ to perform at Coachella 2020,” Elfman said in a statement. “It was written to be an absurd anti-pop song, designed to begin as a very simple pop tune that degrades into something more subversive. The cynical nature of the lyrics echo how I feel about living in a semi-dystopian world turned upside down.” He added that he has always loved Halloween “because it was a night to let loose, to become something or someone else.” “[Halloween is] a night to celebrate the dead, and ghosts, and monsters of all variety,” he continued. “A night for mutants, zombies, vampires, misfits, and miscreants to celebrate themselves and each other. And aligned with the Mexican holiday Dia de los Muertos, a night to celebrate departed spirits … and for me, a night to laugh in death’s face (and feel safe doing so).” DANNY ELFMAN SCARES UP 'NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS' TUNES AT THE HOLLYWOOD BOWL IN LOS ANGELES Elfman took home a Grammy for best instrumental composition in 1989 for “The Batman Theme.” Nominated for a whopping 13 Grammys in his career, Elfman’s film compositions include “Spider-Man,” “Planet of the Apes,” “Men In Black,” “Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas,” “Edward Scissorhands,” and "Alice in Wonderland.” among others.

Kaada/Patton - Invocations 2004

Fantomas - Rosemary`s Baby

Techno Animal - Flight Of The Hermaphrodite

Techno Animal – Re-Entry 1995 Electronic, Industrial, Abstract, Ambient, Breakbeat, Dub, Experimental

GOD - Hate Meditation

Ed Rapacki, Gary Jeff, John Edwards, Justin K Broadrick, Kevin Martin, Niko Wenner, Russell Smith, Scott Kiehl, Tim Hodgkinson, Tom Prentice God - Possession Electronic, Jazz, RockAbstract, Industrial, Contemporary Jazz, Experimental 1992 (John Zorn Alto Saxophone, Mixed By)

Guru Guru / Klaus Schulze - French TV 1973

Cassiber - Chor Der Gefangenen (The Prisoner Chorus)

Cold Sweat Danielle Dax

Danielle Dax Real Name: Danielle Gardner An experimental English musician and producer, born as Danielle Gardner on September 23, 1958 in Southend-on-Sea, Essex. Also visual artist. Member of Lemon Kittens

The Legendary Pink Dots - God Speed (Apparition) 1982

The Legendary Pink Dots Clockwise


Composer, Writer: Jad Fair Composer, Writer: Mick Hobbs Composer, Writer: Benb Gallaher

Strobe Talbot - Yes, We Can

Charles Bobuck Album: Black Tar - 13 Tiny Tunes for Hallow's Eve (October 31, 2016)

Jah Wobble · Holger Czukay · Jaki Liebezeit How Much Are They? (12" Version)

jah wobble on bass dvd trailer

Neil Young and Devo - Hey Hey, My My [UNCUT]

Minotaur Shock Four Magpies

Minotaur Shock aka David Edwards, First to Back Down

Diamanda Galás with John Paul Jones "Do You Take This Man" ‌‌ - Bohemia ...

Hermeto Pascoal plays his beard and other things


Best Coast - Boyfriend [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

Former child actress Bethany Cosentino (you might remember her from commercials for Pepsi and Little Caesars) formed Best Coast with guitarist and multi-instrumentalist Bobb Bruno in Los Angeles in 2009 and were quickly wrapped up in internet buzz over their blend of Liz Phair-type indie and '60s surf pop. Cosentino most recently shows up in a duet with Rivers Cuomo on Weezer's new album, 'Everything Will Be Alright in the End.'

Matt and Kim - "Lessons Learned" (Official Music Video)

Matt and Kim Real-life couple Matt Johnson (vocals/keyboards) and Kim Schifino (drums) started playing indie pop out of Brooklyn as Matt and Kim in 2004 and were put on the scene map after the viral success of their 2009 video for 'Lessons Learned,' featuring the pair stripping naked in Times Square. Fiercely DIY, they've since become festival favorites at the likes of Lollapalooza and Bonnaroo.

The White Stripes - Seven Nation Army (Official Music video)

Prior to the White Stripes' ascent out of Detroit during the early '00s, casual music listeners likely had no idea such a huge sound could come out of just two people. Dangerously charismatic frontman Jack White and his drummer "sister" (actually his wife from 1996 to 2000) Meg White played a brand of stripped down, lo-fi garage rock that leant itself both to intimate clubs and massive arenas. After six albums culminating in 2007's 'Icky Thump,' the pair went their separate ways with White going on to release two solo albums and a couple of records with the Dead Weather with none other than the KIlls' Alison Mosshart (among many, many other projects).

The Knife - Heartbeats ( OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO W/ SOUND )

Swedish siblings Karin Dreijer Andersson and Olof Dreijer began receiving international recognition for their electronic collaboration, the Knife, when an acoustic cover of their 2003 song 'Heartbeats' performed by Jose Gonzalez was used in a Sony commercial. Usually covering their faces with Venetian masks, the pair didn't perform live until 2006 -- and when they did, it was usually a massive, theatrical production. They announced in August 2014 they'll disband following their final tour in November.

The Dresden Dolls - Coin Operated Boy [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

One part musicians and another part avant garde theater performers, Amanda Palmer and Brian Viglione of Boston's the Dresden Dolls have described their sound as "Brechtian punk cabaret." The pair achieved widespread success after supporting Nine Inch Nails on tour in 2005 but released only one more full-length after that. Although they went on hiatus in 2008, the duo reassembled for reunions in 2010 and 2012.

Anne Clark - Sleeper In Metropolis

Little Annie "Lullaby"

Danielle Dax - Sleep Has No Property

JAMES CHANCE - Contort Yourself

long fin killie - the heads of dead surfers

Crippled Black Phoenix Long Cold Summer

Crippled Black Phoenix - When You're Gone

Stephen Mallinder "Satellite" (Official Video)


FOETUS - FLOW - (You Got Me Confused With) Someone Who Cares

Q and Not U The More I Get The More I Want

Q and Not U We Heart Our Hive


gary numan - Ghost Nation

Einstürzende Neubauten - Youme & Meyou

Foetus - Ramrod [HD]

Rufus Wainwright - Agnus Dei

Eels - Suicide Life

Adam Green - He's the Brat

FRANK BLACK - Go Find Your Saint

Deerhoof- Running Thoughts

What We All Want - Gang Of Four

THE DEADLY SNAKES - A Bird In The Hand Is Worthless

OF MONTREAL - The Repudiated Immortals

OUT HUD - It's for You

Okkervil River A King and a Queen

THE CORAL She Sings the Mourning

STEREOLAB - Puncture In The Radak Permutation

Smegma - I Am Not Artist

Smegma + NO Can't Look Straight

Smegma - 01 - Anthome

r. stevie moore - funny child

Sun City Girls Dreamland

The Ex - Black and White statements

AND ALSO THE TREES - So This Is Silence


Shockabilly Formed 1982, New York, NY, United States Disbanded 1985 Members Eugene Chadbourne (guitar, vocals, rake), Kramer (bass, organ, vocals, tapes), David Licht (drums, percussion) Related Artists B.A.L.L., Bank of Sodom, Bongwater, The Chadbournes, The Klezmatics, The Moon, When People Were Shorter and Lived Near the Water

The Residents God In Three Persons "The Service" @ NYC MoMA 7:00 1.25.2020

Debbie Harry: Now i know you know

CURRENT 93 Into The Menstrual Night I Go

Bill Orcutt - All your buried corpses begin to speak

Bill Orcutt has taken his scythe-like intelligence to a number of American spirituals over the course of his career—his takes on “Nearer My God To Thee,” “Black Betty,” and “The Star-Spangled Banner” were bracing enough to make the eyes water. Odds Against Tomorrow continues the avant-garde guitarist’s exploration of American folk and blues, but it is the most settled and serene he’s ever sounded. These are original pieces—albeit ones that feel palpably haunted by the ghosts of Son House and Charley Patton, Blind Lemon Jefferson and John Fahey—and there is a nearly-autumnal melancholy in them that feels new. His only cover, of “Moon River,” has a tinkly music-box tenderness to it that might make your eyes water again, but for different reasons. —Jayson Greene


After the triumph of her score for Bo Burnham’s 2018 film Eighth Grade, Scottish composer/ singer-songwriter Anna Meredith doubled down on those tween anxieties with FIBS, an album that seems to be bursting with manic glee. Relentless in pursuit of toe-curling weirdness, Meredith pushes her synths, guitars, and drums to exhilarating, claustrophobic extremes. The emotional landscape is somehow both giddy and wary, cartoonishly surreal and nightmarish, a spastic and avant-garde recreation of the Main Street Electrical Parade. —Andy Beta

Sacrificial Code I

Stockholm-based composer Kali Malone released two memorable records this year: the first was The Torrid Eye, a collaborative outing with Acronym on which the pair conjure a churning mix of earthen depth and pure electricity from a Buchla 200 synthesizer.

Tetuzi Akiyama


Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Moya - Live @ Le Bataclan - 22 04 2015

French Press

Blurt - Trees

Bourbonese Qualk - God With Us

MX-80 Sound - Big Hits-Hard Pop from the Hoosiers (Full EP)

Stephen Mallinder - Del Sol

Stephen Mallinder - "Working (You Are)"

The Flaming Lips - When We Die When We're High [Official Audio]

O mais recente trabalho dos Flaming Lips é uma fantasia sobre o que é crescer nos Estados Unidos. O mentor do projeto, Wayne Coyne, explicou ao i o que inspirou esta aventura. Tudo começou com a morte do Tom Petty, em 2017. Este acontecimento levou Wayne Coyne, vocalista, guitarrista e fundador dos Flaming Lips, natural do Oklahoma, a imaginar qual seria o som de uma verdadeira banda norte-americana. O músico procurou responder a esta proposição no seu mais recente disco da sua banda, American Head, editado na última sexta-feira, e ao i, através de uma conversa por FaceTime. A banda, que no virar do século lançou os seminais The Soft Bulletin e Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots que viriam a influenciar incontáveis bandas de rock alternativo desde então, estudou autores como os Grateful Dead, os Eagles ou a música country, para poder musicar esta fantasia. O disco pode sugerir uma glorificação a um país que está inserido num contexto sensível, com os movimentos Black Lives Matter, a devastação causada pelo coronavírus, ou as iminentes eleições norte-americanas, mas Coyne refuta a teoria e diz-nos que “propositadamente, nunca faria uma música com alguma referência direta ao Donald Trump” (apesar de, em 2006, na música Free Radicals, ter comparado George W. Bush a um “poor man’s Donald Trump”). “Espero que a nossa música atinja diretamente o coração dos ouvintes independentemente do ano em que for ouvida ou do presidente que esteja no poder”.

The Flaming Lips - Mother I've Taken LSD [Official Audio]

Flaming Lips' latest work is a fantasy about growing up in the United States. The project's mentor, Wayne Coyne, explained to i what inspired this adventure. It all started with the death of Tom Petty, in 2017. This event led Wayne Coyne, vocalist, guitarist and founder of Flaming Lips, a native of Oklahoma, to imagine what the sound of a true American band would be. The musician tried to answer this proposition on his band's most recent album, American Head, released last Friday, and to i, through a conversation by FaceTime. The band, which at the turn of the century launched the seminals The Soft Bulletin and Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots that would come to influence countless alternative rock bands since then, studied authors such as the Grateful Dead, the Eagles or country music, in order to music this fantasy. The disc may suggest a glorification to a country that is inserted in a sensitive context, with the Black Lives Matter movements, the devastation caused by the coronavirus, or the impending North American elections, but Coyne refutes the theory and tells us that “on purpose, I would never make a song with any direct reference to Donald Trump ”(although, in 2006, in the song Free Radicals, he compared George W. Bush to a“ poor man's Donald Trump ”). “I hope that our music reaches the hearts of listeners directly regardless of the year in which it is heard or the president in power”

The Flaming Lips - Dinosaurs On The Mountain [Official Video]

Give It A Day

Tav Falco's Panther Burns - The Jungle Book | The Jeffrey Lee Pierce Ses...

Flaming Lips - One Million Billionth Of A Millisecond On A Sunday Morning

Love Yer Brain - The Flaming Lips


Patti Smith cantando en las calles de Nueva York

R.E.M et Patti Smith : "E-Bow the Letter" (Live in New York)

Man Of Oil

Stripey Clouds


Tangerine Reef - The Audiovisual Album by Animal Collective & Coral Morp...

Avey Tare - Laughing Hieroglyphic

John Zorn - Hazor

The Long Departed Lover by Harry Partch

Harry Partch - Chorus of Shadows

Hard & Tenderly - Utrom

The Residents God In Three Persons "The Touch" @ NYC MoMA 7:00 1.25.2020

The Residents God In Three Persons "Hard & Tenderly" @ NYC MoMA 7:00 1.25.2020

The Residents God In Three Persons "Main Titles (God in Three Persons)" ...

The Residents - Hard & Tenderly

Scott Walker - 'See You Don't Bump His Head'

Bill Fay - The Sun is Bored

Something On Your Mind

Vic Chesnutt - Miss Mary

Cold Blooded Old Times

G3P MoMA (excerpt Hard and Tenderly) THE RESIDENTS- RANDY ROSE and JOHN SANBORN

Witness the disturbing gospel of Mr. X and The Holy Twins, brought to life by legendary art rockers The Residents and celebrated media artist John Sanborn! The live video/theater performance of God in 3 Persons, adapted by Sanborn from The Residents’ groundbreaking 1988 album of the same name, received its world premiere at The Museum of Modern Art on January 24 & 25, 2020, in three sold out shows. In this propulsive and brooding musical about madness, The Residents’ anonymous lead singer, performing as Mr. X, tells of his encounters with a pair of ambiguously gendered conjoined twins - portrayed on video by renowned gender queer porn star Jiz Lee. Their physical union has magical healing powers...or so he claims! A confession of faith mongering complicated by a crisis of desire, God in 3 Persons functions as a darkly twisted tale about the risk of losing yourself in the process of attempting to attain perfection. The story is told using lurid multi-layered video projections created by Sanborn, that The New Yorker called “phantasmagoric“. The media component explores the mind and dream logic confusion of Mr. X as he descends into madness, while on stage, Mr. X is trailed by a shadowy doppelganger who teases and taunts, acting as a foil for his dark desires. The Residents, who have remained anonymous since their 1972 debut, provide live accompaniment, performing here as a six-piece musical ensemble with a featured vocalist for each performance. Travis Chamberlain directed the work for the stage with musical direction by Joshua Raoul Brody and puppet and prop design by Leigh Barbier. Steve Saporito produces. God in 3 Persons is sung in rhythmic spoken word fashion, similar to the talking blues, and driven by a bombastic and dynamic score derived entirely from the first few bars of the hymn “Holy, Holy, Holy, along with the melodic hook from the Swinging Medallions 1966 hit “Double Shot of My Baby's Love.” Despite being one of their most critically successful albums and a fan favorite, God in 3 Persons has never toured as a concert or live performance. God in 3 Persons a collaboration between The Residents and John Sanborn The Museum of Modern Art, NY, January 24 + 25, 2020 Legendary performance group the Residents, in collaboration with media artist John Sanborn, have created a singular, live video/theater version of their legendary 1988 album “God in Three Persons”- the story of a disgraced preacher and his twisted obsession with a pair of conjoined twins he claims to be miracle workers. Adapted by Sanborn for the stage, G3P features new orchestrations of 10 classic Residents' songs by musical director Joshua Raoul Brody, and we directed for the stage by Travis Chamberlain. Gender queer performer Jiz Lee plays the elusive Twins. The work was developed during a 2 week residency at The Lab in San Francisco before premiering at MoMA .

the Residents' God in 3 Persons Promo

Though co-founder Hardy Fox died a year ago, mostly anonymous art rock collective The Residents continue on and they've got big plans for 2020. First and foremost, they'll be presenting their 1988 opus God in 3 Persons live for the first time ever with a seven-piece band and audio-visual theatrical experience at NYC's Museum of Modern Art on January 24, 25 for three performances. If you're unfamiliar with the album, here's the gist


DWF 2015: Interview with Don Hardy Jr. and Homer Flynn for Theory of Obs...

RandyLand Episode 1

In My Room feat. Randy - Episode 1

Roy Montgomery - And Later We Looked Up At The Stars

John Wiese - WInd Change Direction

My Love

356 S. Mission Rd

Tom Recchion - Metallic Bow

Tom Recchion: Free of Ice


Joe Potts - Mother-Daughter

The Man In The Dark Sedan

The Residents - Present The Delta Nudes

Every great band has to start somewhere, and for the legendary and long-running experimental group the Residents, the Delta Nudes represent their earliest incarnation. The Delta Nudes is the moniker that has been used to identify the earliest known works from the artists who would come to be known as the Residents. Hardy Fox, a longtime "spokesman" for the Residents' business entites the Cryptic Corporation and Ralph Records, once wrote, "the Delta Nudes never existed. It was a loose assortment of people who got together and made noise, and never bothered with a name. The name was added only recently out of needing a convenient way to designate the time period. But found in that group were the people who were to become the Residents, the man who would later become Snakefinger, and a handful of other regulars." Hard facts about the Delta Nudes are difficult to come by, which is not surprising, given that the Residents have never revealed their true identities in a career that's lasted over 40 years. But it's generally believed that the group first came together in the late '60s, when two friends with similarly adventurous tastes in music and art, Homer Flynn and Hardy Fox, left their homes in Texas and Louisiana and headed west to California, landing first in San Mateo and later making their home in San Francisco. Teaming up with several fellow expatriates from the South and West, including Jay Clem, Palmer Eiland, and John Kennedy, the young men began working on an experimental film project, Vileness Fats, which was shot on sets they built in a former printing facility in San Francisco's Mission District. Along with the film, which would not be completed for many years, the group began making music, sometimes joined by guitarist Philip Charles Lithman (later known as Snakefinger) and a mysterious mentor dubbed N. Senada. In 1972, the group released its recordings to the public for the first time, a set of two 7" 45s titled Santa Dog. While the liner notes credited the project to "The Residents, Uninc.," each of the four songs was credited to a different group, and "Explosion" was alleged to be the work of the Delta Nudes. (The other "bands" on Santa Dog were Ivory and the Brain Eaters, the College Walkers, and Arf & Omega, featuring the Singing Lawn Chairs.) Meet the ResidentsIn 1974, the Residents brought out their debut album, Meet the Residents, and the masked bandmembers stuck by their chosen name from that point on. Hesitant to discuss their history, and communicating with the press through official representatives of their business entity, the Cryptic Corporation, the Residents have been particularly reluctant to talk about their work prior to their first album. However, in 2012, a digital album appeared titled Era B4 74, which featured ten tracks of pre-Residents recordings, and an expanded edition appeared on CD in 2013, credited to the Delta Nudes and titled Greatest Hiss. Delta Nudes material was reissued by the Austrian Klanggalerie label in 2016, this time under the title Before They Were the Residents, They Were..

Le Forte Four - "Bikini Tennis Shoes (One Pair)"

Le Forte Four - Japanese Super Heroes

Le Forte Four - They Are Asleep

Doo-Doettes ~ Zombie

Steve Mackay - Live at Cas'Aupa - 26-11-2010

Smegma - Exotic Hayride

Long-running, influential Dadaist experimental noise collective associated with the Los Angeles Free Music Society.

Smegma - Oi! Punk

Holly and Ivy

HYBRID KIDS catch a f-falling star 1979

D'Ya Think I'm Sexy?- Hybrid Kids

HYBRID KIDS we three kings 1980

Group Members

Morgan Fisher

Christopher Ross

Iain Money

Lol Coxhill

Maggie Nicholls

Valerie Ross

The Hub album Trucker - Tits

Trucker is advertised as an amalgam of punk, new wave, metal, funk, and free-form jazz improv. There is a renegade attitude in the music, but no real meeting between these styles. The avant-garde sax/bass/drums trio does cover a wide palette of genres, they only do so on a track-by-track basis. Each tune has its left-field passages, but once "2991" displays its disco vamp sound, it sticks to it. The same thing applies to the trashy "Trucker," the funky "Burn It Down," and the jazzy "Gypsy." The first three pieces of this disc strongly recall Seth Misterka's trio projects from the same year (2002), like The Demon and Dynasty, with their punkish funk, riff-heavy distorted electric bass, and screaming alto sax. While The Hub seem to want Trucker to be a mean, dirty ride, they quickly loose their impetus after the truck takes a trip to the car wash. Dan Magay plays a good saxophone, but he often sounds too clean-cut, when the music clearly requires something harder-edged. The rhythm section of drummer Sean Noonan and bassist Tim Dahl are the heart and lungs of the group. They have developed a good level of interplay, and Dahl's compositions feature some neat messing-with-the-downbeat-tricks. If the trio stuck to the avant-trash/punk/funk mixture, Trucker would be a howler, but the "chameleon band" shtick works to its disadvantage.

In the park


At Home And Away

Philip Perkins - At The Bar

Blues for Mr. P

Electronic music composer Philip Perkins has worked in film and collaborated with a variety of West Coast avant-garde musicians, including the Residents and the Hub. The Pennsylvanian first started working with tape during high school, while playing in pop/rock bands. He directed experimental films throughout the '70s, including Crownfire (1973), Patchwork (1977), and Gila (1979), and co-founded the Eugene Filmmaker's Cinemateque in Oregon with Scott Fraser, among others. After graduating with a liberal arts degree from the University of the Pacific in 1973, Perkins studied filmmaking with David Foster for a couple of years, then moved to San Francisco, where he served on the board of the Canyon Cinema Cooperative from 1978-1981. During this time, Perkins changed his focus to making electronic music. With Fraser, "Blue" Gene Tyranny, and others, Perkins ran the Fun Music label, formed in 1979. His collaborations with the Residents also began that year. For the next five years, Perkins made videos for Ralph Records artists, and recorded and toured with the Residents. He went on to collaborate with conductor and vocalist Frederick Goff and computer group the Hub (Computer Network Music). Perkins has also received commissions for his radio works, resulting in "South Florida Remote" (1988), "Berkeley Remote" (1989), and "San Francisco Remote," which feature live musicians interacting with custom electronics. In 2013 a collection of Perkins' compositions for a mid-'80s AM radio show for morning commuters saw re-release on the Body Double label. The collection Drive Time was originally released in a small issue in 1985 and bore the same name as the show the pieces were made for.

DIMESLAND live, 11/16/2013

Dimesland – Are They Cannibals?

Nolan Cook by guitarrist The Residents.. composer in Dimesland

CURRENT 93 | I Dreamt I Was Æon

Shake It Shake It

Blah Blah Blah - In The Army

Reminiscent of The Residents, or Renaldo and the Loaf

Bath Drain

Active in the cassette underground, Gen Ken Montgomery has been a creator, producer, presenter, and all-around advocate of sound art ever since. His work focuses mostly on the rediscovery or recontextualization…Active in the cassette underground, Gen Ken Montgomery has been a creator, producer, presenter, and all-around advocate of sound art ever since. His work focuses mostly on the rediscovery or recontextualization of domestic sounds, sounds that surround us in our everyday life, from pets and snorers to radiators and electrical appliances. He is also known for sound installations where the audience is blindfolded, and for performances involving many pre-recorded cassettes or CDs being played back simultaneously through an array of loudspeakers. His discography consists mostly of very limited-edition albums and handmade sound objects. The label XI released a comprehensive and more widely accessible two-CD retrospective of his work in 2002 under the title Pondfloorsample.

Unlike most artists in his field, Montgomery doesn't come from art school circles (be they musical or visual). Untrained, he came to music from enthusiasm. He arrived in New York City in 1978 and soon got involved in the mail art and cassette underground scene, exchanging sound collage tapes with like-minded experimenters around the world. All the while he sang in a new wave duo with Michael Zodorzny, but his growing fascination with the works of John Cage and sound art gradually dragged him away from pop music. He self-released his first cassette in 1981, Gen Ken & Equipment. The "Gen" in his name came from a typo, as would the moniker "egnekn" which he started to use in 1994.

Fusebox-Contemplating Columbus

Birds & Machines (machine suite)

Metal Machine Music, Pt. 1

Oneirika, Pt. 2 (Live)

SAM PREKOP -Summer Places


SAM PREKOP -Summer Places


U2 Live - Womanfish and Trip Through Wires - 1986

The Fall - Hotel Blöedel

The Strange Boutique

Under You (Live)

Down at the Rock and Roll Club (2017 Remaster Audio) (Remastered)

DAF - Brothers (Robert Gabi's Mix) 1985

Crazy (Remastered)

Romeo Void 1984 late night TV performance

Death Of The European

Blessed State (2006 Remastered Version)

New Order -- Cries and Whispers

Fad Gadget - Coitus Interruptus (Live 1983)

The CHAMELEONS ~ P.S. Goodbye

Julian Cope - Sunspots

The Durutti Column - Messidor

If There Is Something




Einstürzende Neubauten - Yü Gung Fütter Mein Ego


Queen Bitch - David Bowie

Klaus Nomi - Total Eclipse 1981 Live Video HD

Cabaret Voltaire - The Power (Of Their Knowledge)

Lydia Lunch - Solo Mystico

Pt. Company

Edwyn Collins - Low Expectations

Paradise is for the Blessed - Television Personalities

The Divine Comedy - Becoming More Like Alfie

Don't Take My Sunshine Away

The Coral - Liezah

More Than A Lover - The Coral

Gonna Wanna


East Easy Rider

Grandaddy Jeds Other Poem (Beautiful Ground)

Grandaddy - Underneath the Weeping Willow

Steve Wynn - My Midnight

Souces In Cleveland

German Song

Secret Someones

Arthur Russell - You Did It Yourself

Durutti Column - Otis

Marvin Pontiac - Small Car (1999)

Carney*Hild*Kramer - "End"


The Residents God In Three Persons "Kiss of Flesh" @ NYC MoMA 7:00 1.25....

The Residents God In Three Persons "Kiss of Flesh" @ NYC MoMA 7:00 1.25....

The Residents - Demons Dance Alone

the Residents - Equals E (Cube E Box Set)

the Residents - Equals E (Cube E Box Set)

The Residents - Icky Flix (Live 2001)

RESIDENTS - Mole Show en "La Edad de Oro" de TVE 1983.

A Bad Diana - Notes From The Underground To A Crazy Girl

7/4 (Shoreline)



Jesu - Conqueror

The Policeman Is Dead


To Forget (feat. Iva Davies)

Coil - Careful What you Wish For

Fire of the Mind

Der Kuss

Einstürzende Neubauten - Blume [French Version] (Official Video)

Volcano (feat. Larry Seven)


The French Open

Half Japanese - 1,000,000,000 Kisses

The Flying Luttenbachers "The Void part Four" from "Live Cataclysm" unre...

When Your Parents Go to Sleep (2003 Remaster)

Last Farewell

Rise To Glory

Seven Angels

Last Farewell

The Torture Garden

In slaughter natives - The silence shed a tear

Gothic Music - ... The Last Embrace (Arcana)

Arvo Pärt, Cantus in memoriam Benjamin Britten

Raison d'etre - The Narrow Gate (extract)

Ordo Equilibrio - This Absolute Supper, Second Consecration

Magma- Stoah

Magma- Aïna

Christian Vander solo

[Vinyl] Kobaïa Is de Hündïn - Magma

JACO PASTORIUS - improvisation Teen Town

I'll Be Moe


MC5 - Skunk (Sonically Speaking)

Teenage Jesus And The Jerks / Beirut Slump - Shut Up And Bleed

the cramps - like a bad girl should

A Short Song To The Moon


Let's Stop Here

Each Dream is an Example

Papa M - Beloved Woman

This Is Not This Heat - Cenotaph (Live at Zebulon, 3/21/19)

Rose Clouds of Holocaust

Nurse with Wound - A Sucked Orange (1/2)

Alan Vega - Saturn Drive, La Edad de Oro, Madrid 1983

Slint - Untitled (Full EP)

Disco Inferno - D.I. Go Pop (1994) [Full Album]

Snakefinger - Against The Grain full album

Leigh Barbier is a California based artist whose distinctive style has been synonymous with The Residents since the 90s.

History with The Residents

Her first work associated with The Residents was artwork for the Snakefinger compilation Against The Grain in 1983, but it wasn't until she created models for The Residents Gingerbread Man CD-ROM in 1994 when their collaborations would truly begin. Most recently she has worked with The Residents on their God In Three Persons Mini-Tour, creating the props for the show.

She is the mother of Isabelle Barbier, and the wife of Homer Flynn.

Barbier has also worked on Hollywood films as a part of George Lucas' Industrial Light & Magic production company from 2002 to 2016.

Pell Mell-Nothing Lies Still Long

Randy Newman - She Chose Me (Official Audio)

The Breeders - Son Of Three (Official Video)

Tanya Donelly - The Bright Light (Official Video)

Belly - "Feed the Tree" (Non-Comm 2018)

Pram - Doll's Eyes (Official Video)

The Man with the Black Moustache

Jacob's Ladder

Siouxsie and the Banshees - Painted Bird - On O.G.W.T

Siouxsie & The Banshees - French Chorus - 05/01/79

Concert Privé Lhasa - Love came here - Bouffes du Nord


All Wrong

Martyn Bates - Glow of sight

Colin Newman - Life On Deck (demo 1979)

Lou Reed - My Friend George (audio)

Heavenly Arms

I've Waited Ages (Remastered)


Vonal Declosion

The Wishing Well

Bourbon And Division

Firewater - Bad Bad World

Room 429

The Angels of Light -- Forever Yours


Joey the Canary (2018 Remaster)

The Residents - Freak Show Live - Prague 1995 full concert

Yusuf / Cat Stevens - Father And Son

Royal Trux - White Stuff (Official Audio)

j.j.cale-Anyway The Wind Blows

Northern Sky

Robbie Basho - Death Song

My Name Is Carnival (2001 Remaster)

Robbie Basho - Blue Crystal Fire

John Fahey - Wine and Roses

John Fahey-Red Pony 1969

John Fahey- Red Cross Disciple of Christ Today

The Princess and the Puddings

Ship Of Fools

Black Water Side

Bert Jansch - She Moved Through The Fair (Live from Bert Jansch: Fresh a...

Richard Thompson - She Moves Through The Fair - Seattle 1990

Davey Graham - she moved through the fair

Swift as the Wind (2010 Remaster)

Frank Zappa - Any Way The Wind Blows