LAST SHOP STANDING - OFFICIAL TRAILER - o fim das lojas de discos

On this year's Record Store Day, Last Shop Standing, a documentary about the rise, fall and renaissance of independent record stores, based on the book by Graham Jones, is released on DVD. Until then, "let's look at the trailer":

Frank Zappa - Auditorio de la Casa De Campo Madrid, Spain 1988- 05- 14


Penguin Cafe: NPR Music Tiny Desk Concert

Bob Boilen | June 16, 2017 — The music of Penguin Cafe is like no other. Its origins date back to the early '70s, within fever dreams Simon Jeffes had that were brought on by food poisoning. In those dreams he imagined a dispassionate world "where everyone lived in big concrete blocks and spent their lives looking into screens. In one room, there was a couple making love lovelessly. In another there was a musician sat at a vast array of equipment, but with headphones on, so there was no actual music in the room." Eerily accurate. But he also imagined a place, the Penguin Cafe, where folks could gather, for pleasure, cheer and music. He wanted to hear what that music would sound like, and so created the Penguin Cafe Orchestra. I was always a huge fan of that original music; listeners of NPR may have heard it often in-between news stories during the many years I directed All Things Considered. While Simon Jeffes died in 1997, his son Arthur has been creating new music infused with his father's original inspiration. He calls his group, simply, Penguin Cafe. You can hear Brazilian sounds in the rhythms, classical and minimalism in the strings, Asia in its harmonium, African sounds in the kalimbas. But honestly, it's none of these; it's a universal dream state. If you're looking to explore further be sure the listen to Penguin Cafe's recent album The Imperfect Sea, which nods to Kraftwerk, Simian Mobile Disco and Franz Schubert. It's none of these.


Performance Comp Week 4: Karen Finley

i saw live this..... “We Keep Our Victims Ready,” 1990. The performance is unforgettable, she communicates a lot with the audience, and when naked she covered her entire body in chocolate, provoked the audience, asked someone to volunteer if they wanted to lick the chocolate, and offered money!..... listen to a guy who tried. .... moments you will never forget “The Return of the Chocolate-Smeared Woman,” 1998 Finley was an early pioneer of interdisciplinary art, working as she did in performance, music, graphic texts, sculpture, installation, poetry, and drawing—all in the spirit of a public conversation. In 1990, she mounted her poem, “The Black Sheep,” cast in bronze right at the corner of Manhattan’s First Avenue and Houston Street. “We are the sheep with no shepherd,” she wrote. “We are the sheep with no straight and narrow. We are sheep who take the dangerous pathway thru the mountain range to get to the other side of our soul.” This was the first time I had witnessed an experimental artwork taken seriously by the general public. Everyone who rode the subway on the Lower East Side engaged with her piece, and we were its subject—all of us who came to New York City in the late 1970s and early ’80s looking for a place to belong. We had, she was telling us, found it. Today, Finley’s voice rages on, whether she’s tackling Trump and right-wing America in her performances, eulogizing the friends she lost to AIDS, or teaching performance to a new generation of New Yorkers at NYU. I have always thought of her work as a kind of panacea for society. It’s fitting, then, that we met at a place called Remedy Diner on Houston Street to have this conversation.


Zann 'Sevda Yolu'

The second in a series of compilations by Jura Soundsystem (label head Kevin Griffiths) brings together music never before released on Vinyl and some sought after out of print titles. The Double LP broadens the scope of the first Volume and touches upon a number of genres moving fluidly through Ambient, Electro, Dub House, Slow Disco and Library music before ending with some star gazing Esoteric cuts. ‘Transmission Two’ is bookended by Carl Craig, whose ‘C Beams Glitter’ has never before been released on Vinyl, and the actor Jeff Bridges, who provides a perfect finale with a message of personal empowerment set to the music of Ivor Novello winning soundtrack composer Keefus Ciancia. In between you’ll find Aphex Twin protégé Bochum Welt, John Rocca of Freeez and Pink Rhythm, Library Music aficionado’s Daniele Patucchi and David Arch, a Jura Soundsystem edit of Sapho, Hitman from the Philly World music stable, Hirini Melbourne (a Maori composer, poet and Author) and a beautiful previously unreleased song from Zann. This album is a sketchbook of music picked up on digging adventures from the mind behind Isle Of Jura with artwork from long standing designer Bradley Pinkerton. Limited Edition 180 Gram Vinyl Now On Bandcamp


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