The Residents: Santa Dog (6th May 2013)


Juryman - The Pilot feat. Roger Robinson (IAN SIMMONDS)

Ian Simmonds - Mackblajick

Ian Simmonds - The State

Ian Simmonds - Jet

Sandals - Feet

Wise In Time ‎(IAN SIMMONDS)– album The Ballad Of Den The Men - The Well

Carter Tutti - Dancing Ghosts (2014 Remix)

Throbbing Gristle - United

Dead Can Dance – Yulunga (Spirit Dance)

Deux Filles - The Letter (Remastered)

Deux Filles || Oakwood Green

The short, mysterious career of the aptly named female French duo Deux Filles is bookended by tragedy. Gemini Forque and Claudine Coule met as teenagers at a holiday pilgrimage to Lourdes, during which Coule's mother died of an incurable lung disease and Forque's mother was killed and her father paralyzed in a grisly auto accident. The two teens bonded over their shared grief and worked through their bereavement with music. However, after recording two critically acclaimed albums and playing throughout Europe and North America, Forque and Coule disappeared without a trace in North Africa in 1984 during a trip to visit Algiers, where Forque had lived from birth to the age of five. Theories from abduction and murder to a planned disappearance to spontaneous human combustion have been floated, but in the ensuing years, not a trace of the duo has turned up except for a mysterious letter purportedly written by Coule claiming that the pair journeyed to India on a spiritual quest, only to meet with further hardships. Indeed, the short and terribly unhappy lives of Forque and Coule are at the root of the small but fervent cult following the mysterious duo have gained since their disappearance, not least because the placid, largely instrumental music on the duo's albums betrays no hint of the sorrow that framed their personal lives. This would be a terribly sad story if a word of it were true. In reality, Deux Filles were Simon Fisher Turner, former child star/teen idol and future soundtrack composer, and writer/producer Colin Lloyd Tucker. Turner and Tucker left an early incarnation of The The in 1981 to pursue another musical direction. Turner claims that the idea of Deux Filles came to him in a dream, and he and Tucker strictly maintained the fiction throughout the duo's career. Not only did they pose in drag for the album covers, the duo once even played live without the audience realizing that the tragic French girls on-stage were actually a pair of blokes from south London having a giggle. Deux Filles released two albums through Turner and Tucker's Papier Mache label, 1982's Silence & Wisdom and 1983's Double Happiness. After that, the duo scrapped the Deux Filles concept and released two ambient pop albums as Jeremy's Secret.

Coil || Fire Of The Mind

Sleep Chamber || Speak In Tongues


Telefon Tel Aviv - John Thomas On The Inside Is Nothing But Foam

Pye Corner Audio - The Hidden City

Chris & Cosey - Impulse

Carter Tutti Void · Nik Void · Cosey Fanni Tutti · Chris Carter - V1

Boards of Canada - An Eagle in Your Mind

Richard H Kirk - Who's Afraid (Of The Red, White & Blue) (Sandoz Remix)

Sweet Exorcist - Trick Jack

CAN - She Brings the Rain

CAN - A Swan Is Born

CAN - Don't Turn the Light on, Leave Me Alone

CAN - Mary, Mary So Contrary

CAN - Half Past One

CAN - Man Named Joe

Holger Czukay - Blessed Easter

Holger Czukay - How Much Are They?

Holger Czukay, Jah Wobble, Jaki Liebezeit - Where's the money

Cabaret Voltaire - Be Free

Richard H Kirk - Masterplan

Martin Dupont - No Hands

Richard H. Kirk - Come

The Wedding Present - Kennedy

Dean Wareham - Robin & Richard

Mort Garson - Music to Soothe the Savage Snake Plant

Jon Hopkins - Emerald Rush (Official Video)


The Go-Betweens - Before Hollywood

The Go-Betweens - Cut It Out (Remastered)

The Go-Betweens - Head Full of Steam (Remastered)

Pat Fish (The Jazz Butcher) - Black Raoul

Pat Fish,better known as The Jazz Butcher,died at the age of 64. To give the news was the guitarist Max Eider, who writes: "I am very sad to announce that my old friend Pat Fish died suddenly but serenely on Tuesday pokmeriggio. Pat has shaken my world in every way and his death leaves a big hole in my life and memories, much of which have only been stored in his outsized brain. Goodbye friend and thank you for everything. I will miss you." In addition, website operator David Whittemore has set up a memorial where fans can pay tribute to him. In his last post, published on the day of his death, the artist reassured fans about the concert he was supposed to hold on Sunday, October 3, postponed for unspecified health problems. Patrick Huntrods, this is the real name of Pat Fish, had started the project The Jazz Butcher in 1982, releasing the first album In Bath Of Bacon a year later. The last release, the single All The Saints,dates back to 2016.

Brutus - Space - TOUTPARTOUT sessions

The Clash - English Civil War (Remastered) [Official Audio]


Brutus Sand ℗ 2019 Brutus under exclusive license to Hassle Records


This is the (3/4s) edit of DRIVE, from the album BURST.

Brutus - Django

Brutus from album Nest ℗ 2019 Brutus under exclusive license to Hassle Records

Brutus "War" (Live at Rain City)

Emma Ruth Rundle - Hand Of God (Official Audio)

Emma Ruth Rundle - Dialogue Preceding

Emma Ruth Rundle - Blooms of Oblivion (Official Video)

Gong - I See You (from I See You)

Gong - A sprinkling of clouds

Flanger "Loose Joints" Live

Roedelius - Inselmoos

Inselmoos by Roedelius from the album Selbstportrait I Released 2017-01-0

Roedelius - In Liebe dein

Boards of Canada - Come to Dust

Telefon Tel Aviv - You Are the Worst Thing in the World (Original)

Telefon Tel Aviv feat. Dillon - Feel The Fall (Original Mix)

The Go-Betweens - Draining the Pool for You

The Go-Betweens- Slow Slow Music

The Go-Betweens - You've Never Lived

The Go-Betweens - The Old Way Out

KMFDM - Hau Ruck

Nitzer Ebb - Hearts And Minds

Music video by Nitzer Ebb performing Hearts And Minds. (P) 1989 The copyright in this audiovisual recording is owned by Mute Records Ltd



Clan Of Xymox - Loneliness

Directed by Zoe Kavanagh Cinematography by Ismael Diarra Edited by Zoe Kavanagh Color Grading by Zoe Kavanagh Produced by: Thomas Andrew Quain taken from the album Days Of Black out April 7, 2017 on Metropolis Records & Trisol

Front Line Assembly (Feat. Robert Görl) ‎– Eye On You (Album Mix)

Das Ich - Destillat

Ministry - N.W.O - HQ

Matthew Dear - Modafinil Blues

Matthew Dear - Muscle Beach (Official Visualizer)

Taken from the new album 'Preacher's Sigh & Potion: Lost Album' out June 25, 2021 via Ghostly International. Video edited / created by Michael Flanagan featuring a psychedelic swirl of paintings, scribbled notes, family photos, and footage of Matthew.

Andréa Daltro - Kiuá

compilation 'Outro Tempo - Elctronic and Contemporary Music from Brazil, 1978 - 1992' © 2017

Adam Oko - Suketo

Boards of Canada - Palace Posy

Linear Movement - Way Out of Living

Holly Herndon - Alienation

Terranova - Never

Linea Aspera - Malarone

Linea Aspera is: Ryan Ambridge (Synths / Programming) and Alison Lewis (Vocals / Synths)

BADBADNOTGOOD - "In Your Eyes" (Feat. Charlotte Day Wilson) (Official St...

Gas - Klang (1995)

Front 242 - Masterhit

Sandoz - Armed Response

Pye Corner Audio - Hollow Earth

Sneaker Pimps - 6 Underground (Fila Brazillia Remix)

Efdemin - Good Winds

Chris & Cosey - This Is Me

BLANK MASS -Creature/West Fuqua

Sandoz aka Richard H. Kirk - Beam

Matmos - Plastic Anniversary

Burnt Friedman · Barbara Panther - Machine in the Ghost

Burnt Friedman · Jaki Liebezeit - Rhein rauf from Secret Rhythms ℗ 2001 Nonplace

Burnt Friedman · Jaki Liebezeit - Rastafahndung

Richard H. Kirk - Black Honeymoon

Richard H. Kirk - Black Honeymoon

Richard H Kirk - Never Lose Your Shadow

Richard H. Kirk - Frequency Band

Richard H. Kirk - Reality Net

Richard H Kirk - Walkin' Around

Oppenheimer Analysis - Men In White Coats

Richard H Kirk - Radioactive Water

DAF - Brothers

Richard H Kirk - Invasion Pretext

Datacrime - Electronic Eye Closed Circuit

Richard H. Kirk - Oneski

RICHARD H. KIRK - Never Lose Your Shadow


Richard H. Kirk - Freezone

I’m not sure if this eulogy by Mal for R.H.K has already been posted here, but please delete if it has. As published in the latest Electronic Sound magazine. “The last few days have been quite overwhelming,” he says. “Losing Richard has made me think about the significance of what we did together. That time after punk had kicked down doors was incredibly vital. It was a period that set out a framework for what people see as contemporary music and we were a part of that. As the Cabs, we had a way of viewing the world and an attitude that was totally in sync. It always came quite naturally because it was inside us.” Groundbreaking as Cabaret Voltaire were, Kirk never rested on his laurels. He innovated and reinvented again and again, especially with Sweet Exorcist and Sandoz. “Richard was great at working as a catalyst in that way,“ says Mal. “He broke new ground as Sweet Exorcist with Parrot, and the Sandoz stuff is brilliant. It was just something that was in him and it had to come out. He was prolific, he did so many recordings under different names and that was because it was just his response, it was a natural thing. There was no overthinking, it was the same with the Cabs. We never had to discuss whether this was right or that was right or what we thought. If he did something I’d think, ‘If it’s good enough for Richard, it’s good enough for me’, and if I did something, he’d think, ‘If Mal did that, that’s good enough for me’.” What will be his abiding memory of Richard? “My memory of him will always be the Richard people didn’t know,” says Mal. “It was the social thing, when we were out or nights round his house. He projected this gruff exterior, but when he could relax he had a heart of gold and he was a sweet, lovely generous person... he’d kill me for saying that! The memories I take with me late at night are of me and him pissed and stoned, arsing around, listening to tunes, or being in a hotel somewhere after we’d done a gig and just kicking back. We never stopped being Mal and Richard from the Cabs. We were always switched on to what we were doing and everything filtered through into our work, so the social part, the friendship part, it was all the same thing. That’s what I’ll take with me.” For those who grew up with the sound of Cabaret Voltaire ringing in their ears, these last words from Mal perfectly sum up the respect and love that being in a band like that engendered. “We didn’t really speak in the last few years,” he admits. “We’d known each other since we were kids. Probably a good 20-odd years went by when I spoke to Richard every single day, often multiple times. It wasn’t a case of us falling out, Richard just retreated into his own world and the lines of communication started to wither, especially in the last few years. It wasn’t either one of us particularly, it was the way Richard was. He was just being himself and doing his own thing. I respected that and left him to it. “It’s been difficult since the news came through. I’m going to miss his presence and I’ll certainly miss the times we shared together. I never at any point stopped respecting him as a person or as an artist... even if sometimes I could have throttled him. He was the closest thing I’ll ever have to a brother. He was complex, but I loved him, simple as that.” Odin Blackoid

Xmal Deutschland - Allein

Xmal Deutschland track recorded live at the Nosferatu Festival, 1982

Killing Joke - Inside The Termite Mound

The Bats - Treason

The Jam - Town Called Malice

WIRE - On Returning (2006 Remastered Version)

Throwing Muses - Counting Backwards

XTC - Day In Day Out (2001 Digital Remaster)

Orange Juice - What Presence?!

Television Personalities - I Know Where Syd Barrett Lives

The Colourfield - Can't Get Enough of You Baby

The Chameleons - Return of the Roughnecks

Orange Juice - A Million Pleading Faces

Orange Juice - Bridge

Edwyn Collins - Make Me Feel Again

THE JAM - Carnation


The Magnetic Fields - Lonely Highway

The Magnetic Fields - I Don't Believe You

The Magnetic Fields - Famous

The Magnetic Fields- Babies Falling

The Magnetic Fields - Jeremy

Dry Cleaning - Leafy (Official Audio)

Simon Bonney - A Sweeter Kind Of Pain

Grant McLennan - Lighting Fires

Grant McLennan - What Went Wrong

Grant McLennan - In Your Bright Ray

Josef K - Fun 'N' Frenzy

The Monochrome Set (I Presume)

The Monochrome Set - Eine Symphonie Des Grauens (Bonus Tracks - Singles and B-Sides)

The Monochrome Set- Eux Tous

Orange Juice - What Presence?! (Official Video)

Mo-Dettes - White Mice

THE MONOCHROME SET march of the eligible bachelors 1982

My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult- The Devil Does Drugs

Public Image Limited - Flowers Of Romance

The Replacements - Merry Go Round

Let's Active- In Little Ways

The Jam - Thick As Thieves

XTC - All You Pretty Girls (2001 Remaster)

The Jazz Butcher - Big Saturday

Silver Apples- Fantasies

Silver Apples- You And I

Silver Apples - Walkin'

Silver Apples - I Don't Care What the People Say

Silver Apples - I Have Known Love

X - Nausea


The Wolverton Brothers -Vampyre

Like their counterpart Gibson Brothers, the Wolverton Brothers hail from Ohio and play a furious and demented hybrid of southern boogie, country-rock and acid-rock, while the singers alternate between a David Thomas-ian growl and Nick Cave-ian emphasis. The best songs on Wolverton Brothers (Okra, 1988) and Sucking Hind TIt (Okra, 1990) are actually covers (the latter's showcase is an 18-minute version of America's Horse With No Name given the Holy Modal Rounders treatment), although the latter also contains hellish ditties like Peace March and Posse Comitatus. The seven-song mini-album Liarman (Atavistic, 1993) demonstrated a more scholarly interest in the 1960s via surf music and Duan Eddy (Vampyre, Tornado Bomber, Xanadu), besides the usual imitations of David Thomas (Our Town) and Nick Cave (Max Gomez Love). The five-song EP Glad (Atavistic, 1995) contains the less frantic Cold Spring. Vampyre by The Wolverton Brothers from their Atavistic Records EP "Liarman" 1993 Long time Cincinnati band. Posted out of love and respect for all that they've done, are doing, and have yet to do. Produced by Jon Langford, Recorded at MetroMobile by Tim Powell. Artwork by Tim Schwallie, Brian Steege, and Al Combs.


Dogbowl - Blue Ambulance

Cheer-Accident - Anybody Has No

Current 93 - Time Tryeth Truth

The Soft Boys - Give It to the Soft Boys

The Soft Boys - You'll Have to Go Sideways

Robyn Hitchcock - Acid Bird

Echo And The Bunnymen New Direction

Echo And The Bunnymen Pride

Echo And The Bunnymen - Stars Are Stars

Echo And The Bunnymen- Bombers Bay

Black Country New Road - 'Athens, France' (Official Lyric Video)

Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs – Rubbernecker

Phew - Dose

Lungfish - Time Is A Weapon

Aunt Sally - Aunt Sally (full album)

Aunt Sally were an avant-punk-psychedelic-rock group from Japan, active in the late 1970s. Members besides creative heads Phew (vocals) and Bikke (guitars, vocals) were Kataoka (bass guitar), Takashi Maruyama (drums) and Mayu (keyboards). Female singer Phew later earned small underground popularity when working with DAF, Einstürzende Neubauten, Anton Fier, Otomo Yoshihide [Novo Tono] and musicians from Can.

Phew - Phew (1981) album

After Dinner · Kitchen Life

Shonen Knife - Banana Fish

Of Montreal - Tulip Baroo

The Magnetic Fields - Zombie Boy

The Magnetic Fields - Fear of Trains

Belsize Parked · Brian Hopper · Hugh Hopper · Robert Wyatt Belsize Parked

Belsize Parked · Brian Hopper · Hugh Hopper · Robert Wyatt

Hugh Hopper - Red Poppies In The Corn

Hugh Hopper & Kramer / A Streetcar Named Desire

Hugh Hopper & Kramer / John Milton Is Dead

Hugh Hopper & Kramer / John Milton Is Dead

Hugh Hopper - Golden Section

Brian Hopper / Hugh Hopper / Mark Kramer Huge

Recorded as a guitar-less trio (Hugh Hopper on bass, Kramer on piano, organ, and tape loops, plus Damon Krukowski on drums), Huge is marginally less chaotic than Hopper and Kramer's previous collaboration, 1994's A Remark Hugh Made

Hugh Hopper · Mark Kramer Huge

Dub Narcotic Sound System - Oslo Calling

Halo Benders - Don't Touch My Bikini

Built to Spill - Car

The Olivia Tremor Control - A Sunshine Fix

The Olivia Tremor Control - Holiday Surprise 1, 2, 3

Dogbowl - Metropolis

concetp album Dogbowl (aka Steven Tunney) isn't ever going to be rich, and he'll probably never be famous. His biggest claim to fame was a brief stint as a founding member of a band who later become one-hit wonders (after he had left). And since his departure, none of his albums have sold over 20,000 copies. But those who enjoy his art do so religiously, making him somewhat of a cult hero for the few souls who know of him. His music combines a simple, catchy, almost pre-Beatles pop-writing style with esoteric, off-the-wall, practically post-modern lyrics. He started his career in the late '80s as the original lead guitarist of King Missile, who were then known as King Missile (Dog Fly Religion). He recorded two albums with King Missile and then, after finding the group's erratic, somewhat sarcastic musical direction unsatisfying,

CAMBERWELL NOW speculative fiction 1986

THE DEL-BYZANTEENS apartment 13 1982

King Missile III - The Miracle of Childbirth


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