ARAB STRAP -Compersion, Pt. 1

The Red Crayola - Soldier-Talk (Full Album)

Ed Kuepper - (Today Wonder) Medley

Aus music game changers collaborate for the first time The co-founder of The Saints, Ed Kuepper joins forces with the brilliant interpretive drummer Jim White of the renowned instrumentalists Dirty Three, for the first time as they tackle 45 years’ worth of Kuepper’s catalogue with a twist that only these two game changers could apply. Exploding on the scene with The Saints, Ed Kuepper is the chief architect of the uncompromising Laughing Clowns and The Aints! and master songsmith with over 15 solo albums. No stranger the stages of Sydney Opera House, Jim White is a Vivid LIVE alumni and as the brilliant drummer of renowned instrumentalists Dirty Three as well the partner in the genre-defying Xylouris White. Join these masterful musicians as they pack an unforgettable sonic punch for two very special performances over one evening in the Studio this June. Presented by Sydney Opera House, 13 june 2021 “I like how Ed Kuepper - like Lou Reed or Bob Dylan - doesn’t want to replay the hits as was and at the same time doesn’t pretend to not have a past nor a future.” -Jim White “Jim is one of the finest drummers I've seen and heard anywhere, totally gets inside of whatever he's playing in an unpredictable and exciting way.” - Ed Kuepper Ed Kuepper with Jim White Collaborating for the first time, Ed Kuepper co-founder of '70s proto-punks The Saints and the brilliant interpretive drummer, Jim White of the renowned instrumentalists Dirty Three, come together to tackle 45 years’ worth of Kuepper’s catalogue.

jim white -Where Would I Be?

JIM WHITE The Wound That Never Heals

The Mars Volta-Cassandra Gemini: Faminepulse

Billy Bragg · Wilco Stars

Mildlife- Zop

Edmund "Ed" Kuepper- The Way I Made You Feel

Edmund "Ed" Kuepper (born 20 December 1955) is a German-born Australian guitarist, vocalist and songwriter. He co-founded the punk band The Saints (1973–78), the experimental post-punk group Laughing Clowns (1979–85) and the grunge-like The Aints! (1991–94, 2017–present).


NICO-''The Falconer'' Febr 6-1971

Hawkwind - Damnation Alley


The Darkside All That Noise (1990) Guitar Voodoo

Ozric Tentacles Pungent Effulgent (1989) - O-I

Thin White Rope In the Spanish Cave (1988) - Red Sun (Remastered)

Robyn Hitchcock - Tropical Flesh Mandala

Loop - Fade Out

The Legendary Pink Dots - Grey Scale

The Jesus And Mary Chain Nine Million Rainy Days

Opal - Happy Nightmare Baby (Full album) 1987

Love And Rockets - Here On Earth

The Dukes Of Stratosphear - Vanishing Girl

BEVIS FROND - Garden Gate

Bevis Frond - Lights are changing

The Residents - Six Things to a Cycle Part 3.

Hawkwind - Space Chase

Echo and The Bunnymen Heaven Up Here (1981) - Show of Strength

The Three O'Clock Sixteen Tambourines (1983) - A Day in Erotica

Psychic TV Dreams Less Sweet (1983) - The Orchids

The Glove Blue Sunshine (1983) - Looking Glass Girl

TV Personalities They Could Have Been Bigger Than The Beatles (1982) - Psychedelic Holiday

THE CHURCH Just For You (2002 Digital Remaster)

HOLGER CZUKAY - Ode to Perfume

Bobb Trimble Iron Curtain Innocence - Glass Menagerie Fantasies

The Jazz Butcher Southern Mark Smith (Big Return)


THE MARS VOLTA - Cassandra Gemini

exas’ most brilliantly bizarre band- these list wich the best song As cliché as it sounds to say, The Mars Volta were truly a one-of-a-kind band. Formed by vocalist Cedric Bixler-Zavala and guitarist Omar Rodríguez-López after the break-up of their previous outfit — Texas post-hardcore/art-punk troupe At the Drive-In (of “One Armed Scissor” fame) — the ensemble quickly and consistently built upon those foundations to incorporate wildly bizarre and wholly idiosyncratic fusions of progressive rock, free jazz, Spanish rock, psychedelia, avant-rock, ambient, and more. While influences like King Crimson, Pink Floyd, Can, Fela Kuti, Miles Davis, Mr. Bungle, and Frank Zappa were apparent, The Mars Volta succeeded at establishing their own precise and surprisingly successful (commercially and critically) sound. Although the group was only around for about a decade, they managed to produce an astoundingly distinctive, ambitious, and enduring catalog that debatably ranks alongside the work of those forebears. Be it the troubling atmospheres of De-Loused in the Comatorium, the experimental genius of Frances the Mute, the relentless multifaceted fury of The Bedlam in Goliath, or the comparatively digestible Octahedron, The Mars Volta remained reliable yet refreshing and innovative across all six of their LPs. It’s no wonder, then, why members of Protest the Hero, Mastodon, Porcupine Tree, Dream Theater, Tool, The Ocean, and even Rush have expressed appreciation for what they did. “Asilos Magdalena” from Amputechture (2006) “Since We’ve Been Wrong” from Octahedron (2009) “Cassandra Gemini” from Frances the Mute (2005) “Goliath” from The Bedlam in Goliath (2008) “Son et Lumière” from De-Loused in the Comatorium (2003) “In Absentia” from Noctourniquet (2012) “L’Via L’Viaquez” from Frances the Mute (2005) Copernicus” from Octahedron (2009) “Cut That City” from Tremulant EP (2002) “Meccamputechture” from Amputechture (2006)


Mick Karn's basslines

X Ray Spex Germ Free Adolescents Live TV 1978

The Monochrome Set - The Jet Set Junta (Live)

The Monochrome Set - Jacob's Ladder The Tube

The Monochrome Set - Documentary Short

Suburban Lawns - Gidget Goes To Hell (Single A side, 1979)

Suburban Lawns Baby (1983) [EP] - Flavor Crystals


Crawling Chaos - Disierta Membra (1982)

ARAB ON RADAR -3 Meals Away from a Crack Whore

Stray - Pretty Thing (Peel Session)

This Kind Of Punishment - In View of the Circumstances

The Cravats - Terminus (1982)

Rat At Rat R Plague

Abecedarians - Eureka - FULL ALBUM - Mini LP

NEW MODEL ARMY - Poison Street (2005 Remaster)

Glaxo Babies - Because of You

Mark Kozelek - O Holy Night - fotografia tirada no Porto

American Football - For Sure - Legendado

American Football Formed 1997, Urbana, IL, United States Mike Kinsella (vocals, guitar, bass), Steve Lamos (drums, trumpet), Steve Holmes (guitar), Nate Kinsella (bass, 2014-present)

TIM KINSELLA - Feels Like The Very Second Time

Love Of Everything - Too Much Happy Wet Hair

JOAN OF ARC - Staying Alive and Lovelessness

BRAID - Killing A Camera

Braid formed 1993, Champaign, IL, United States Robert Nanna (vocals, guitar), Jay Ryan (bass, 1993), Roy Ewing (drums, 1993-97), Pete Havranek (guitar, 1993-94), Todd Bell (bass, 1993-99, 2011-present), Kate Reuss (vocals, 1993), Chris Broach (vocals, guitar, 1994-99, 2011-present), Damon Atkinson (drums, 1997-99, 2011-present)

The Sky Corvair ~ Unsafe at Any Speed (1997) [full album]

Neil Sandler • bass, vocals Bob Nanna • drums, vocals Kevin J. Frank • guitar, vocals Tim Kinsella • guitar, vocals Alex J. Stisser • guitar from 3.95 to 5.95 Essentialy began as a side-project while its members played in other Chicago area bands Braid, Cap'n Jazz and Gauge. The Sky Corvair played its first show in October 1994 and recorded nine songs in December 1994. Not long after, Tim left the band to more intensely pursue Cap'n Jazz. It was then Alex assumed the role of guitar player until the band's untimely demise in May 1995. Having written and recorded an addtional three songs with Alex, Actionboy has released a twelve song discography of their work. Each of the original members went on to play in the bands Braid, Joan of Arc and Traluma just to name a few. While Alex has moved to Massachusetts to begin a career as a glass blowing apprentice

OWLS - Why Oh Why...

LIKEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE OWLS... Owls formed 2000, Chicago, IL, United States Tim Kinsella (vocals), Victor Villarreal (guitar), Sam Zurick (bass), Mike Kinsella (drums)

MAKE BELIEVE - The Storm On Her Birthday

LIKEEEEEEEEEEEE MAKE BELIEVE Shock of Being 2005 Midwest Emo, Art Punk Tim Kinsella vocals Sam Zurick guitar Bobby Burg bass Nate Kinsella drums, Wurlitzer Steve Albini recording engineer

Cap'n Jazz - Puddle Splashers

Cap'n Jazz - Flashpoint: Catheter

Mike Kinsella drums member from Member of American Football, Cap'n Jazz, Joan of Arc, The Knick'd Rakes, The One Up Downstairs, Owls, Their / They're / There Tim Kinsella vocals member of Cap'n Jazz, Everyoned, Friend/Enemy, Joan of Arc, The Knick'd Rakes, Make Believe, Owls, Sky Corvair, Good Fuck

Kevin Shields - City Girl

Kevin Shields born 21 May 1963, Jamaica, NY, United States The Complex, Experimental Audio Research, A Life in the Day, My Bloody Valentine, Primal Scream

Exorcist III 'Legion' - Nurse Station Scene - Scariest Ever Movie Scene

Slowdive - Slomo


XTC - Life Begins At The Hop (What's On, 1979)

David Bowie - We are the dead (1974)


One of the more brilliant records I’ve heard so far this year. A bunch of yer favorite indie or pop structures abstracted behind a haze of noise and general unpredictability. Getting too attached to any particular riff or (apparent) chorus line, no matter how gripping, would be a mistake if not for the arrival of another just around the corner. The more you listen, the more it all opens up and makes some sort of sense. Plays like an odd carnival ride, and so the cover fits. Entertainment, Death (2021) Spirit of the Beehive

Les Rita Mitsouko - Les histoires d'A (Audio officiel)

Look Sharp - Joe Jackson - 1979- o meu primeiro concerto ao vivo 3 maio 1980

My first concert marathon was with Joe Jackson, May 3, 1980 at the old pavilion Infante Sagres in Porto UFO, Cheap Trick, Lena Lovich, Joe Jackson, Tangerine Dream, Status Quo, Duran Duran, Classix Nouveau, Peter Gabriel, Mike oldfield, Blues Band, Fisher Z, Elvis Costelo, The Tubes, Dr. Feelgood Whitesnake in Cascais, The Clash at the Cascais drama pavilion, King Crimson and Roxy Music at Restelo 1980 stadium, etc ... a year FULL OF MEMORABLE CONCERTS. One of the UNFORGETTABLE FOI - TANGERINE DREAM IN PAVILHÃO INFANTE SAGRES, PORTO, 1980 ... the stage had a stunning scenery .... after the first song, almost everyone started to sit on the floor, the music demanded it ... took us on a relaxing and cosmic journey. on May 3, 1980 in Porto “One more time”, one of the songs that was heard in both concerts that Joe Jackson gave - on the 3rd of May in Porto and on the 4th of May in Cascais - in his first performance in Portugal, in 1980, one of the most awaited of the year. Joe Jackson had released his first two albums in 1979, “Look Sharp!” and “I’m the man” Lene Lovich performed in Portugal on the 18th of May 1980 in Porto and on the 17th of May in Cascais


Mass - "Mass"

Mass Labour of Love (1981) - Ill

Laughing Clowns-Law Of Nature

And The Native Hipsters - Flowers Are Machines As Well

Performing Ferret Band - Bar Room

Robin Crutchfield was one of DNA's founding members - Raven's Wing

Robin Crutchfield was one of DNA's founding members. After leaving the NYC band, he formed his own project Dark Day, devoted to an experimental and disquieting use of synth. After releasing Hands in the Dark / Invisible Man, an interesting single, he published his magnum opus Exterminating Angel: minimal synth textures, gelid bells' rings, screaming guitars, robotic vocals, theatrical recitations, baroque sensibility and a dark, distopic and depressed attitude makes this album an innovative output in early 80s scene. Robin Cruthcfield's journey into a desolate and mechanized modernity has the shape of a deep and disturbing psychodrama; not very far away from no wave's aim.

BRIAN ENO -China My China (2004 Digital Remaster)

Pere Ubu - Chinese Radiation

Their story begins in the hyper-industrialized, polluted and unnatural Cleveland of 1975, where David Thomas -a music critic- and Peter Laughner - an intellectual guitarist- left the proto-punk band Rocket From the Tombs to form a new group: Pere Ubu, named after the pièce Ubu Roi by Alfred Jarry, a masterpiece of experimental theater from the beginning of the century. These two are soon joined by Tom Herman, Scott Krauss, Allen Ravenstine and Tim Wright. After some disappointing appearances in front of Cleveland's careless audience, the band moves to New York having the opportunity to support Suicide in concert at Max's Kansas City. There Ubu record two singles of dadaist rock, music immersed in a desolate atmosphere overflowing with dissonances (30 Seconds Over Tokyo / Heart of Darkness at the end of '75 and Final Solution / Cloud 149 in 1976). The sound is even more acid in the subsequent 7": Street Waves / My Dark Ages and The Modern Dance / Heaven, both of 1976. The first shock come in 1977: Laughner leave the group in june to form Friction; shortly after Tony Maimone replaces Wright, who left to join Arto Lindsay's DNA. Thomas is now undisputed leader of Pere Ubu, and by the end of the year they record a first album, The Modern Dance, one of the masterpieces of the new wave throughout: the album delineates the apex of the process of contamination of the rock matter implemented by the band: free-form compositions, rhythmic variations, electronic noise, detuned guitars, clumsy voices, all to represent the alienation and the human neurosis arousing in urban and industrial environments. In 1978, during the European tour designed to promote The Modern Dance, Pere Ubu sign a contract with english label Chrysalis for which they record their second album, Dub Housing, even more desolate than the previous one: while The Modern Dance was some kind of a summary of Ubu psychosis till then, Dub Housing lives of some kind of astonished awareness, as a critical acceptance. Both albums are either archetype and unsurpassed peak of the New Wave scene. A year later, Pere Ubu are touring Europe again, supported by bands like The Soft Boys and Red Krayola the leader of which, Mayo Thompson, starts a friendly and professional relationship with the band. After having participated in full to Red Crayola's album Soldier-Talk (a superb anthology of free-form experimentations and psychedelic effects), Pere Ubu record New Picnic Time, kinda return to the initial impetus yet a more anarchic work than both previous albums. In 1981 Thompson officially joins the group in place of Herman and takes part in the recording of The Art of Walking, the more unapproachable and psychedelic work Pere Ubu ever made: experimenting on music seems now more important than telling stories. In 1982 the band, also thanks to the new drummer Anton Fier, unexpectedly changes direction again with Song of the Bailing Man, the more jazzy, peaceful and flowery album of Pere Ubu, as if all the worries all of a sudden have vanished.

Peter Laughner - Calvary Cross

Covering Richard Thompson in the 1970's

Tripod Jimmie - Broke Again

Electric Eels - As If I Cared

The Golden Palominos / Ride (1996)

Trentemøller feat. Kazu Makino - Come Undone

Human parents feel for mama bear trying to corral her cubs-mae urso sofre para atravessar a estrada

Music Tapes for Clouds and Tornadoes Freeing Song for Reindeer

Memory Tapes Green Knight


Chris Corsano & Bill Orcutt - Man Carrying Thing

Mark Hollis Mark Hollis (1998) - The Watershed

Shearwater Plays Lodger - African Night Flight - David Bowie - The AV Cl...

Factrix ‎– Anemone Housing

The Residents - Nineteen-Ninety-Nine

The Durutti Column - Love in the Time of Recession Painting

Cabaret Voltaire - The Drain Train - Electro-Motive

coil - where are you

Muslimgauze - Narcotic

Konk - Baby Dee

Thick Pigeon - Bird

Thick Pigeon - Sudan

LTM specialises in re-releasing music originally released by Factory Benelux, Les Disques du Crépuscule and related labels in the early 80s. So it’s totally in my wheelhouse, and I used to buy tons of stuff from them… but then I forgot? For a decade? So I have some catching up to do.


King Crimson - Cat Food TOTP (1970) [RARE COLORIZED] (RV MIX)

The Residents cover of Snakefinger's song. Golden Goat

The Residents cover of Snakefinger's song.

Peaches - F*** The Pain Away

Twenty years ago, a Toronto musician who used to go by the name Merrill Nisker wrote a jaw-droppingly bold track called F--k the Pain Away. At the time she wrote that song, Nisker had been kicking about the local music scene for a number of years playing in various folk and indie-rock bands. When she started to mess around at home with a groovebox drum machine, not only did Nisker's sound change, but her entire persona changed as well. She became Peaches — a foul-mouthed electro-punk rapper in pink leather hot pants. The myth of what I represent scares people': Peaches on her music and new body positive art exhibition It was an act that was a bit too hot for Toronto at the time, so Peaches moved to Berlin where her sexually explicit songs found a much warmer reception. The moment she dropped her debut album, The Teaches of Peaches, in 2000, she became an instant icon with a list of celebrity fans that included the likes of Madonna, Pink, Yoko Ono and Iggy Pop. While Peaches' music and stage shows have become even more outrageous and explicit over the years, at the heart of her work remains a serious critique of the patriarchy, gender norms and the objectification of women. Those themes are on display — literally — in Peaches' new solo art exhibition running now in Hamburg, Germany until Oct. 20. Accompanying the art show is a touring live show, There's Only One Peach With The Hole In The Middle, featuring almost 40 musicians and performers presenting the past, present and future of queer feminism. It will be staged Dec. 28, 29 and 30 in Berlin. Peaches joined q's Tom Power from a studio in Berlin to tell us more about the exhibition and to reflect on her musical legacy.

The Wolfgang Press - Going South


TV on the Radio Young Liars (2003) [EP] - Young Liars

Deerhoof Apple O' (2003) - Sealed With A Kiss

Ted Leo / Pharmacists Hearts of Oak (2003) - The High Party

Ted Leo / Pharmacists Hearts of Oak (2003)

Out Hud - Story of the Whole Thing

Out Hud Formed 1996, Sacramento, CA, United States Disbanded 2006, New York, NY, United States Nic Offer (vocals, bass, keyboards, guitar), Molly Schnick [aka Jean on Jean] (cello, keyboards, violin), Tyler Pope (guitar, bass, drum programming), Phyllis Forbes (drums, bass, guitar), Justin Vandervolgen (mixer) Related Artists - !!!, The Yah Mos Dance-Punk, Indietronica

Ms. John Soda - Hiding/Fading

I haven't listened to Indietronica, Indie Pop, Glitch Pop fans for a long time Ms. John Soda is the side project of Micha Acher (of The Notwist) and Stefanie Böhm (of Couch) formed 2002 The group began as a solo project for Stefanie in 1990, during which she composed four tracks that were later released in 1998. During the mid-90s, she and Micha connected through the German label Hausmusik and made two releases under the name Ogonjok. Drawing on Stefanie's solo project, the two joined up again to form Ms. John Soda in the early 2000s, toying with pop and electronica to form a sound often compared to that of Lali Puna.


Special Friend - Ennemi Commun

Comprised of just guitar, drums, and vocal harmonies, American/French duo Special Friend have an economic approach to indie rock that still manages to make a big noise. The duo of drummer/vocalist Erica Ashleson and guitarist/vocalist Guillaume Siracusa first made a rushed and scrappy self-titled EP in 2019 before stretching out on their still compact but more fully realized first full-length album Ennemi Commun. Special Friend's sometimes delicate, sometimes excitable songs take notes from some fairly commonplace indie influences. The unhurried pacing, simple sing-song melody, and kick into friendly distortion on the chorus of opening track "Motel" are all straight from the Yo La Tengo playbook. The hushed intimacy of "Movement of the Planets" recalls the pristine sadness of bands like Bedhead, cutting deep to an emotional core without ever rising much above a whispe

Major Murphy - Access

2021 In between their full-length debut and, almost exactly three years later, second album Access, Grand Rapids, Michigan's Major Murphy added a fourth member (multi-instrumentalist Chad Houseman), and project leader Jacob Bullard and bandmate Jacki Warren welcomed their first child. The couple's son features heavily on some of the songs here, including singles "Real" (which involves teaching him to breathe through his nose) and the '70s FM radio-friendly "In the Meantime" (inspired by a health scare). Musically, the album adheres to the more wistful end of classic rock influences, showcasing Bullard's way with a moving melody while venturing into a more expansive, rock-oriented palette. Access was recorded in Bloomington, Indiana, with No. 1 (2018) co-producer Mike Bridavsky along with Ben Lumsdaine (Kevin Krauter, Mike Adams at His Honest Weight).

Tin Huey - I'm a believer

How post-punk in the 1980s transformed from the 1970s with an eye on the emerging alternative proto-scene of ... Akron, Ohio, famous for being both the birthplace of Chrissie Hynde's Pretenders, home of the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co., Akron (also known as "Rubber City". Interesting bands emerged in the late 70s, for example, Devo, the Rubber City Rebels, and Tin Huey. Led by Chris Butler, and saxophonist Ralph Carney, Tin Huey was a postpunk group for Zappa / Beefheart fans who played (sometimes Arty) punk-pop with free-form jazz touches. "by Pere Ubu than pop by Monkees.

Rubber City Rebels - Rubber City Rebels.wmv

Akron, Ohio, famous for being the birthplace of Chrissie Hynde's Pretenders, home of Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co., Akron (also known as "Rubber City". Interesting bands emerged in the late 70s, for example, Devo , the Rubber City Rebels, and Tin Huey, led by Chris Butler, and saxophonist Ralph Carney, Tin Hue

THE WAITRESS - Hanggover 1/1/83

one more of my fav band ... New wave cult band The Waitresses had great musicians, who later formed other good projects, founding member was Chris Butler (Tin Huey, and The Clerics) a sex appeal Patty Donahue, Billy Ficca (future TELEVISION) Dave Hofstra (played with Elliott Sharp Terraplane) Ariel Warner, Mars Williams (future The Psychedelic Furs, The Vandermark 5, Peter Brötzmann Tentet) Dan Klayman. LIKE THIS TRY THIS: Holly & the Italians Romeo Void Holly Beth Vincent Polyrock Toni Basil The Knack The Only Ones The Raincoats Blondie The B-52's Talking Heads

Jarboe | A Woman's Dreams (feat. Monica Richards, Paz Lenchantin)

Paz Lechantin Member Of A Perfect Circle, Zwan, Pixies, The Entrance Band

Jarboe - This is Life (feat.William Faith)

Bass Force and Angel Jim Low Rider (feat. Kris Force & Jim Thirlwell) Jarboe

Rema Rema - 1978 & 1979 - Inflammable Material Records - 2014 & 2015


The Deep Freeze Mice - Teenage Head In My Refrigerator

Sexwitch - The Bride (Live @ XOYO, London, 29/09/15)

Cheer-Accident Track 29

Originally formed in 1981 by Chicago-based pianist and drummer Thymme Jones, Cheer-Accident has maintained an impressively eclectic approach to music-making throughout their lengthy career, releasing a slew of albums that range in style from noise rock to avant-prog to pop. Unsurprisingly for a band that has been active for well over twenty years, the line-up has shifted on more than one occasion (including the tragic and untimely loss of their then-guitarist Phil Bonnet in 1999), but throughout their career Cheer-Accident have continued to produce challenging and unique music; constantly refusing to pin themselves down to a single genre. 2009 saw the release of Fear Draws Misfortune on Cuneiform Records. A punchy, dark and consistently challenging slice of avant-prog, this album alone more than justifies their inclusion in these archives. Other albums of particular interest to avant-prog fans include 1988's Sever Roots Tree Dies and the more recent Introducing Lemon. Comparisons to Thinking Plague and other American RIO-tinged avant-prog bands are justified but they do little to capture the utterly unique spirit and sound of this band. Highly recommended for fans of complex (but uncluttered), highly-composed and unpredictable avant-prog.

Skeleton Crew - It's Fine 1984


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