Fred Frith - Norrgarden Nyvla

Hail - When You Were Good (1992)

Thinking Plague - Warheads

Bob Drake - Going Somewhere (1994)

Bob Drake - Our Expert's Advice

Dan Stuart with Twin Tones - Elena (Official Video)

Dan Stuart - What are you laughing about?

New Years Day

Ooh Wee


Monochrome Into Colour

Chris Cacavas & Edward Abbiati - Oh Baby Please

Chris Cacavas & Junkyard Love-Pale Blonde Hell

Coil - Amber Rain (Album Version)

Coil (Vienna 2002) [03]. Amethyst Deceivers

New York Blues

Praise Your Name

The Angels Of Light ‎– Evangeline

Cocteau Twins - Fluffy Tufts

Glenn Branca - The Spectacular Commodity

Sing Swan Song

Jeff Parker - Go Away (Official Audio)

Jeff Parker & The New Breed - Max Brown (Film by Mikel Patrick Avery)


MOTHER GONG - The Pied Piper 1/2

Owly Song

Third Ear Band - "Ghetto Raga"


Faust - Kundalini Tremolos

Future Days

Orgone Accumulator (2007 Remaster)

Siouxsie | Punk Documentary (2005)

Siouxsie and the Banshees - 1979 Concert, Switzerland

Can - Little Star of Bethlehem

Deep Purple Hush (Original Film Clip 1968)

Arthur Brown - Fire �� (1968)

Strawberry Alarm Clock - Incense & Peppermints (1967)

The Byrds - Wasn't Born To Follow (Easy Rider) (1969)

Country Joe&The Fish-Janis


Godspeed You Black Emperor - East Hastings

Coil, "The Sea Priestess"

Monte Cazazza- Mary Bell

MINIMAL MAN - He - she

Death by Hanging

The State - Jargon [Peripheral Vision Comp., 1982]

Richard Hell & The Voidoids - Another World

Material - American Songs

Golden Palominos - Moers Festival 1983

Club Mekon

Where The Rivers End (2019 Remaster)

R.I.P. today DAVE

The True Wheel (2004 Digital Remaster)

Dead Finks Don't Talk (2004 Digital Remaster)

Elvis Costello & The Attractions - (I Don't Want To Go To) Chelsea

Make It Rain

Shut Me Down

Nikki Sudden - "Great Pharoah" (Official Video)



Born, Never Asked (Remastered)

Language Is a Virus (Remastered)

Take Me Back

Jawbone and the Air-Rifle

Public Image Ltd.- Careering

A Touching Display (2006 Remastered Version)

If I Had My Way

Said the Shovel

Some Are (2008 Remaster)

COUNTRY TEASERS golden apples 1999

Absent Friend

Bourbonese Qualk - Lies

Bourbonese Qualk - Lies

The Ex - maybe i was the pilot

Les Savy Fav - Patty Lee


The Runaway

Playing the Game

Gentle Giant Aspirations

Three Friends (2011 Remaster)

Rolling Stones - Exile on Main St.

Todd Rundgren - Something/Anything?

David Bowie - The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust

Little Feat - Sailin' Shoes

Big Star - #1 Record

Steely Dan - Can't Buy a Thrill

Paul Simon - Paul Simon

Brinsley Schwarz - Nervous on the Road

Harry Nilsson - Son of Schmilsson

Rod Stewart - Never a Dull Moment

Elton John - Honky Chateau

Mott the Hoople - All the Young Dudes

Badfinger - Straight Up

Randy Newman - Sail Away

Roxy Music - Roxy Music

Brinsley Schwarz - Silver Pistol

Dave Edmunds - Rockpile

Stevie Wonder - Talking Book

T. Rex - The Slider

Daryl Hall & John Oates - Whole Oats

Ringo Starr - "Back Off Boogaloo"

The Move - "California Man"

Humble Pie - "30 Days in the Hole"

Slade - "Mama Weeer All Crazee Now"

Big Star - #1 Record

Stevie Wonder - Music of My Mind

Terry Callier - Occasional Rain

Steely Dan - Can't Buy a Thrill

Stevie Wonder - Talking Book

Curtis Mayfield - Super Fly

Miles Davis - On the Corner

Marvin Gaye - Trouble Man

Todd Rundgren - Something/Anything?

Amazing Blondel - England

Gentle Giant - Three Friends

Yes - Fragile

Lal and Mike Waterson - Bright Phoebus

Nick Drake - Pink Moon

Michael Martin Murphey - Geronimo's Cadillac

NRBQ - Scraps

Little Feat - Sailin' Shoes

Joe Walsh - Barnstorm

Al Green - Let's Stay Together

Elton John - Honky Chateau

She's a Sensation (2002 Remaster)

Ramones - She's The One (Official Music Video)

The Clash - Career Opportunities (Live at Shea Stadium)

Big a Little A

Zounds - Can't Cheat Karma EP (1980)


Going Underground

Pretty Green

Grace, Too

The Tragically Hip - Yawning Or Snarling


From Dusk Till Dawn | ‘The Art of Seduction’ (HD) - George Clooney, Quen...

JAMIE LEE CURTIS - Helen Dances. True Lies (1994)

ESCAPE-ISM "Nothing Personal"

Cherry Blossom Clinic Revisited

Cherry Blossom Clinic Revisited

Pretty Big Mouth

Tobacco Road

Love Seems Doomed

They Might Be Giants - Bee of the Bird of the Moth (Official Audio)

Stampede at the Petting Zoo

Albóndigas (Meatballs, Óle!)

The Vertical Mind

Center of the Universe


The Dream Syndicate - (1988) - Loving the Sinner, Hating the Sin

Little Birds

Turn to Me

Sweat Loaf


Beatle Boots

Themes from Venus

Would You?

R.I.P. at 41, 2018

And all the angels sing 'Que Sera Sera.'” “Today the world lost one of the most talented musicians I know,” Dan Auerbach, Swift’s bandmate in the Black Keys and the Arcs, wrote in an Instagram post. “I will miss you my friend.”

Last month, it was revealed that Swift had been hospitalized due to a “life-threatening condition,” and a fund had been launched to cover his medical bills.

In addition to releasing music as a solo artist, Swift was also a member of the Shins from 2011 to 2016, was the touring bassist for the Black Keys in 2014, and played drums for the Arcs. He also played keyboards for Starflyer 59 early in his career. As a producer, he worked with Foxygen, Guster, the Mynabirds, Sharon Van Etten, Damien Jurado, Pure Bathing Culture, and many others. Swift founded and owned National Freedom, a recording studio in Cottage Grove, Oregon.

Swift was born in California. He grew up living in Minnesota, Utah, and Oregon before eventually moving back to Southern California to pursue music. While working at a studio called the Green Room in Huntington Beach, Swift made his first records—Walking Without Effort and The Novelist—during his off hours in the early 2000s. (A self-taught musician and producer, he played most instruments and engineered the entire project). He signed to Secretly Canadian and re-released the projects as The Richard Swift Collection Vol. 1 in 2005. Swift’s last solo full-length under his own name was 2009’s The Atlantic Ocean. In 2016, he released a collaborative covers album with Damien Jurado

Richard Swift - "Lady Luck" (Official Video)

StreamXSonik Subway

Town Called Malice

Krautrock (2006 Digital Remaster)

JG Thirlwell + Ensemble - I'll Meet You In Poland



Nation of Ulysses - Spectra Sonic Sound - live

nation of ulysses live at jabberjaw

Pink Floyd - Marooned (Official Video)

Deathbed Confession

The Make Up - (At the Tone) The Time Will Be

Do You Want To Know A Secret (Remastered 2009)


Sofa Surfers - The Plan (Official Video - Official Musicvideo) - 1st Mus...

A Certain Ratio - Berlin



1961 - 2019



The term "cold wave" appeared in the 26 November 1977 issue of UK weekly music paper Sounds: The caption of its cover picture, showing Kraftwerk's Ralf Hütter and Florian Schneider was "New musick: The cold wave". That year, Kraftwerk released Trans-Europe Express


40 years agot today. A new decade began for David Bowie in 1980 and a new stage also began for him, again in the United Kingdom after three years in Germany in which the so-called Berlin trilogy gave birth to three innovative and influential albums of electronic pop rock and experimental ambient ( Low, 1977; Heroes, 1977 and Lodger, 1979) that laid the foundations for techno pop and electro for many groups and artists in the following years. Without Brian Eno, musical co-creator and co-composer of many songs from the masterful triad, but still with co-producer (and friend) Tony Visconti and some of the musicians who participated in those albums, the already considered rock chameleon and one of the main musical stars of the moment in their own right wanted to make an LP more accessible than those of the Berlin stage but without giving up their avant-garde and experimental tone. The result was a spectacular, awe-inspiring and truly fascinating album that showed that David Bowie was simply the most adaptable musician out of all the pop rock world, capable of moving forward in his own way designing and creating sounds and rhythms (although, that yes, based on previous ideas that he generously borrowed from other musicians of different hairs) that in a short time will be taken over by other artists and bands even younger than him. This was what happened with Scary Monsters with a Bowie who continued with his desire to surprise musically and aesthetically creating a work inscribed within the parameters of the new musical wave but in its most advanced and innovative aspect now that a branch of music was beginning to emerge. the new wave, stylized, postmodern, cultured and draped that Bowie idolized above all things and that the Slender White Duke will soon adopt stylistically and conceptually: the new romantics. Avant-garde premium yet affordable rock that further increased the all-rounder David Bowie's prestige and made him even more a star. Number one in the British LP charts after 6 years (1974's Diamond Dogs was the last) and with singles at the top of the radio, Scary Monsters was not only a commercial success but Bowie's last masterpiece. Five-star albums are over with this album, but that doesn't matter Bowie was convinced that it was necessary to bury the cocaine addicts years of Berlin (in which the pot frequently went out of the way with statements in which he came to praise Hitler, possibly the result of his overdose with white powder) at least since his aesthetic aspect and in the album folder Bowie introduces us to his new character, a disturbing postmodern white clown who will explode in the video for the first single Ashes to Ashes. Precisely this magnificent song is the best and most emblematic of Scary Monsters, a sinister electronic pop anthem in which he recovered the mythical Commander Tom, the protagonist of his Space Oddity, where the symbolism of the commander and that song was made clear : "We know Commander Tom is a junkie." A curious demystification of pop idolatry and Bowie's own universe offered in a sumptuous package of electronic sounds served mainly by Chuck Hammer's guitar synthesizer and his unforgettable and fascinating minimalist electronic riff that really created a school in techno and synth pop. from the early eighties. A spectacular and delicious song that, in addition to reaching No. 1 on the charts, is already considered one of David Bowie's best songs, not to mention its fascinating and revolutionary video shot with a solarized image and with the participation of some of the first " disciples ”of Bowie new romantics, including Steve Strange, the future leader of Visage. The album as a whole is actually varied in terms of styles and proposals, although always with that avant-garde-experimental veneer served mainly by the synthesizers of Chuck Hammer and Andy Clarck and the sharp and unpredictable guitar of the omnipresent Robert Fripp, fundamental in songs like Fashion, Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps) and It's No Game. Roy Bittan, pianist of Springsteen's E Street Band and Pete Townshend of The Who, also have a good look at this album. There's electronic-experimental heavy metal like It's No Game (No. 1) with a Bowie forcing his throat to the max - No. 2, the last track on the album contains the same melody with a more pop rock new wave tempo and a more contained vocal performance. -; pieces suitable for dance floors but with an eccentric and avant-garde tone like Fashion (another hit single) and its curious guitar and chorus games; Epic and effective pop rock like Because You're Young or ravishing electro-acoustic light pop like Up the Hill Backwards with rich vocal coverage where David shares the limelight with Tony Visconti and backup singers Lynn Maitland and Chris Porter. Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps) hits a hard and affected note with Bowie's almost distorted voice amidst an alluring, fast-paced rhythmic morass. Even a version like Kingdom Come by Tom Verlaine, leader of the New York punk band Television, sounds like a genuine Bowie song and is also very reminiscent of the Heroes epic. As usual, David Bowie's voice sounded as versatile, varied and impressive as ever, with this album having its high points in Ashes to Ashes, the two It's no Game, Kingdom Come, Scary Monsters and Teenage Wildlife. David Bowie kept proving that he was one of the greatest, but unfortunately this album will mark a before and after: he would never make an excellent album again. Despite the fact that with Let's Dance (1983) he will sell more records than ever and will notably expand his audience, David Bowie will never be the same again, although until now he will be able to make a majority of acceptable records. After the Scary Monsters tour, Bowie saw his drug problems increased and will not release a new LP until 3 years later. But tribulations and troubles aside, Scary Monsters deserves a masterpiece consideration that critics often deny it. His influence on new romantic pop, techno pop and some later musical avant-gardes was decisive. 01. It's No Game (Part 1) - 4:16 02. Up The Hill Backwards - 3:12 03. Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps) - 5:10 04. Ashes To Ashes - 4:22 05. Fashion - 4:46 06. Teenage Wildlife - 6:50 07. Scream Like A Baby - 3:34 08. Kingdom Come (Tom Verlaine) - 3:41 09. Because You're Young - 4:51 10. It's No Game (Part 2) - 4:20 Bonus: 11. Space Oddity (single B-side, re-recorded version, 1979) – 4:56 12. Panic In Detroit (re-recorded version, 1979, previously unreleased) – 2:59 13. Crystal Japan (Japanese single A-side, 1979) – 3:07 14. Alabama Song (UK single A-side, recorded 1978) (Bertolt Brecht, Kurt Weill) – 3:50 Personnel (original release): - David Bowie - vocals, keyboards, producer - Carlos Alomar - guitars - George Murray - bass guitar - Dennis Davis - percussion + - Chuck Hammer - guitar (04,06) - Robert Fripp - guitar (01-03,05,06,08,10) - Roy Bittan - piano (02,04,06) - Andy Clark - synthesizer (04,05,07,09) - Pete Townshend - guitar (09) - Tony Visconti - acoustic guitar (02,03), backing vocals, producer - Lynn Maitland, Chris Porter - backing vocals - Michi Hirota - voice (01)

Green Candle (Live, Vienna, 2018)

Lonely Rosa (Live, Vienna, 2018)

BPM (Live, Vienna, 2018)

Bitching (1996 Remaster)



Flowers In December

Bury Me With It

Big Dipper

Blood And Roses

In Little Ways

Idiot Son

Black And White



Jason Falkner - I Live

She Still Loves Him

Bye, Bye, Bye

The Long Ryders - Tell It To The Judge On Sunday

Robyn Hitchcock - "I Often Dream of Trains" (Official Live)

Robyn Hitchcock - "The Ghost In You" (Official Audio)

I Look Around

Sixteen Ways

Danielson - On Purpose (Official Video)

danielson On Purpose

Good News for the Pus Pickers

Let Us A.B.C.

Runnin' To Brother

Guilt Scouting

Guilt Scouting

"Grow Up" by Danielson

Danielson - "Did I Step On Your Trumpet?" (Official Video)

Smooth Death

Deviled Egg

Danielson Famile Me to Datee

Phoebe Bridgers x Arlo Parks - Fake Plastic Trees (Radiohead) - Radio 1 ...

Arlo Parks and Phoebe Bridgers have shared a stunning cover of Radiohead's 'Fake Plastic Trees'.

The duo linked for a session on BBC Radio 1's Chillest Show , taking hold of the show's Piano Session.

Online now, Arlo Parks stars on piano, while Phoebe Bridgers handles vocals.

The two re-work Bridgers' new song 'Kyoto', taken from her recent album 'Punisher'

Genesis P-Orridge Selling Thigh Bone Trumpet on "Oddities"

Psychic TV - Interview + Live Toronto 1990

Genesis P-Orridge: Control, Fear, Drugs, Unity, Love




Everybody’s Gotta Live

Journey To The Center of the Mind

I Had Too Much to Dream (Last Night) (2007 Remaster)


Jon Hassell - Fearless (Official Audio)




God Bullies - Let's Go To Hell

Bikini Kill - Rebel Girl

God Bullies - She's Wild- 1994

The Big Lebowski - You're Entering a World of Pain Scene (4/12) | Moviec...

Alma Matters

2010 - Morrissey
Morrissey caused controversy after he claimed that the Chinese were a "sub-species" because of the way they treat animals. In an interview with UK paper The Guardian, the former The Smiths frontman said: "Did you see the thing on the news about their treatment of animals and animal welfare? Absolutely horrific. You can't help but feel that the Chinese are a sub-species."

Percy Howard Votive Rhythm

happy birthday Percy Howard

Burning Skulls

James Chance & Friends - Sax Maniac

Helios Creed - Space Sexy

The Comsat Angels - Independence Day

Comsat Angels - The Eye Dance

Underrated band ... With three major recording contracts and no hit singles, this expressive UK guitar band survived more than 15 years.

Erroneously regarded as a synth pop band - and, every now and then, as a band that peaked with a song placed in a scene of Real Genius - the Comsat Angels were one of the finest bands of the post-punk / new wave was.

Often as moody if less dramatic than Joy Division, their first and best albums - 1980's Waiting for a Miracle, 1981's Sleep No More, and 1982's Fiction - featured abstract pop songs with sparse instrumentation, many of which were bleak and filled with some form of heartache. The albums were almost unrelentingly sullen, but they were always transfixing. The band then fell prey to various commercial pressures for several years. In the '90s they resurfaced with a pair of powerful albums that resembled logical extensions of their earliest work, and then they vanished again.

After numerous incarnations and name changes, the Sheffield-based Radio Earth - guitarist and vocalist Stephen Fellows, drummer Mik Glaisher, keyboardist Andy Peake, bassist Kevin Bacon - found themselves opening for Pere Ubu in Newcastle.

After the gig, the quartet realized that they had been blown off the stage and intimidated by the headliners' sense of focus and ability to confuse. Following a rethink, they came back as the less self-conscious Comsat Angels (the name referenced a short story by J.G. Ballard).

They took a loan from Glaisher's father to record and release the Red Planet EP in 1979; BBC DJ John Peel, who was sent a copy, liked what he heard, requested a few more copies and booked the band for one of his famous Peel Sessions.

Sleep No More, the second Comsat Angels album, is a confident follow-up that contains a tighter and more cutting version of Waiting for a Miracle's alluring insularity. Going by "Eye Dance," the torrid opener, one might expect a more aggressive affair, but that's not necessarily the case.

The album turns out to be neither as pop nor as fast, with a majority of the material playing out at a dirge-like pace. There were no singles. Like Magazine's Secondhand Daylight, or the Sound's All Fall Down, Sleep No More can be a trudge and quite bleak, perhaps even impenetrable at times. However, as with Waiting for a Miracle, the dynamics of the album become increasingly perceptible with each play, and the slowest, austerest passages begin to seem as intense as the few that slam and punch

With the exception of "Restless," a mood piece of harmonic flickers, light whispers, and low throb, the album is driven by Mik Glaisher's booming drums, which were recorded in a manner - near a lift shaft, to be precise, with microphones placed on six surrounding floors - that makes the album wholly enveloping and, occasionally, imposing. (Imagine Joy Division's "I Remember Nothing" and Talking Heads' "The Overload" on top of one another, doubled in heaviness.)

Col. Bruce Hampton, Ret. "Pharaoh's Kitchen"

Col. Bruce Hampton-Arkansas

Col. Bruce Hampton Fixin' To Die (Live)

Equal parts psychedelicized Allman Brothers and boogiefied Grateful Dead (with a dash of Commander Cody thrown in), Col. Bruce Hampton and his various groups, particularly the Aquarium Rescue Unit, played a key role in the jam band scene that began sweeping through America beginning in the early '90s.

The Atlanta-born Hampton had been an eccentric figure on the Southern music circuit beginning in the early '60s; as the Hampton Grease Band, he released Music to Eat on Columbia Records in 1969. After the Grease Band folded, Hampton released a solo effort (One Ruined Life of a Bronze Tourist in 1978) and then founded New Ice Age, which soon evolved into the Late Bronze Age.

The Late Bronze Age released two albums, Outside Looking Out (1980) and Isles of Langerhan (1982). The Colonel recorded a second solo album, Arkansas, in 1984 and by 1987 the group had broken up.

Hampton then formed the Aquarium Rescue Unit, an eclectic congregation adept at everything from country-swing jazz to meltdown Southern boogie and over-amped gospel bluegrass.

By the time of 1992's Col. Bruce Hampton & the Aquarium Rescue Unit, the band featured Oteil Burbridge on bass and vocals, guitarist Jimmy Herring, Matt Mundy on electric mandolin and vocals, and drummer Apt. Q258; the record documented a live date from the previous September.

The band's first studio album, Mirrors of Embarrassment, was released in mid-1993, concurrent with an appearance on the H.O.R.D.E. (Horizons of Rock Developing Everywhere) tour. Shortly after the release of Mirrors of Embarrassment, Hampton left the group, but the Aquarium Rescue Unit continued touring and recording without him, releasing In a Perfect World in 1996.

Hampton Grease Band - Evans

underrrated bands ... there are, and will continue to be, bands that deserved to be known, and recognized for their albums.
Hampton Grease Band may have ultimately been a band easier to appreciate in concept than to listen to in practice.

They are also, for most listeners, a band that's much more fun to read about than to hear.

Hampton Grease Band's only album, now reissued as a double CD, is a one-of-a-kind item, drawing upon jazz, progressive/psychedelic guitar rock, and a generally surrealist bent to back Bruce Hampton's idiot-savant ravings. Comparisons with Zappa and Beefheart are really inevitable, though Hampton Grease Band really weren't on the level of those two fellow weirdos.
For a brief period, though, they were offering some of the wackiest rock ever to be found on a major label. Clearly influenced by both Zappa and Beefheart, but more grating and even less accessible to the rock underground, they took early-'70s avant-rock aesthetics near to their extremes.

This guaranteed an eternal cult reputation for the group, but also ensured that their commercial success in their own time was virtually nil.

Hampton Grease Band began as a blues-rock-oriented outfit in the late '60s in Atlanta, where the underground rock scene was barely big enough to support them. They managed to carve a reputation at a local underground club, as well as by playing support to psychedelic/progressive acts like the Grateful Dead, Jimi Hendrix, Procol Harum, and the Allman Brothers.

The group steadily developed a more original sound, emphasizing intricate, Zappa-esque guitar lines and Bruce Hampton's off-the-cuff, non-sequitur lyrics, usually shouted in a throaty, scratchy wheeze that made Beefheart sound like Pavarotti.
The band often betrayed the Zappa influence in their theatrical, sometimes confrontational stage show, in which Hampton would throw chairs at the audience, or sing while standing on a pizza.

They polarized audiences, to say the least; they were pelted with cups of ice at one memorable gig that found them playing to a crowd of 10,000 as the warm-up act for Three Dog Night (a bill that must have been devised by Salvador Dali).
Confronted with the tapes, Columbia reacted most unpredictably, deciding to make the band's debut (and, as it turned out, only) record a double album, Music to Eat. 

Legend has it that it was, at the time of its release, the second-lowest selling LP in the Columbia catalog (beaten only by a yoga record).

Columbia itself didn't help matters by marketing Music to Eat as a comedy album. Shortly after its release, Hampton Grease Band began to disintegrate, with the departure of guitarist Harold Kelling.


Iggy Pop - Lust For Life - 11/14/1986 - Ritz (Official)

The Doors Hello, I Love You German TV show, 1968

OTD,1968, on their first ever visit to the UK The Doors appeared on Top Of The Pops performing 'Hello I Love You' live on the TV show.

Intuition (Remastered 2010)

1966 - John Lennon
 started work on his role as Private Gripweed in the film 'How I Won The War'. The black comedy directed by Richard Lester, was filmed in Spain in Almería Province and saw Lennon, taking a long-overdue break from The Beatles after nearly four years of constant touring.

Final Solution (Full Version) (Remastered)

Que Pais É Este

Que Pais É Este

Grobschnitt - Drummer's dream

The Gun Club - She's Like Heroin to Me

Birth Control - Suicide

Kraftwerk - Ralf Und Florian - Tranzmusik HD

Dead Can Dance - Song Of The Stars (Remastered)

deuter - der turm

Smoke Signal

Heldon Bal-A-Fou

Never Say Never

Fleetwood Mac - Big Love (Official Music Video)

Sniff 'n' the Tears - Driver's Seat (Official Audio)

I Don't Want to Talk About It

My Game Of Loving

John Fahey - In christ there is no east or west

John Fahey - In christ there is no east or west

Diaframma - Elena (1984)

Arthur Russell // This Is How We Walk On The Moon (CORN Version)

Modo - Eyes in the Mirror (Body Section)


We Float

NEU! - Gedenkminute

Throbbing Gristle Les Vampyrettes mashup


It's Expected I'm Gone

the minutemen - joy 7"

the minutemen - paranoid time 7"

Brigitte Fontaine - J'ai 26 ans

Take A Chance With Me (Remastered)

Down in the Sewer (Medley) (1996 Remaster)

"Shake-A-Puddin'" by the Dub Narcotic Sound System


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