The Comsat Angels Independence Day

The Comsat Angels Independence Day

The Comsat Angels - Lost Continent [89']

Comsat Angels - Mass (live Poole 19.02.81)

Coil - Feature/Interview on "Bad Behaviour" UK Documentary from "Hello C...

Thighpaulsandra - Black Nurse Live in France 2006

Thighpaulsandra - HAMZA

Archangels Thunderbird

Amon Düül II - Trap - 1973

AMON DUUL II a morning excuse 1973

Psychic TV – Nursery Times / Skinhead Moonstomp 84

Psychic TV Nursery Times
Composed By – Psychic TVLyrics By – Genesis P-OrridgeMixed By [Live] – Alex Borsig*Performer [Psychic Television Were On This Occasion] – Alex Fergusson, Genesis P-Orridge, Geff Rushton*, John Gosling, Paula P-Orridge, Peter Christopherson

Psychic TV / Z,ev ‎– Berlin Atonal Vol. 1

Cocteau Twins - Donimo

Dead Can Dance - Enigma Of The Absolute (Remastered)

Yo La Tengo - I Feel Like Going Home

Yo La Tengo - Let’s Save Tony Orlando’s House

I Love You Golden Blue

Sonic Youth - Massage The History

Sonic Youth - Massage The History

ZEGK HOQP (Electric Ballroom)


Jad Fair and Kramer - Candace

unrest work & play - shapes of work

Unrest Work & Play - Ethnic

Einstürzende Neubauten im Schweizer Fernsehen (1987) | SRF Archiv

Blixa Bargeld - Soul desert

Tones On Tail - Heartbreak Hotel (Studio Version)


Skeleton Crew - The Border

if you ask .. a favorite band .. S. C.

if you ask me a favorite song .... The Border

Salim Nourallah - Goddamn Life

Salim Nourallah - Goddamn Life

Salim Nourallah - Goddamn Life

RED BALUNE Maximum Penalty

Red Balune - Animus

From Safety to Where (2010 Remaster)

Joy Division - Insight (Official Reimagined Video)

Moon Rocks (2005 Remaster)

Glamour Profession

New Frontier


Bizarre Bazaar


Khruangbin - Hip Hop Medley (2018-11-28 – Chicago, IL)

it was one of the bands that I liked to see at the Primavera Sound Festival ... but it was canceled, because of the covid 19

Evangelista - You are a Jaguar

You Doo Right

Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck

Cerberus Shoal - Omphalos

Bardo Pond - Wayne's Tune


The Mountain Goats - This Year

Bardo Pond - Be A Fish

Song of the Minerals

Crumbling Down

Southeast of Boston


Jarboe - Lavender Girl

XTC - King For a Day + Great Fire & Dear God (medley) [July 1989]


Porno For Pyros - Pets / Dominator - 8/14/1994 - Woodstock 94 (Official)

Ministry - Stigmata (Video Version)

The Beach Boys - Surfin' USA (Live Aid 1985)

The Beach Boys - Barbara Ann (Live at Farm Aid 1985)

Pop Dell'Arte - Sem Nome (Official Video)

It could be untitled, but Pop Dell’Arte chose “Sem Nome”. This is, despite the paradox, the name of the new single extracted from Transgressio Global, an album that would mark the band's return to records after Contra Mundum (2010), but which saw its release postponed (should have happened today) to date announce soon.

João Peste, full name João Luís Peste Santos Guerreiro (Campo de Ourique, Lisbon - 9 September 1962) is a Portuguese musician, mentor and vocalist of Pop Dell'Arte.
He joined ISCTE in 1980, where he completed a degree in Sociology in 1985. That same year, he formed the band Pop Dell'Arte, which won the prize for originality in the 2nd Modern Music Competition of Rock Rendez-Vous. In 1986 he created the publisher Ama Romanta, together with Maria João Serra, a publisher who on May 28th of that year released the album Divergências which, in addition to an interview, made and music by João Peste, to sociologist José Manuel Paquete de Oliveira, has the participation of names like Pop Dell'Arte, Mler Ife Dada, Essa Entente, Anamar, Croix Sainte, Final Scream, The Young Guard, SPQR, Extreme Unction, General Line and The Dogs to Death & Desire, among others.

It could be untitled, but Pop Dell’Arte chose “Sem Nome”. This is, despite the paradox, the name of the new single extracted from Transgressio Global, an album that would mark the band's return to records after Contra Mundum (2010), but which saw its release postponed (should have happened today) to date announce soon.

João Peste's discography with Pop Dell'Arte dates back to February 1987 when Ama Romanta published the max-single Querelle. Still in 1987, Ama Romanta released the single Dreams Pop (in November 1986) and the album Free Pop (in December 1987) with covers by Nuno Leonel and João Peste with graphics by Rafael Toral, respectively . Free Pop appears on several lists of the best Portuguese albums ever - Blitz, Público, Diário de Notícias, FNAC and Câmara Clara of RTP-2. The English newspaper Sounds even gave 4.5 points (out of 5 possible) to Free Pop in an article written by the famous musician and journalist John Robb in 1988, while Ricardo Saló wrote in Expresso in June 2011, which is perhaps the best Portuguese album from the 80s.

The records Free Pop and Sonhos Pop were presented live at Aula Magna in Lisbon, in a historic concert, organized by R.U.T. - Rádio Universidade Tejo and Ama Romanta in January 1988. Criticism of the album was divided between accusations of fraud at Se7e and praise for genius in the weekly Expresso, (João Lisboa). The controversy was so great that the TSF even made a program about the controversy of Pop dell'Arte, which aired on several European radio stations.

Crime And The City Solution - The Dolphins And The Sharks



Kaltes Klares Wasser

SPK / Berufsverbot

The Orchids

SPK - Mekano

Elektrisches Vorspiel

Only a Shadow

Cleaners From Venus - Denmark Street

Sun City Girls - Blue Mamba

Sun City Girls - Radar 1941

I'm In Love With A German Film Star

Sweet Shiver Burn

DAF - Ein bisschen Krieg


Why D'ya Do It?

Kid & Khan - 'Why D’Ya Do It?', From the 2004 album Bad English
In 2000 I met and started collaborating with minimal electronic music pioneer and provocateur Khan when recording his album No Comprendo. Our rock meets electro combo pre-dated the “electroclash” movement, when it was still like bringing Satan into the room if you played a guitar at a techno club. Even worse, we danced, stripped and jumped in the audience. Half loved it, half were disgusted. Our goal reached! On a full length LP, Bad English, we covered Marianne Faithful’s tour de force, 'Why D’Ya Do It?'.
"Why'd ya do it, she said, why'd you let that trash
Get a hold of your cock, get stoned on my hash?”. Why not!

Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds - Kris Kringle Ju Ju

Brian Tristan (born March 27, 1959) better known by his stage name Kid Congo Powers ,[1] is an American rock guitarist and singer, best known as a member of The Gun Club, the Cramps and Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds. He has also played with the Divine Horsemen, the Angels of Light, Die Haut, and Knoxville Girls.[2]

As of January 2015, Powers' primary musical project is the band The Pink Monkey Birds

Nick Cave and Kid Congo Powers - 930 Club - 80's

The Gun Club - Sex Beat (Live at The Hacienda, Manchester, UK, 1983)


Thurston Moore - "The Best Day"

Richard H. Kirk - Hollywood Babylon

Stephen Mallinder - Um Dada

Alexander Tucker - Skeletor Blues

Visiting Again


Hands With A Hammer (Live)

CAMBERWELL NOW speculative fiction 1986

JOWE HEAD swissair 1981

Jowe Head: Insect Flavour Valentine

The Residents - Hop A Little (Live in Japan)

The Residents - Voodoo Doll - Paris / La Gaîté Lyrique - February 2, 2019

The Residents - It's a Man's Man's Man's World HQ

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds - The Lyre Of Orpheus

Crystal Days

Just a Friend

The Glove A Blues In Drag

The Glove (Steven Severin & Robert Smith) - Punish Me With Kisses - 1983

The Glove - Looking Glass Girl (Robert Smith Vocal)

Danielle Dax - Pariah (BBC Sessions)

Linea Aspera - Malarone

Peter Christopherson || All Possible Numbers

Zos Kia - Be Like Me

Zos Kia were John Gosling and Geoff Rushton, both Psychic TV members, along with Min. The record engineered by Genesis P-Orridge of Psychic TV.

nick nicely - Hilly Fields (1892)

Martin Rev - Be MIne

ALAN VEGA fireball 1981

Trip the Switch (2016 Remastered Version)

Killing Joke - In Cythera

Chrome featuring Damon Edge - Trip The Switch

Coil - Main Title (Unreleased Hellraiser Theme)

Coil - The Unreleased Themes For Hellraiser

BAUHAUS - Dark Entries (Live in London 24-02-1982) HD

Zos Kia - Be Like Me

killing joke - pandemonium

Television Personalities - Godstar (live) [Psychic TV cover]

Psychic TV and Thee Angels Ov Light - GODSTAR / GODSTAR MIX - Temple Rec...

Shrimp Boat - Those Hookers

Something Grand box set. one of the best bands ever !

Shrimp Boat - Those Hookers

Something Grand box set. one of the best bands ever !


Ride My See-Saw


Tarwater - The Watersample

Miles Davis - Peaceful [In a Silent Way, 1969 Stereo]

Maxwell's Silver Hammer (Remastered 2009)

The European Female (In Celebration Of)

Kaki King - "Bowen Island" - "Glow"

A Shocking Lack Thereof

John Foxx - Crash Course

The Human League - 4JG - JG BALLARD

"JG Ballard: The music he inspiredNo other writer has had as much influence on pop music as JG Ballard. His dystopian vision and sense of fear have held artists entranced and inspired bands across the decades.
When the sad news arrived yesterday that JG Ballard had died, it wasn't just literature that lost one of its most singular voices. For as anyone with even a passing interest in post-punk or new rave will know, Ballard was a huge inspiration to musicians. In fact, when critics described Klaxons' debut album as "Ballardian" – an epithet now recognised by the Oxford English Dictionary – most of us had an idea of how it might sound.
There were other influential modern writers before him – William Burroughs, for example – and there have been more since (the entire cyber-punk genre that Ballard spawned), but no one has so consistently pursued a vision through a life's work and been so influential to musicians. While Burroughs effectively spoofed science fiction, Ballard reinvented it by giving it a soul and a conscience, and in doing so provided a cornerstone between music, fashion, literature and emerging philosophical constructs such as psychogeography.
Ballard's vision was a dystopian that entranced a host of young musicians. Consider the cold clinical sounds created in the late 70s by those who filtered punk's nihilistic worldview through synthesisers and tape loops, chief among them Cabaret Voltaire and This Heat, whose music had the same transporting effect as Ballard's prose, or Warm Leatherette by the Normal, a song that almost single-handedly invented minimalist electro.
It is only a few steps from Ballard's fetishisation of automobiles and terminal velocity in Crash to Warm Leatherette and then on to Gary Numan's Cars.
Ballard's lexicon extends to inspiring song titles and bands too: from the Joy Division track Atrocity Exhibition through to Empire of the Sun (the latest band formed by former Sleepy Jackson frontman Luke Steele) via many more as previously discussed.
John Foxx B-Movie (Ballardian Video Neuronica) (2014)
Joy Division Closer (1980)
Thom Yorke The Eraser (2006)
Thom Yorke is a fan of JGB
The Comsat Angels -The band is named after a famous short story in Ballard's "Low-Flying Aircraft and Other Stories" (1976).
Palo Alto -Slowing Apocalypse: A Tribute To J.G. Ballard (2010)
Palo Alto featuring Laurent Pernice
Dan Melchior's Broke Revue
Bitterness, Spite, Rage, & Scorn (2002) -Features the song "Me and JG Ballard"
Empire of the Sun - Walking on a Dream (2008)
The Human League / The Future
The Golden Hour of the Future: Recordings by The Future and The Human League (2002)
The Jesus and Mary Chain -Head On / Terminal Beach (1989) [Single]
Buggles - The Age of Plastic (1980)
The Normal -T.V.O.D. / Warm Leatherette (1978) [Single]
Broadcast -Tender Buttons (2005)
UNKLE -Psyence Fiction (1998)
Vermilion Sands - Water Blue (1987)

RECOIL -Edge to Life


RECOIL - Incubus


The Body Lovers track 2

Throbbing Gristle ‎– Slug Bait - Live At Southampton

The Sugarcubes Hit Live 1992

Laibach - God is God

LAIBACH - Brat Moj (Live at Tate Modern, London 2012) HD

Laibach – Monumental Retro-Avant-Garde | TateShots

Fine Girl

Frank Zappa, The Dangerous Kitchen


Disturbed Furniture - Information

Disturbed Furniture has recently reformed and are following up with a new EP scheduled for Fall 2019 release

Halo of Pain

Reunited New York City avant rockers, Disturbed Furniture demonstrate with "Halo of Pain" that they've lost none of their fire since disbanding in the early 1980s.

"Halo of Pain" is the latest track from Continuous Pleasures, the 2019 EP from Disturbed Furniture. An integral part of the New York City venue Club 57, the group ended a lengthy hiatus a few years ago to perform live and record new music. 

Produced by Jorge Arévalo Mateus, Alexa Hunter, and Mick Oakleaf and recorded at Mighty Toad Recording and The Honey Jar in Brooklyn, with additional tracks done at Blighty Music Studios in Los Angeles, the set was released by Arevarc Records.

The collective have lost none of their fire, power, or avant-garde tendencies since the end of their initial run. One can hear the brooding of NYC streets in "Halo of Pain", the pendulum swing between high and low art, fine, refined intellectual tendencies, and the unsatisfied, plaintive rumblings in the belly of the beast

Anne Dudley & Jaz Coleman - In a timeless place

Anne Duddley & Jaz Coleman - Habebe


Adrian Belew - I Wonder

Arto Lindsay & Paal Nilssen-Love

Peter Scherer & Arto Lindsay – Bold Condensed

Como Nossos Pais

Apesar De Você

1971 - Chico Buarque de Hollanda - Deus Lhe Pague

Hermeto Pascoal - Quebrando Tudo

Virginia Astley - Summer of Their Dreams

Chant primitif

The Residents - Final Confrontation

Residents - Eskimo (Outtakes & More)

Patriot (a single)

Viagra Culture

Kinks - Living on a Thin Line

Sister Midnight

O Children

The Hundred In The Hands - Dressed In Dresden

Boy-girl disco-punk from NY heard it all before? Well just for us check these out. Nonchalant vocals, juddering guitars with rumbling doom bass Jason Friedman, formerly of rocknrollers The Boggs, and TV On The radio collaborator Eleanore Everdell are worth taking a new spin round the Brooklyn block.

Death in Vegas - Hands Around My Throat

Tortoise - The Equator

SOPOR AETERNUS: "In der Palästra" (music video)

Tuxedomoon - The Train

Antelope - Mirroring

PERE UBU Fortunate Son

PERE UBU Fortunate Son

PERE UBU Fortunate Son

ROME – One Lion’s Roar (Full Song)

ROME Hate Us and See If We Mind

The Devil

PERE UBU What I Heard On The Pop Radio

Patti Smith - People Have The Power


I don't know why ... but I really like RED KRAYOLA .... my favorite bands are THE RESIDENTS and THE RED KRAYOLA ... EVER

The Raincoats - Animal Rhapsody


John Maus - Streetlight (unofficial music video)

Thank You (Part One)


Morrissey - Jim Jim Falls (Official Audio)

Pedestrian Walk - David Thomas And The Pedestrians

Kill The Enemy

Michael Yonkers - Microminiature Love

Swans - Where Does A Body End



the wolfgang press: the burden of mules

Echo & The Bunnymen - Silver (TOTP 1984)



The Smiths - Live The Tube Studio 1984 HD (Full Show)

Elvis Costello - Clubland - Live Belgium 1981

Sugarcubes - Live Spain 1988 - RockoPop - Bjork Rare


Sugarcubes - Live Spain 1988 - RockoPop - Bjork Rare

Tappi Tíkarrass - Dúkkulísur + Hrollur - Rokk í Reykjavík (1981-1983) [E...

Björk - Virus - Music Video

ROXY MUSIC - Re-Make/Re-Model Live Apollo 2001

Arthur Brown - Nightmare - Glastonbury Festival 2011

Crazy World of Arthur Brown - Belgium TV

Fire - The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown @ TOTP 1968

The Legendary Pink Dots Voices

The Legendary Pink Dots Hellsville

Throbbing Gristle ‎– What A Day


Stephen Stapleton & Tony Wakeford - The Frightened City

SOL INVICTUS - In a Garden Green (In a Garden Green Version)


Andrew King and Tony Wakeford - Twa Corbies - Ship of Fools, London, July 12th 2009.

Tony Wakeford Not All Of Me Will Die 4

Tony Wakeford - August

The Cure live paris 1979 (full version)

One Hundred Years - The Cure

The Wait - Killing Joke

Caucasian Walk - Virgin Prunes

Fad Gadget - Back to Nature (live at Hacienda, 1984) [HQ]

Swans - "God Loves America" [Live]

Angels Of Light - Untitled Love Song

Bjork Virus

The Church - Metropolis - German TV 21st May 1990

já tenho o bilhete.. e de certeza que vai ser cancelado por causa do Covid-19

Siouxsie & The Banshees - This Wheel's On Fire



Swans - Mother_Father

dia do pai 19-3-2020

Chris & Cosey - Mary

Chris & Cosey - October Love Song

The Residents Crashing

Hambu Hodo

Meredith Monk - Do You Be (1971)

meredith monk - candy bullets and moon

meredith monk - candy bullets and moon


Within You Without You (Remastered 2009)

1967 - George Harrison
The first session recording new song ‘Within You Without You’ took place at Abbey Road studios, London. George was the only Beatle to perform on this song, which was still called 'Untitled'. Harrison played the swordmandel and tamboura, Natver Soni played tabla, Amrat Gajjar played dilruba, PD Joshi played swordmandel, and an undocumented musician played a droning tamboura.

Cadence féminine

Peter Murphy - The Light Pours Out of Me


The Junkie Song

CAN - Butterfly

Thee Majesty – Eshu Yes You

Vashti Bunyan - If I Were - Same But Different

Vashti Bunyan - Train Song NEW (remastered)

Samara Lubelski - 'Black Dots'

The Fleeting Skies, Samara Lubelski

Genesis P. (Throbbing Gristle)

Both Sides Now

Throbbing Gristle - Maggot Death, Pt. 1 (32AR)

 industrial music pioneer Genesis P-Orridge, dead at 70.

If you like your music hard, heavy, and clanky, then spare a moment on the passing of Genesis P-Orridge of Throbbing Gristle and the person who invented industrial music.
P-Orridge (real name Neil Andrew Megson) was a musician, poet and Dada-inspired performance artist whose career extends all the way back to 1965. He’d/she’d been battling leukemia for the past while and finally died on Saturday (March 14) at the age of 70.

RIP Genesis P-Orridge.

This statement was released by Gen's daughters and was posted to Facebook about 15 minutes ago.

Sir Richard Bishop - Rudra's Feast

Sir Richard Bishop & W. David Oliphant - Nirmanakaya

Daniel Johnston "Speeding Motorcycle"

En Italie, le confinement sur un air d'opéra

Blaine L. Reininger---Japanese dream 1986.mp4

Tones of Tail - Twist

Mother Destruction / Six Comm - Hellaroots

throbbing gristle - discipline

DEVO Beautiful World / The Girl Can't Help It LIVE Oakland CA 6/30/18 - ...

Bruce Gilbert - Hommage

Tarwater - Visit

Pylon - Danger (1980)

Pylon * Recent Title .1980

Pylon * Functionality . 1980

Pylon - Cool

Pretty Ballerina

And Also The Trees ‎– Brother Fear

And Also The Trees ‎– Missing

Bill Fay - Tiny

MetalKult » GENESIS BREYER P ORRIDGE The MetalKult Interview 1

Soft Focus: Genesis P-Orridge Part 1 of 4

R.I.P. Genesis P.Orridge on FREE SPEECH- & ART-CENSORSHIP@BBC TV London

Psychic TV - on "Earsay" tv show 1984.


COIL - 'Dark River'

COIL - Higher Beings Command

Coil - 04. A Cold Cell - Teatro delle Celebrazioni, Bologna, IT (2002-04...

Nardwuar vs. Steve Albini

Nardwuar vs. Psychic TV

Psychic TV / Current 93 / Coil - Christian Documentary Expose

Throbbing Gristle - 01. Vatican (Sorry Nicholas) - RE~TG, Astoria Theatr...

Throbbing Gristle - 08. Hamburger Lady - RE~TG, Astoria Theatre (2004-05...

Psychic TV - Je T'Aime

Genesis P-ORRIDGE the secret of life is to live !, to live is to be free.

That beauty is not in what we see, but in what we feel.

  What to do is better than talking.

Let the look not lie.

To live is to learn from mistakes.

I learned that everything depends on the will.

That it is best to be ourselves.

R.I.P. GENESIS P-ORRIDGE - Good Vibrations


The Swinging Detective

Straight Up And Down

ROWLAND S. HOWARD & LYDIA LUNCH i fell in love with a ghost 1982

Lydia Lunch- When I Get My Cadillac

Lydia Lunch - St Marks Place

Lydia Lunch - What Did You Do (1984)

Lydia Lunch - Afraid of your Company

Lydia Lunch Retrovirus - Fields of Fire - Melbourne, Australia - Feb, 2020

Virgin Prunes-Love lasts forever

01-Virgin Prunes-Heaven

A Screw (Holy Money)

Family "Summer '67"

Family - The Weavers Answer/How Hi-the-Li

1976 was a watershed year: the music industry was revitalized by the emergence of "independent" labels and the music scene was revitalized by the emergence of new genres. The two phenomena fed into each other and spiraled out of control. In a matter of months, a veritable revolution changed the way music was produced, played and heard. The old rock stars were forgotten and new rock stars began setting new trends. As far as white popular music goes, it was a sort of Renaissance after a few years of burgeoisie icons (think: Bowie), conservative sounds (country-rock, southern boogie) and exploitation of minorities (funk, reggae).

During the 1970s alternative rock had survived in niches that were highly intellectual, namely German rock and progressive-rock (particularly the Canterbury school). They were all but invisible to the masses.

1976 was the year when most of those barriers (between "low" and "high" rock, between "intellectual" and "populist", between "conservative" and "progressive", between "star" and "anti-star") became not only obsolete but meaningless. Something similar had happened in 1966, when rock music as we know it was born through the revolutionary records of Bob Dylan, Frank Zappa, Pink Floyd, Doors, Velvet Underground, etc. But in 1976 rock music had a powerful ally: the record industry itself, that an army of amateurish entrepreneurs rescued from the virtual monopoly of the "major" labels.

The creative explosion was indeed very similar to the exuberance of the mid Sixties. However, the mood was completely different. The Sixties were, ultimately, an optimistic age. The young generation thought it could change (and own) the world. In 1976, only the most utopian of teenagers could fathom an ideal world in which peace and honesty triumph.

Captain Beefheart: Trout Mask Replica (1969)

Bob Dylan: Blonde On Blonde (1966)
Captain Beefheart: Safe As Milk (1967)
Doors: The Doors (1967):
Frank Zappa: Uncle Meat (1969)
Red Crayola: Parable Of Arable Land (1967)
Van Morrison: Astral Weeks (1968)
Velvet Underground & Nico (1967)
Velvet Underground: White Light White Heat (1967)

Jefferson Airplane: Volunteers (1969)
King Crimson: In The Court Of The Crimson King (1969)
Leonard Cohen: Songs Of Leonard Cohen (1967)
MC5: Kick Out The Jams (1969)
Pink Floyd: The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn (1967)

Band: II (1969)
Bob Dylan: Highway 61 Revisited (1965)
Colosseum: Valentyne Suite (1969)
David Peel: Have A Marijuana (1968)
Deviants: Ptooff (1967)
Doors: Strange Days (1967)

Family: Music In A Doll's House (1968)
Frank Zappa: Freak Out (1966)
Frank Zappa: Absolutely Free (1967)
Frank Zappa: We're Only In It For The Money (1967)
Grateful Dead: Anthem Of The Sun (1968)

Grateful Dead: Live Dead (1969)
Holger Czukay: Canaxis 5 (1969)
Holy Modal Rounders: Indian War Whoop (1967)
Jefferson Airplane: After Bathing At Baxter's (1967)
Jimi Hendrix: Are You Experienced? (1967)
Jimi Hendrix: Electric Ladyland (1968)

Kaleidoscope: Beacon From Mars (1968)
Love: Da Capo (1967)
Neil Young: Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere (1969)
Nico: Marble Index (1968)
Pearls Before Swine: Balaklava (1968)
Pink Floyd: A Saucerful Of Secrets (1968)

Robbie Basho: Venus In Cancer (1969)
Sandy Bull: Fantasia For Guitar & Banjo (1963)
Stooges: Stooges (1969)
Tim Buckley: Happy Sad (1969)
United States Of America: United States of America (1968)
Who: Tommy (1969)

13th Floor Elevators: The Psychedelic Sounds Of (1966)
Amon Duul: Phallus Dei (1969)
Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band: Doughnut In Granny's Greenhouse (1968)
Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band: Gorilla (1967)
Creedence Clearwater Revival: Green River (1969)
Deviants: Disposable (1968)
Eric Burdon: Twain Shall Meet (1968)

Family: Family Entertainment (1969)
Grateful Dead: Aoxomoxoa (1969)
Incredible String Band: Hangman's Beautiful Daughter (1968)
Kevin Ayers: Joy Of A Toy (1969)
Laura Nyro: Eli And The 13th Confession (1968)

Leo Kottke: 6 & 12 String Guitar (1969)
Nick Drake: Five Leaves Left (1969)
Pink Floyd: Ummagumma (1969)
Robbie Basho: Falconer's Arm (1967)
Robbie Basho: The Grail And the Lotus (1966)
Rolling Stones: Between The Buttons (1967)

Silver Apples: Silver Apples (1968)
Spirit: The Family That Plays Together (1969)
Third Ear Band: Alchemy (1969)
Tim Buckley: Blue Afternoon (1969)

Tim Buckley: Goodbye And Hello (1967)
Townes Van Zandt: Our Mother The Mountain (1969)
Traffic: Mr Fantasy (1967)
VanDyke Parks: Song Cycle (1968


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