Airport scene from Midnight Express (1978)


Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band - Canyons Of Your Mind (1968)


  we all liked the bonzo ....

I'm a big fan of these eccentric artists

Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band - Canyons Of Your Mind (1968)


  we all liked the bonzo ....

I'm a big fan of these eccentric artists

Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band "I'm the Urban Spaceman"

R.I.P. NEIL INNES today december 2020


Nine Wassies From Bainne - the Day Mustrad got death

Nine Wassies From Bainne - fan

Nine Wassies From Bainne - fan

Killing Joke 35. Wardance

Death in June - Kameradschaft

Death In June - Last Europa Kiss

Danse Society - Pandora Music Box Festival, Rotterdam 3rd September 1983

HALF JAPANESE All The Angels Said Go To Her


Interview Homer Flynn from the Residents Hollland

The Residents - Six More Miles (To the Graveyard) LIVE AT MUZIEKGEBOUW E...

The Residents live in The Netherlands, Eindhoven 2019

The Residents Live - Teddy Bear ( Elvis cover ) HQ

The Residents - It's a Man's Man's Man's World HQ

Public Image Limited - Public Image (Official Video)

John Lydon's new group Public Image Ltd played their first live gig at the Rainbow Theatre, London.

The Chesterfields - Ask Johnny Dee

The Brilliant Corners - Teenage

The Go-Betweens - Hammer the Hammer

The Go-Betweens -Karen

Parasite (2019) - Trailer Subtitulado | Bong Joon-Ho

Parasitos – Director: Bong Joon-Ho
Abrir las ventanas cuando pasa el fumigador, rastrear wi-fi por el techo, y doblar cajas de pizza. Así se busca la vida la familia de Parásitos. Después de Okja y Snowpiercer, Bong Joon-ho regresa a casa para demostrar que es un genio incontestable, con una visión mordaz de su país. Un híbrido de thriller social y comedia que traspasa todos los umbrales del negro. Albert Fernández

Hookworms - Negative Space (Official Audio)

Pears For Lunch

Television Screens

Fontaines D.C. - Big

Este jovencísimo quinteto comandado por la voz de Grian Chatten, un vocalista-poeta de la más genuina escuela Mark E. Smith, ha pasado en dos años de ensayar como amateurs al salir del instituto a dar más de 200 conciertos en Irlanda, Reino Unido y Europa, amplificando su fama de gran banda en directo. Y todo gracias a unos singles autoeditados que, si en un momento podían rememorar el encanto socarrón y macarra de The Vaccines (‘Liberty Belle’), pronto se fueron agriando como la mezcla de olor a sudor, sidra, serrín empapado y líquenes en la puerta de un pub de su barrio en temas de ascendente post-punk como ‘Chequeless Reckless’ y ‘Too Real’ –que no han olvidado incluir–, rabiosas y malencaradas, pero magnéticas. Fontaines D.C. utilizan una poesía que, con su costumbrismo crudo, reivindica la realidad desenmascarada como fuente de romanticismo, en contra del perverso maquillaje sofisticado al que los codiciosos someten a nuestras calles, menoscabando el tejido humano de las grandes urbes.

Edwyn Collins - A Girl Like You (Official Video)

Edwyn Collins & The Drums - In Your Eyes

Captain Beefheart - Love Lies

Madrugada - Vocal


Certain General - Hello My God - 1982

Camper Van Beethoven - Take the Skinheads Bowling


90 Day Men - Too Late Or Too Dead

the pAper chAse - At the Other End of the Leash

My Dad Is Dead - Lay Down the Law

My Dad Is Dead - 'I Had a Dream'

My Dad Is Dead - 'I Had a Dream'

Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 - Hurricane

Thinking Fellers Union Local 282 - Heavy Head


Old Time Relijun King of Nothing

Michael Yonkers Band - The Clock is Running

Michael Yonkers Band-Kill The Enemy

Michael Yonkers Band-Kill The Enemy


Everything You Do Is A Balloon

Mount Eerie - Love Without Possession (with Julie Doiron) official audio

Sleater-Kinney - Hurry On Home (live)

Sleater-Kinney’s Carrie Brownstein has likened the romantic disjointment in “Hurry on Home” to the breakdown of trust between government and citizens in our Trumpian epoch. It is, quite certainly, the horniest song of said epoch. The lead single from The Center Won’t Hold is a raw-throated howl of queer desire, shot through with angry, annihilative hunger. It is the sort of music about fucking that you make when your very right to fuck is under attack: Brownstein and bandmate Corin Tucker sing about sex as a desperate leap into disembodiment. The fevered pulse of St. Vincent’s production blurs the jagged edges of Brownstein and Tucker’s twin guitars, making for an urgent undercurrent capable of driving listeners into each other’s arms. So long as Sleater-Kinney survives, no force on earth will stand between a woman, another woman, and their primal urge to U-Haul. –Peyton Thomas

Sheer Mag - The Killer -OFFICIAL AUDIO

Sheer Mag: A Distant Call

Sheer Mag crashed into the indie consciousness five years ago with surly abandon, thanks to their Thin Lizzy-style anthems and their true punk heart. The Philadelphia four-piece’s latest album, A Distant Call, feels as storm-tossed as ever, only now with more old-school-metal riffs and some unexpected fine-tuning. The production quality is less lo-fi and the arrangements are more multi-dimensional, resulting in the sharpest-sounding Sheer Mag release yet. Tina Halladay’s shredded howl remains the group’s North Star as members shift between barnburners and slow-builders, often fueled by present-day ills. They throw a light on the refugee crisis in “Unfound Manifest,” rail against fat-shaming on “The Right Stuff,” and put a name to widespread government corruption with “The Killer.” –Eric Torres

peaer - Don't

Peaer: A Healthy Earth

Midway through their third album, the members of Brooklyn trio Peaer briefly imagine a peaceful alternate reality. “In another universe, we have a healthy earth, we understand the worth of a life,” warbles frontman Peter Katz on the slow-building “Multiverse.” It’s a nice daydream, but it’s ultimately not where the math-rockers reside. They spend their time wrestling with quandaries small and large, from a confusing kind of romantic attraction to feeling crushed by the relentless pace of the world, all the while exploring similar leaps of scale sonically. Tightly-knit slowcore reveries swell into post-punk explosions, barely-there melodies tangle to the point of dissonance. Incisive and meticulous in nature, Peaer make the case that even a kind of shitty life is worth examining. –Quinn Moreland


DIIV: Deceiver

The first time Zachary Cole Smith tried to make an album about getting sober, the DIIV frontman wasn’t ready to be honest—with fans, with the people around him, or even with himself. A year after releasing 2016’s beloved Is the Is Are, Smith re-entered treatment for heroin addiction. A stretch of radio silence followed, before more and more tour dates gave way to this summer’s announcement of Deceiver. Recorded with producer Sonny Diperri, who previously engineered for My Bloody Valentine, DIIV’s third album draws deeply on the gossamer textures and double-tracked vocals that define shoegaze. Gone is the surface-level catchiness that drew listeners into the first two DIIV LPs, replaced by intricate songwriting that reveals itself further with each listen. With Deceiver, DIIV seek to reinvent themselves for themselves, and nobody else. –Noah Yoo 

Deerhunter - Death in Midsummer (Official Video)

Crumb - Ghostride [Official Audio]

Crumb: Jinx

Crumb’s debut LP has some hallmarks of a band that would be popular in 2019: jazz-influenced psych rock with crisp drums that brace an otherwise warbly, lo-fi aesthetic, complete with honeyed vocals dripped into the mix

Covert Contracts

Control Top: Covert Contracts

The first album from Philadelphia’s Control Top works with brutal efficiency. Taking cues from the insistent rhythms of the Slits and the bright riffs of new wave, the trio’s strident yet melodic post-punk is an antidote for anyone feeling oppressed, exhausted, or just plain stultified by modern life under a capitalist patriarchy. Bassist/singer Ali Carter’s lyrics fuel the kind of motivating anger that cuts through political disillusionment with surgical sharpness: “We’re in a black hole/Of our own making,” she screams on “Black Hole.” “We have solutions/Yet no one’s debating.” The point of Covert Contracts isn’t that Control Top have all the answers, it’s that they know something is very wrong—and they’re willing to stay pissed about it. –Anna Gaca

Brittany Howard - History Repeats (Official Audio)

Brittany Howard: Jaime

Brittany Howard named her debut solo album after her older sister, who died when Brittany was eight years old. While there’s no song explicitly about her on Jaime, there is urgent advice about how to live with the time we’re given: by refusing hatred and spreading love in fractious times; by dismissing inattentive partners and acting on desire. That immediacy pervades the sound of Howard’s solo debut, which is less wedded to genre than her work with Alabama Shakes and Thunderbitch. When the spirit calls for sparkling old soul, it’s there, as on the perennially festive “Stay High”; when Howard addresses a racist attack on her mixed-race parents, she doesn’t smooth over the stumbling piano refrain, nor her stunned delivery. The magnetic scrappiness doubles as a bracing alert. –Laura Snapes

black midi - bmbmbm (Hyundai Mercury Prize 2019)

black midi: Schlagenheim

In 2019, black midi taught a new generation of indie kids that prog and punk aren’t as different as sometimes advertised. The London quartet’s debut album, Schlagenheim, juggles flashy technical sophistication and raw fuck-you energy in a way that sometimes inspires older listeners to draw up lists of comparisons. And black midi would be impressive enough if they were “just” this year’s answer to Public Image Ltd.-Slint-Deerhoof-Battles-These New Puritans-Your Example Here. But form-defying freakouts like “bmbmbm” sound so certain they’re the future of guitar music, you’ll probably want to believe it, too. With touches of synth, drum machine, and accordion, Schlagenheim shows these young masters of the herky-jerky starting to grow into their studio-wizard potential. –Marc Hogan 

Big Thief - Not

Big Thief: Two Hands

By the time Big Thief released U.F.O.F. this past May, you might’ve thought they deserved some time off: It was their third album in four years. But not five months later came Two Hands, which is as much an exorcism as its predecessor. Violence ripples through these songs like a vein of quartz—“Rock and Sing” might be a children’s lullaby about lost souls, “The Toy” an intimation of great evil. Warmed by humming amps and the presence of four bodies pressed in close, the album unspools as effortlessly as a campfire session—stray counterpoints, offhand vocal harmonies, tiny details dancing like shadows on the treeline. At a time when it feels like no patch of ground is immune from either flood or fire, Two Hands draws a circle and creates a refuge there. –Philip Sherburne


(1979) The Flying Lizards - Money (That's What I Want)

08. The Fibonaccis - Sergio Leone

Débile Menthol - Crash Que Peut

Danielle Dax - Bed Caves

Fire Engines - Meat Whiplash

Biting Tongues - Heart Disease

Bene Gesserit - eNFaNTS DeS Rues

Carambolage - Tu doch nicht so

Bona Dish - Sand

Extremely obscure post-pop rarity from the tape recording generation. The band seems to link to a number of less obscure acts, but little can actually be confirmed, other than that they come from the UK and were operating around 1982.

Bona Dish - Sand

Extremely obscure post-pop rarity from the tape recording generation. The band seems to link to a number of less obscure acts, but little can actually be confirmed, other than that they come from the UK and were operating around 1982.

Penny Lane The Better Beatles

...And The Native Hipsters - Mr. Magic

One of the post-punk period’s most inventive bands, the Native Hipsters made incredibly bizarre records sampling a variety of things and creating noises, mixed with voices telling strange stories. A John Peel favourite that nevertheless remains largely unknown. Time to discover them.

MX-80 Sound - Don't Blame It On Me (Vinyl)

Snakefinger - Here Come the Bums

Buy or Die 1980, EP

MX-80 Sound - Don't Blame It on Me3:15

Snakefinger - Here Comes the Bums2:52

Tuxedomoon - 7 Years3:07

The Residents - The Festival


Flanger "Spin"

Burnt Friedman & Jaki Liebezeit- Secret Rhythms

Burnt Friedman & Jaki Liebezeit - Obscured by 5 (Extended)

Friedman & Liebezeit "182-11" LIve

Knife On The Platter

Squid - The Dial (Official Audio)

Squid: Town Centre - Rodeo

Squid: Town Centre
British outfit Squid caught our attention at this year’s SXSW with their nervy, dynamic art punk, and their debut EP Town Centre, which was released a few months later, cemented the hype. “Savage” sets the scene with swirling ambiance, the faint ringing of church bells, and sultry saxophone—it sounds like a slow pan of a desolate Medieval town at the peak of the Black Death. The anxious post-punk of “Match Bet” sees lead vocalist Ollie Judge write from the perspective of a manic gambler, while “The Cleaner” is a bombastic ‘80s synth-punk (think Talking Heads meets Brainiac) ode to a janitor who dances “with DVDs and books” to “rocket pop.”

 Throughout this seven-minute, wonky scene, “The Cleaner” celebrates people who work thankless, faceless low-wage jobs, and somehow its protagonist takes pleasure in the small details that make their job bearable, like their “favorite shoes” and the music that blares as they sweep and mop. It’s a seering rebuke of modern labor (“I’m the cleaner who gets home whose body drops down / On the floor as you find it there with a brush and mop”) and a depiction of how transcendence has become an essential late-capitalist coping mechanism. The EP closes with the minimal drum machines of “Rodeo,” a critique of the competitive sport which abuses large animals for often violent and often six-second-long chaos—all for mere human entertainment. The characters and narratives in Town Centre are all ones that aliens would find mind-boggling, but Squid capture this surreal world with charming humor and stark, poetic flare. —Lizzie Manno

Sweater Curse - Can't See You Anymore

Sweater Curse: See You
The next chapter of Aussie rock has brought us Sweater Curse, the rock-minded Brisbane trio who landed on our list of 20 rising Australian bands to know in 2019. Sweater Curse have been buzzy for a few years now, Pacific-side—back in 2017, with only two singles to their name, they toured with guitar vets Jen Cloher and Julia Jacklin, plus Camp Cope and Rolling Blackouts C.F. But if their impressive debut EP, See You is any indication, they’re bound to break out even more.

Beginning with the wizened standout “Can’t See You Anymore,” Sweater Curse create an emotional arc—the rise and fall of a failing relationship—on See You in less than 25 minutes. On that first track, a truly great rock song, bassist Monica Sottile sings, “What I’ll see and how I’ll feel is beyond me,” in a state of confusion amid a swarm of steady, punk-leaning guitar riffs. Later, the unease fuels agency: “I can’t see you anymore / ‘Cause I don’t know who to adore.’” On “Take Some Time,” the relationship in question is crumbling, but Sottile’s character is exhausted trying to save it: “Please just try for the sake of it / try not to lie / I’m so tired and I don’t have the strength to try.” —Ellen Johnson

Kate Teague - Low Life

Kate Teague: Kate Teague
Oxford, Miss. indie singer-songwriter Kate Teague caught out ear straight from her debut single, “Low Life,” which introduced her captivating sound to the world with confidence. Her next single, “Good To You,” which we also highlighted as our Daily Dose upon its release, matches breezy instrumentation with self-conscious, striving lyrics

Pottery: No. 1 (20199 Worked Up

Pottery: No. 1
After a solid performance at this year’s South By Southwest and tours opening for Parquet Courts, Viagra Boys, Oh Sees and Fontaines D.C., Montreal five-piece Pottery released their debut EP No. 1, recorded in just over two nights and cut live to tape. Crediting Orange Juice, Josef K and DEVO as influences, Pottery blend the whimsical, danceable and the arty leanings of some of pop and punk’s greatest groups.

N0V3L: Novel- song Natural

N0V3L: Novel
The debut EP from Vancouver art collective N0V3L sounds both tighter and looser than the other records on this list. Its guitar riffs are more tightly-coiled and the lyrics are delivered with an unmistakable anti-capitalist ideology, but it’s also packed with funky, disco-punk grooves that will help you unwind. On “Sign on the Line,” you won’t know whether to organize a collective bargaining strike or put on cyclops sunglasses and head for the dancefloor.

Girl Friday: Fashion Conman Generation Sick

debut EP

Broken Social Scene: Let’s Try The After (Vol. 1) -1972

Broken Social Scene: Let’s Try The After (Vol. 1)
Broken Social Scene’s rotating cast of 17 or so musicians always keeps us guessing. On part one of their recent EP Let’s Try The After, Kevin Drew and co. take us through an odyssey of quicksilver post-rock and starry, ascendent pop/rock. Following the seagull-infused clamor of intro “The Sweet Sea,” Broken Social Scene emerge elegant, spacey and experimental on the largely instrumental “Remember Me Young,” a challenging tune that also warms the soul. “Boyfriends” sees them channel The National and Phoenix for dusty-meets-electro indie rock while the horn-laden “1972” marries garbled synths, Ariel Engle’s dreamy pop coo and robotic backing vocals.

LUCY DACUS Troublemaker Doppelgänger

Lucy Dacus - "Forever Half Mast"

Lucy Dacus - 2019 
Time may be a construct, but it’s a pretty damn tireless one. It doesn’t stop when a family member dies, when you move to a new city or when a depression spell hits. The unending flow of time is overwhelming, a riptide that sweeps us under and threatens to drown us as we realize that, fuck, 2019 is almost over and we are on the precipice of a new decade. 

Slow Pulp - At Home

Chicago-via-Wisconsin four-piece Slow Pulp recorded most of their Big Day EP—not to be confused with The Big Day inoffensive and not-very-good “debut album” also released this year—in a cabin in Michigan. Music critics love to obsess over environment—where an album was recorded, how it was recorded and how the process was potentially affected by a space—and occasionally their assumptions about the music’s relationship to the landscape actually reflect reality

THYLA - Bitter

Thyla: What’s On Your Mind
With the release of their exceptional debut EP, What’s On Your Mind

GUERILLA - Jesus Rabbit

Guerilla Toss: What Would The Odd Do?
Guerilla Toss are a reminder that art-rock doesn’t need to be pompous to push boundaries. The group’s EP, What Would The Odd Do?, shows a danceable inventiveness that’s as fun as it is pensive—even when confronting serious topics like addiction and recovery. “Future Doesn’t Know” is a pristine glimpse into existential thought that’s propped up by its energetic instrumentation. It’s also incredibly fun.

Cate Le Bon Mother's Mother's Magazines

BODEGA - Treasures Of The Ancient World

BODEGA have always gone against the grain: Their insane attention to detail and deliberate aesthetic represents the antithesis of slacker rock and bedroom pop trends. From their harsh Parquet Courts-meets-Gang of Four-meets-Television take on post-punk and art-rock to co-lead singers Ben Hozie and Nikki Belfiglio’s

Bodega - Shiny New Model

BODEGA have always gone against the grain: Their insane attention to detail and deliberate aesthetic represents the antithesis of slacker rock and bedroom pop trends. From their harsh Parquet Courts-meets-Gang of Four-meets-Television take on post-punk and art-rock to co-lead singers Ben Hozie and Nikki Belfiglio’s combative stage personas, every move, every lyric and every sound you hear is extremely calculated. They rage against the machine quite literally—so much of their material references the negative aspects of modern technology and late-stage capitalism—and with only a few exceptions


Half Man Half Biscuit - Seal Clubbing

MX-80 Sound - Man On The Move

Todd Snider — Cash Cabin Sessions, Vol. 3 Working on a Song

Girlpool - "Chemical Freeze" (Full Album Stream)

Peter Perrett - I Want Your Dreams (Official Video)

Wand — Laughing Matter

Cate Le Bon — Reward song Magnificent Gestures

Les 3 riffs préférés de Jean-Jacques Burnel

The Waitresses - Christmas Wrapping (Music Video)

COIL - PARIS SOUNDCHEK (La LOCO Balance 2004.05.23)

John Balance and Thighpaulsandra Wrestle

Cabaret Nocturne - Blood Walk

Antonio Caeiro - Projecto - RUI - OS RIOS SAO CAMINHOS QUE ANDAM (excerp...

Cyrnai - Suppressionist

Coil "All the pretty little horses"

Body Without Organs - She Women Of The SS

Body Without Organs - She Women Of The SS

Vanishing Pentagram

Wiseblood - Grease Nipples

Foetus - Cirrhosis of the heart

JG Thirlwell + Ensemble - Someone Drowned In My Pool

‪Z‬ola Jesus & JG Thirlwell HIKIKOMORI / HAU 1, Berlin / 5 October 2013

Z‬ola Jesus & JG Thirlwell RUN ME OUT / HAU 1, Berlin / 5 October 2013

Tredici Bacci & JG Thirlwell - O Come O Come Emmanuel

Nico - Chelsea Girl

Nico - I'm Not Sayin' (HQ)

Nico : Reich der Träume (Original Official Version)

Lou Reed - Ooohhh Baby


Adrian Borland ~ Long Dark Train

Adrian Kelvin Borland (6 December 1957 – 26 April 1999) was an English singer, songwriter, guitarist and record producer, best known as the frontman of post-punk band The Sound.

Following a substantial musical career spanning numerous groups, as well as a solo career, he succumbed to symptoms of what is known as schizoaffective disorder, and committed suicide by jumping in front of a train on 26 April 1999.




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