Nick Cave & Warren Ellis - Comancheria (Hell Or High Water OST Music Video)

Nick Cave & Warren Ellis - "Mountain Lion Mean" (Hell or High Water OST)

Mystery Wind

Cooksferry Queen

Reject of Society

They've Got a Bomb

Khruangbin | Otis Live

John Zorn - Akramachamarei by Secret Chiefs 3


On The Wings Of The Haoma

Exterminating Angel

The Bourne Identity

Eight years after their debut, the boys are back with this Everything You’ve Come to Expect, 2016. The album is a notoriously The Last Shadow Puppets record. There are the strings, the harmonies, the melodious voice of Turner. But it is also steps into unexplored areas. Another proof of the prodigy Alex Turner.

Bird In A Gale

Running the World

The Other Side

Jarvis Cocker & Chilly Gonzales Room 29

In room 29, there is a piano that Jarvis Cocker started playing with. And, in the middle of the old atmosphere of Chateau Marmont, the inspiration came. The hotel has housed and influenced countless North American entertainment figures: F. Scott Fitzgerald, Jim Morrison, Hunter S. Thompson, among many others. Hence the concept of this Room 29

18 songs ...

Laura Marling - The Valley (Official Audio)

Marling reinvented itself, in tone, in lyrics, and even in production, in a collaboration with Blake Mills (Alabama Shakes), which makes this record more dense, complete and adult, as if the 21-year-old girl-woman of the first record had disappeared for good to make way for a more adult, more complete, but also more disturbed, in the letters, of love and friendship,

Black Fly

Reaching For Indigo is a cathartic album that invites us to atone for our ills and face our demons. From a moment that changed his life, Haley Fohr, the voice of Circuit des Yeaux, made us rethink ours, taking us into the depths of his singing in the abysmal cycle of a seizure. The album goes through several phases, from folk to experimental (even, perhaps, to experimental folk - whatever that may be). The disc opens with pomp and circumstance, in a ceremonial environment, with the gravity of the organ and the voice that accompanies it, and follows in an intimate and confessional tone that quickly tells us that this is going to be a troubled trip. But we endured the ups and downs, the harmonies and the dissonances, the melodies and the drones, and we left the other side more whole. Haley Fohr is, even though few know it, the best voices of this still short century, and Reaching For Indigo is one of the best things 2017 has offered us.


A Story Of This World Part II

Moses Sumney: "Cut Me"

Marlon Williams- Come to Me

Make Way For Love's songs all have a similar structure: they are conducted by a guitar or a piano, but none is simple. There are slide guitars, violins, string sets, synthesizers, strong basses and an accordion in “Can I Call You” (we enter without realizing it, in the world of Edith Piaf


Eclipsed Subject

Anticlines é um álbum que inquieta. No seu sexto disco, Lucrecia Dalt afirma-se no caminho que já vinha a percorrer de afastamento da doçura pop que pontuava os seus trabalhos iniciais e mergulha em experiências metálicas, clínicas, que ganham ainda mais dimensão com a spoken word da colombiana

Lucrecia Dalt - Tar

Anna Calvi - Hunter (Official Audio)

Hunter é ao mesmo tempo uma procura e uma afirmação de liberdade — de género, de vida, sexual e socia

Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever - "Talking Straight"

A herança australiana dos Go-Betweens está lá, uns R.E.M. de começo de carreira estão lá. Os Rolling Blackouts Coastal Fever não inventam a roda mas dão-lhe um aspecto

Some Birds

WARM é composto por canções ancoradas em guitarras e voz, bem escritas e bem cantadas, das mais sussurradas e comoventes pela vulnerabilidade às mais entusiásticas e comoventes pela procura de uma comunidade, de um encontro, de amor. As linhas de guitarra acústica e de pedal steel são devastadoras, as percussões de Glenn Kotche (dos Wilco) 

Jim James - Throwback (Official Art Track)

On his third solo album, Jim James changes the chip and places his guitar in the center of the stage. It only takes five seconds from the start of the album to realize that the guitar will be the main ingredient

Jonathan Wilson - "Rare Birds" [Official Audio]

Ao terceiro capítulo, Jonathan Wilson acrescenta ao seu rock clássico algumas incursões sobre o soft rock. As melodias bonitas de Rare Birds


Um punhado de canções maduras, carregadas de experiências, aprendizagens e conselhos para a vida. Depois de quatro anos sem sabermos dele, Mr. E. surpreende com The Deconstruction e suspeita-se que seja dos seus álbuns mais inspirados dos últimos anos. Mr. E.

Dirty Jim

Richard Swift - Selfishmath

I have this double CD ..... The Richard Swift Collection, Volume 1: The Novelist / Walking Without Effort. Secretly Canadian. 2005
Richard Swift -The Hex, 2018
Richard Swift is a name that we may not associate directly with the music he makes, but we have certainly heard his Midas touch, as a producer of artists such as Damien Jurado, Kevin Morby, Nathaniel Ratteliff, Jesse Baylin or Foxygen. And we heard it, almost as a session musician, with the Black Keys, The Shins or The Arcs. However, The Hex comes to us in macabre circumstances, which do not allow us to listen to the record with dry eyes. Richard Swift died in July 2018, aged just 41. The album was almost finished and came out three months later. A bit like David Bowie's Blackstar, we can understand The Hex as an artist farewell. Even more macabre, because he is preparing us for mourning, at the same time that he is also doing his own - in the years before recording the new songs, he lost his mother and sister. Of course, this whole context gives the album an intense dramatic aura, which is still felt, even if the story isn’t known.


No Revolution

Bobby Conn - Never Get Ahead (live 2011)

Bobby Conn- Never get Ahead

Bobby Conn - Never Get Ahead (1997)

Love You Madly



Take Me Away

Mutilated Lips

Ween - Ode To René


Forkless Tree

Robert Pollard and his Soft Rock Renegades - I Drove A Tank

Stump-Down On The Kitchen Table.wmv

Stump - Living It Down

WALL OF VOODOO factory 1982

LOW - Sunflower

Brightblack Morning Light - Amber Canyon Magik


The Telescopes - The Presence Of Your Grace

A large chunk of the credit should be given to producer Guy Fixsen, who also helmed some great records with Moose and Rollerskate Skinny and was a member of Laika. Sadly, the Telescopes split soon after this album came out, but the classic sound they came up with here lives on in bands like Mojave 3 and the Verve.

You Set My Soul


Bel Canto - Intravenous (1989)

Xiu Xiu - Mary Turner Mary Turner [OFFICIAL AUDIO]



Andrew Liles - The Ether Reel

Black To Comm If Not, Not


Roy Montgomery - And Later We Looked Up At The Stars

The Triffids - Wide Open Road

Babylon Sisters

New Frontier

You Won't Fall

Lori Carson "Little Suicides"

The Golden Palominos - "Breakdown"

The Golden Palominos - Break in the Road

Flood To Flood

Liars - Protection

Liars - A Visit From Drum

Tony Banks - A Curious Feeling - A Curious Feeling (30th Anniversary Rem...

Asphixiation - L' acrostique d' amour

Asphixiation - Aural Risk (Official Music Video)

Malaikat dan Singa "Mingkar Mingkur" OFFICIAL VIDEO

Put Your Hand In My Hand

Put Your Hand In My Hand

Cuts Like Drugs

Lungfish - Ann the Word

Fad Gadget - Love Parasite

23 SKIDOO - Fire

Jazzanova - Another New Day

All I Know Is Tonight

Motorpsycho + Jaga Jazzist Horns - Theme De Yoyo - In The Fishtank 10


Sun Ra - Bassism

Solar System

Too Much in the Skies

The Poison Tree

Pat Metheny & Lyle Mays - September Fifteenth (Live)

Pat Metheny & Lyle Mays - September Fifteenth (Live) Dedicated to Bill Evans Pat Metheny - guitar Lyle Mays - keyboards


Alberto Montero 'Poseidón'

Quem tiver estado atento à música produzida na vizinha Espanha já terá ouvido este nome; para muitos será apenas um desconhecido. Se o mundo fosse justo, isso terminaria já amanhã. A sua discografia tem muitos pontos de interesse, mas com La Catedral Sumergida o espanhol abusou: e construiu uma obra-prima que funde géneros, uma espécie de OVNI que celebra a música folk, um certo tom barroco e uma infindável poesia. La Catedral Sumergida quase não devia resultar em teoria, mas resulta - e com grande estrondo. É um disco ambicioso, misterioso, complexo. É um disco à antiga ou pelo menos para ser ouvido como antigamente: com imensa atenção, com a cabeça vazia e como se não existisse mais nada ao redor de quilómetros. Ah, e com esperança. Com uma certeza: já não se fazem discos assim

Quantum Theory Love Song

Aidan Moffat & RM Hubbert // Cockcrow (feat. Siobhan Wilson) // (Officia...

Nothing Stirs

Sonic Youth - Sympathy For The Strawberry (2003/05/07)

Sonic Youth interview 2017: Thurston Moore on music, New York City and D...

PJ Harvey - Dress - HD Live (V Festival 2003)

The Gun Club - The Breaking Hands (Robin Guthrie Feat.)

Mark Lanegan - Skeleton Key

It seems like yesterday that we heard Somebody's Knocking (it wasn't, but almost) and Mark Lanegan is already announcing a new album. Straight Songs Of Sorrow will be released on May 8th by Heavenly / PIAS, and features Greg Dulli, Warren Ellis, John Paul Jones and Ed Harcourt, among others.

David Axelrod - Holy Thursday

Now Again reissues the three albums that the American David Axelrod released with the Capitol Records label between 1968 and 1970. We speak of the incredible Song Of Innocence (1968), Songs Of Experience (1969) and Earth Rot (1970). All pearls

New Houses - Two Door Cinema Club

Ten years after they had been distributing Four Words to Stand On, only in physical format, to record stores and bars in Belfast and the surrounding area, the North Irish Two Door Cinema Club decided to reissue what was their first EP and deliver it you to the world on all digital platforms

Figurative Theater

Ali Farka Touré - Goye Kur - Live at Angouleme Festival, 1997

O primeiro álbum gravado pela lenda maliana com os Group Asco, banda da sua cidade natal, The Source (1993) foi alvo de restauro e remistura (a partir das fitas originais).

O registo apresenta-se, novamente ao público, com cara lavada, duplo vinil e booklet de 28 páginas para apreciar

Kim Gordon - What's In My Bag?

Stephen Malkmus & The Jicks - Sparkle Hard: The Supercut

Stephen Malkmus - Discretion Grove (Official Video)

Stephen Malkmus - "Viktor Borgia" (Official Music Video)

Dying on the Vine

Dying on the Vine

SWANS - Yr Property

SWANS - Yr Property

Savage Republic - Il Papa Sympatico


Inspiral Carpets - I Want You

David Sylvian & Robert Fripp - Jean The Birdman

Vincent Gallo - Sweetness


Brigitte Fontaine - Prohibition (clip officiel)

Brigitte Fontaine - Y'a Des Zazous

Brigitte Fontaine & Areski Belkacem "Vous et nous"

The Residents-The Perfect Lover

Ivor Cutler - Life In A Scotch Sitting Room, Vol. 2, Ep. 11

Ivor Cutler & Linda Hirst - Tomato Brain

Dead Guitars

Transient Generator

Frances-Marie Uitti - Metallic Double

Heldon - In Wake Of King Fripp

future sound of london "dead cities" - dead cities

Whitehouse - Language Recovery (2006)

Clock DVA - High Holy Disco Mass

Leila Arab - Mettle

Leila Arab - Mettle

Leila - Won't You Be My Baby, Baby

Moving from a supporting keyboard role with Björk and Galliano to put out her own album on Aphex Twin's Rephlex Records, Leila is the rare female electronica songwriter who doesn't sing, choosing instead to use vocals from friends -- and even her own sister -- for her Like Weather long-player. Born in Iran, she spent part of her childhood there but was forced to flee to London with her family.

‘(disappointed cloud) anyway’ is the first song to be taken from ‘U&I’ – Leila’s new album released on 23rd/24th January.

Harsher, shook up and rebooted, the song features the haunting vocals of Berlin based producer Mt. Sims.

This is a slightly shorter edit of the track – the full album version of this song will also be released on limited 12″ vinyl through Warp on 12th December. The single includes two extra unreleased tracks and an instrumental that will not feature on the album ‘U&I’.

Terry Reid - Seed Of Memory [HQ]

Beaver & Krause - Saga of the Blue Beaver (1971)

Steve Ashley Stroll On (1974) - Candlemas Carol

Ron Geesin - Organ In The Clouds

Ron Geesin & Roger Waters Music From the Body (1970)- Sea Shell and Stone

The Len Bright Combo - Young Upwardly Mobile And Stupid



Iannis Xenakis - Diamorphoses

Liquid Sky

Jorge Reyes - Venado de Cinco Puntas

Jorge Reyes - Al Filo de Obsidiana

Bill Nelson: Blip album launch and solo concert 2013

Hot Freaks

Black Girls

King Krule ~ Forever Dolphin Love (remastered)

King Krule - Molten Jets - Live On The Moon

Hiatus Kaiyote - Breathing Underwater

Les Yper-Sound

Holy Motors Official Trailer #1 (2012) - Denis Lavant, Eva Mendes Movie HD

A glorious ode to all things cinema, Leos Carax’s deliriously unhinged trip down the rabbit hole is one of the decade’s most wholly inventive films. Following a mysterious agent (brilliantly played by Denis Lavant) as he travels from job to job, using his chameleon-like skills to transform himself into everything from an old beggar woman to a sex-crazed hobo, a caring father to an assassin, Holy Motors seems to channel the work of David Lynch, Baz Luhrmann, and Vincente Minnelli, while paying homage to such horror luminaries as Jean Rollin, Georges Franju, and even Showa-era Godzilla films. Surrounded by the decadent decay of a crumbling Paris, Holy Motors is as much an elegy for the cinema as it is a love letter, seemingly embodying everything cinema is, was, and will be. Matthew Lucas

Tuxedomoon - Desire

MONADE - Change of Destination Again

Lætitia Sadier | a szenestreifen documentary

Lætitia Sadier | a szenestreifen documentary

STEREOLAB - Tomorrow Is Already Here

Guided By Voices - Hardcore UFO's


DEATH IN JUNE - Going Dark

Cromagnon- Caledonia- 1969

KILLING JOKE - European Super State

LIARS - We Fenced Other Gardens With The Bones Of Our Own

MOE TUCKER - Baby, Honey, Sweetie

Shockabilly- 19Th Nervous Breakdown

I like it very much .... another one of my favorite bands


Slapp Happy - Just a conversation (1972)

Matchless Man · Adrian Belew

Mick Karn David Sylvian Buoy

Mick Karn Language Of Ritual


Nothing Changes

Blood Axis - Follow Me Up To Carlow

Factrix ‎– Party Side - Eerie Lights

Faxed Head "Don't Turn Out Like Me"

Another odd band that Mr. Bungle's Trey Spruance was involved in. Unfortunately when this band came to Toronto I was too young and otherwise unaware of how awesome they were.

Faxed Head - Wyoming Hair

John Coltrane & Don Cherry - Bemsha Swing

Idiot Flesh - The Tale

The Book Of Knots - traineater

Talent Is A Vampire

A.More-Time less strange.wmv

Anthony More - World Service


Gang of Four - Peel Session 1979 R.I.P. ANDY GILL

1. Natural's Not In It (0:07)
2. Not Great Men (3:26)
3. Ether (6:52)
4. Guns Before Butter (10:53)


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