The Anarchy Tour (1976)


One of the first musical scenes that I felt belonged only to me—as a high school student growing up in a Philadelphia suburb in the early 80s—was the Paisley Underground, a silly neo-psychedelic community in Los Angeles. It didn't matter that I didn't know much about the original wave of 60s psych-rock (my family had a copy of Incense and Peppermints by the absurd psychedelic cash-in band Strawberry Alarm Clock)—this was something that my classmates knew nothing about.

 Eventually I started listening to the original stuff, but before that happened I tracked down records by the Long Ryders, Green on Red, Rain Parade, the Dream Syndicate, the Bangles, and the Three O'Clock.

I owned a single vintage paisley shirt, and I proudly wore it when I went to a concert in Philadelphia to catch LA's the Three O'Clock one night in 1983, where audience members were given a small paper cup containing a single sugar cube.

The whole evening was mocked by the triple bill's first act, Boston's Del Fuegos, who were still a few years from morphing into a band writing soundtracks to beer commercials. The Three O'Clock were the wimpiest and most fashion-oriented members of the Paisley Underground, and within a couple of years they became one of the first rock bands signed to Prince's Paisley Park label, but pop crossover ambitions had already neutered them beyond the pale.


Sex Pistols - The Clash - Buzzcocks - 1976 Screen on the Green Poster

Um pequeno cartaz original do famoso 1976 "Screen on the Green" concerto punk, com os Sex Pistols, The Clash (na sua primeira apresentação em Londres), e os Buzzcocks, todos por 1 libra britânica. 

O  manager dos Pistols Malcolm McLaren alugou uma sala de cinema de Londres para este "Midnight Special", que durou até ao amanhecer. O cartaz aqui, desenhado por Helen Wellington-Lloyd e Nils Stevenson, foi a primeira vez cut-up que foi usado na obra dos Sex Pistols.  

Este cartaz mede 11 1/4 "x 13 1/2" (não há variante deste cartaz impresso em papel branco, assim como um folheto menor, com a mesma obra.) Este cartaz é muito raro em excelente estado, com um único vinco vertical à esquerda do ponto médio.

R $ 2.000,00


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