Swans - Blood Promise

DIAMANDA GALÁS - 8 Men and 4 Women

The Chills - Destiny (Live)

The Chills: "Snow Bound"

THE CHILLS Martin Phillipps - Monolith 2021

After the Chills’ 1996 LP Sunburnt, we didn’t hear another studio effort from Martin Phillipps and crew until 2015’s Silver Bullets. Fortunately, the singularly great New Zealand songwriter—apparently doing well after a life-threatening battle with hepatitis C—doesn’t want, or need, to take another long break, as we’ve been treated to two records since: 2018’s Snow Bound and this year’s Scatterbrain (Fire). Here’s to many more years of Phillipps’ good health and the beautiful, melodic pop he continues to craft.

Skinny Puppy - First Aid

Severed Heads - A Million Angels

Einstürzende Neubauten Schwarz

Fad Gadget The Box

Test Dept - Victory (1987)

Thomas Leer - Private Plane

Muslimgauze - Azzazin - Untitled V (HQ)

Conspiracy International (Chris & Cosey & Glenn Michael Wallis) - Conquest


Franco Battiato - Meccanica (Video Restored)

Franco Battiato New Wave, Progressive Rock, Singer/Songwriter, Experimental Rock, Synthpop, Pop

Roberto Musci - Tamatave

Roberto Musci Born 27 March 1956, Milano, Lombardia, Italy Member of Roberto Musci & Giovanni Venosta Tribal Ambient, Free Improvisation, Post-Minimalism


‎‎Damon & Naomi‎‎ - Between the Wars

‎ A‎‎ Sky Record‎‎ (20/20/20) the first album by indie-pop/folk duo ‎‎Damon & Naomi‎‎ in six years;‎

Randy Newman - Harps and Angels


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