Abba On The Jukebox

TREMBLING BLUE STARS John Peel 9th August 2000

The band featured regularly on John's show, garnered an early Festive Fifty entry in 1996, and recorded a session in 2000 which has never been officially released.

The Smiths - This Charming Man (Official Music Video)

Television - Little Johnny Jewel part 1 & 2

David Bowie - Cracked Actor - Live at the Universal Amphitheatre - 09/05...

The Stranglers - Midnight Summer Dream

Tenpole Tudor - Swords Of A Thousand Men

Strawberry Switchblade -- Since Yesterday

Adult Net - Incense And Peppermints BRIX SMITH

Brix & The Extricated Vintage TV 2016-11-07 1080 HD

Rehearsal ~ Jan 1995 ~ The Fall (second half)

The Fall - OSM 19-02-1988

Dear Bela - Annette Peacock

Anette Peacock - don't be cruel


Annette Peacock - Lost In Your Speed

The Woodentops - You Make Me Feel


Joni Mitchell - Both Sides Now (Live At The Isle Of Wight Festival 1970)

August 29, 1970 Joni Mitchell did one of the most difficult performances of her career at the Isle of Wight Festival. Nearly breaking down in front of a rowdy, tumultuous crowd heckling her, she overcame and astounded them all with this:

You Got Me

Cocteau Twins: Need-Fire

DNA - Lying on the Sofa of Life

Luxuria - Redneck

DEVO - mongoloid + gut feeling '77 live

Magazine - shot by both sides Live Paris TV 1978

Arthur Brown ♪ Devil's grip on me (1967)

Crazy World of Arthur Brown - Fire

Steely Dan - Haitian Divorce

The Midnight Special More 1975 - 22 - Roxy Music - Out Of The Blue


Annette Peacock - I'm The One

Diamanda Galas: What about Annette Peacock, especially on “I’m the One”?
There’s another singer that I love. Annette Peacock.
How about Amy Winehouse on “Back to Black” – is she singing or just grabbing a bunch of R&B vocal shtick from her trick bag?
Well, I felt that her very early singing, when she was different – she looked different – was quite promising, and really good. Then later on she sang a lot of things like a series of vocal pastiches; she went to one of those schools in England where they teach them American-style black singing, more or less, or like a Dusty Springfield thing. I heard the pastiche in Amy’s singing, but I loved the sound of her vocal instrument; I liked the sound of it so much that I didn’t care that she did her vaudeville shtick or whatever. A lot of vaudevillians did their shtick too, but I’m very addicted to the sound of an instrument.
I love Julie London’s sound. Oh God, Julie London. Jesus Christ. Someone wrote me recently that my singing reminded them more of Sonny Rollins than it did Dinah Washington or any other singer per se. I thought that was a very interesting comment because the sound is, for me, the first thing. If I don’t like the sound of a voice, I immediately turn it off.
Patty Waters - Black Is the Color of My True Love’s Hair
You’ve talked a lot about Patty Waters’ “Black Is the Color of My True Love’s Hair.” Was it an influence on your singing style, technique, attitude?
The song was so incredible, I was crazy about it in the ‘70s. [Bassist] Mark Dresser played it for me and I was knocked out. I thought, this is really unfair that nobody knows who she is. I wanted people to know that I had heard her in the ‘70s, so I said, “She must be one of my influences.” But I didn’t mean it literally, I meant it’s that you have your ears and you hear things all day and somehow there’s a thing that happens, lots of choices that you make throughout the day about what you’re going to keep in your ears and what you’re not. So I cannot imagine that I wouldn’t have kept something in my ears of hers. I don’t sound anything like Patty Waters, my work has not been inspired by her at all, but I have to praise her for having preceded me.
Doris Day is an underrated singer on “Fly Me to the Moon,” no doubt on account of her squeaky-clean image.
But you know what, who underrated her? Because, let’s face it, in Hollywood, she was number one. So among whom is she underrated? The jazz community? Well, who gives a fuck, man. They wouldn’t have given her a buck anyway. They don’t have a buck to give. So, really, if you think about it, who underrates her? I’m probably one of the only singers who actually discusses her, because most singers don’t want to be associated with that kind of, you know, daisy vibe. I don’t care about whether she’s smiling obscenely while she’s singing, I’m just listening to the voice, you know? She was also a stupendous dancer. And to imagine that a singer can sing like that while dancing is pretty incredible.
Doris Day sings with a kind of Bach tone – restrained. She sings this pure legato, the pure melody. And how many singers actually sing the melody of a fucking song before they do their shtick to it? Very few, and it’s because they can’t hit the notes, or they can’t hear the notes. We have a lot of jazz musicians who obviously do the same thing. It’s like they can’t hear the changes, so they never play the melody right, ever!
Let’s talk about your 1994 album with John Paul Jones, The Sporting Life.
What I like about John Paul Jones so much is reflected by the evening in which he and I sat and went through a songbook of the Supremes. We were working on our record. I was shocked that he knew and had done the arrangements for all these Motown acts coming through London, and that he had done those arrangements for a lot of singers. I was shocked, because I love that music so deeply and because for so many years I just despised the Beatles. Jesus! I respect the production stuff very much, but the idea of the Beatles and the whole Beatles thing just made me sick because, for me, the [harmonic/melodic] changes of the Supremes were so sophisticated.

Kärleken väntar

Mistralazul 2


The Hierophants of Light

The Boyd Rice Experience - Race Riot

Love Paste

Fanfare for Effective Freedom

Conrad Schnitzler - 9

Dome - Cruel When Complete

Antimatter - Paranova

This Heat Sleep

Sunburned Hand of the Man - The Parakeet Beat


Jah Wobble's Invaders of the Heart - Soledad

Jah Wobble's Invaders Of The Heart ~ Rising Above Bedlam (Album 1991)

Jah Wobble's Invaders Of The Heart ~ Rising Above Bedlam (Album 1991)

My Beloved Monster

Blue on Blue

The River

The Sea Says

Nico - You forget to answer

Nico - All Saints Night From A Polish Motorway

All Tomorrow's Parties

Nico - New York New York

Nico-Hanging Gardens

Nico -- "Sixty Forty"

Cabaret Voltaire / Just Fascination / Live

Cabaret Voltaire - What Is Real

The Stooges • 1970 (I Feel Alright) • Live at the Goose Lake Festival • ...


See How We Are

Detroit City

John Doe and The Sadies - Take These Chains from My Heart

Calexico - Fake Fur

Death Dying And Channel 5

Curse Of A Thousand Flames

Red Crown


Touchdown/Orthrelm - Touchdown - Blynken

CD pairing two instrumental duos doing some astounding things, despite their seemingly limiting instrumentation. Orthrelm (Mick Barr on distorted, treble-heavy guitar and Josh Blair on drums) checks in first with four untitled tracks totaling about 13 minutes. Nearly overwhelming in their detail and information density, these songs are firmly within Orthrelm s by-now distinctive personal idiom, sounding like a cross between high energy '60s free jazz (due to the drumming) and modern extreme metal (based on the angular guitar-shredding). The music, though it contains no repetition and may even sound improvised to some listeners, is in fact fully composed, and close listening reveals a strong attention to form and to the development of certain motives or melodic ideas.

The Artic Cats

Green-Glassed Moves

Biographer of the Flaming Druglords

Do The Suicide

The Dutch Boy

Mighty Iam, The

Mighty Iam, The

Skeletal / Binary

A Dedication To Cronies And Goats

The Sequential

In Two Acts

Dismemberment Murder

In The Vicinity

azita - in the vicinity

Modest Mouse-Bukowski

日本のモノレール Monorails in Japan

Chiba urban monorail Japan


No Feeling (Dave Goodman Version / Remastered 2012)

Straight, No Chaser (Live) (Tokyo)

Belle and Sebastian - Another Sunny Day

Belle and Sebastian - Lazy Line Painter Jane

Leonard Cohen - A Bunch of Lonesome Heroes (Official Audio)


Angel Olsen - Shut Up Kiss Me (Official Video)

Pavement - Rattled by The Rush (HQ audio)

Times New Viking-Somebody's Slave(Dancer Equired/2011)

Times New Viking-Somebody's Slave(Dancer Equired/2011)


Magik Markers "Mirrorless" (Official Video)

Paper Bag

I Luv The Valley OH!

Small Wevs

Choco Flight

Things Will Never Be the Same


Khruangbin - First Class

Darkstar - Blurred (Official Video)

Sufjan Stevens, Lowell Brams - The Red Desert [Official Audio]

pour it out

New York Times

Quiet Village (1996 Digital Remaster)

Sparks - The Existential Threat (Official Video)

The Residents - Die! Die! Die! from Secret Records' - In Between Dreams ...

Something Wicked This Way Comes

My Rajneesh

You Look Like Rain

Guitar Voodoo

Spectrum - Go To Sleep (1994)

All Things Being Equal

Sonic Boom - "Tawkin Tekno" (Official Music Video)

The Swan And The Lake - Det Ved Jeg Ikke - s0435


Not Really (Virtual Reality)

Sainthood Is Not In Your Future



Now That I've Forgotten You

So Many Short Years Ago

Faust & Nurse With Wound - It Will Take Time

Every Colour You Are (Remastered 2003)

Cluster & Eno - Schöne Hände

Cluster - Caramel - 1974

CAN - Bring Me Coffee Or Tea

Harmonia Veterano (HQ)

Veteranissimo (Live)

Stravinsky's Only Hit

Sparks - Lawnmower (Official Video)

Sparks - "The Number One Song In Heaven" (official video)


Ash ra tempel -light look at your sun-

Ashra - Club Cannibal

Peter Baumann - Valley of the Gods

This Day

member of Tangerine Dream during the '70s who released solo albums in addition to founding new age label Private Music.

La Dusseldorf - Dusseldorf (HQ)

Halluzination Guillotine

NEU! - Isi


When the Levee Breaks (Remaster)

Pitchfork's 10 Best Songs of the 1970s

The 10 Best Shoegaze Albums of All Time

The 10 Best Dream Pop Albums

The 10 Best IDM Albums

Tom Recchion - "Sea World" from Not Alone COMP

Tom Recchion - A Complex Shape In The Sky


Let the Day Begin

The Mountain Goats - This Year

Dot Dash

Tuxedomoon -Desire


Momus - I want you, but I don't need you.

Righthand Heart

I Call It Pretty Music But The Old People Call It The Blues Pt. 2 (Mono ...

today in 16-8-1962 
Little Stevie Wonder (aged 12), released his first single, 'I Call It Pretty Music, (But The Old People Call It The Blues)', the single featured Marvin Gaye on drums.

Wire - Ahead


Soup is Good Food

The Passage - Fleck

King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Some of Us (Official Video)

My Tulpa (Remastered 2007)

Cut Out Shapes (2007 Digital Remaster)

Stranglers - Death and night and blood

California Uber Alles

Sir Richard Bishop - Zurvan

Guitar Rebop


Tuxedomoon - Everything you want

Tuxedomoon - Dark Companion

Snakefinger - Golden Goat

The Model

Jethro Tull "Cross Eyed Mary" Live @ Capital Center 1977

The Cars - Shoo Be Doo/ Gimme Some Slack (Live On Fridays)


The Teardrop Explodes - Like Leila Khaled Said, Generation 80, Belgian T...

The Au Pairs - Live The Tempodrom, Berlin 19.06.81

Danielle Dax - Whistling For His Love

The Dylan Group - Stay (And We'll Make Such Sweet Music)

Azonic - Beyond The Pale

Azonic Halo (Strata, 1994) was Andy Hawkins' new project after Blind Idiot God, yet another epic excursion at the edge of rock's sonic horizons but this time via four lengthy improvised solos (with help from bassist Gabriel Katz). The ten-minute Beyond the Pale unleashes a tornado of Hendrix-ian feedbacks, violent fits of angst-laden hallucination. The twelve-minute Shore explores the other (contemplative) side of the coin via a droning raga-like distortion, first soaring to the skies and then descending again to Earth. The eleven-minute Headwaters sends waves of metallic dissonance against an oscillating drone. The twelve-minute Raze is the gothic, suspenseful closer, sending alien tremors up cascading walls of white noise that sometimes sound like baroque keyboards played by the fingers of a mad ghost. Few albums in the history of rock music packed and conveys so much emotion with such minimal means.
This transcendent work is the equivalent of Peter Green End of the Game (1969) for the punk and post-industrial generation: the soundtrack of a soul awash in the massive neurosis of his era.

Blind Idiot God, hailing from St Louis (Missouri), were an instrumental power-trio that predated both post-rock and grunge, and that took inspiration from both MC5, Jimi Hendrix, John Coltrane and Glenn Branca.

Bloodlines: The Paintings of Hermann Nitsch

DAF - Der Raeuber und der Prinz

Fire Engines - Big Gold Dream

Laughing Clowns - Law of Nature

Larme secrète


Alan Vega & Marc Hurtado - Prison Sacrifice (with Lydia Lunch)

Danielle Dax Ostrich

Danielle Dax - Funtime

SOPOR AETERNUS: "A Strange Thing To Say" (music video)

Miss Modular

Miss Modular

True Happiness This Way Lies

Dali's Car - "The Judgement Is The Mirror"

Fast Forward

Scary World Theory

TEHO TEARDO & BLIXA BARGELD - Still Smiling (not the video)

It Takes A Lifetime

Minimal Compact - New Clear Twist

IN MY TOP 10 ... they are my favorite bands.

I really like it when I listen to this song, I have the same feelings as if I heard it for the first time, since the 80's ... AMAZING ... one of my favorite songs ever ... love

Inner Station

Take the Skinheads Bowling


minimal compact - Disguise

Algebra Suicide . Please Respect Our Decadence


barnes & Barnes Boogie Woogie Amputee

Barnes & Barnes - Cemetery girls

Bill Mumy and Rob Haimer formed Barnes & Barnes in the early 1970s. It was another gimmick in the "novelty" genre, which in their case tended to perverse Zappa-style satire.

Voobaha (Rhino, 1980 - Oglio, 1996) is a continuous defense of crime, but perpetrated with the most psychotic and demented spirit, between the horrid Boogie Woogie Amputee with garage-surf organ, the enthralling anthem rock'n 'roll of alienation Pumped Out Blues, the parody of the gospel-soul of the fifties Party In My Pants, the nursery rhyme for children Clip Clop, worthy of the most stupid gags of Zappa, the chorus from the cartoon soundtrack Fish Heads, a parisian street song with a fatalist accordion (Gumby Jaws Lament), a vaudeville chant with a murderous lyrics (I Hope She Dies) and a ridiculous and excited blues (Sewey Hole).

The demented single Soak It Up (1983) held attention. When it finally came out, Amazing Adult Fantasy (Rhino, 1984) turned out to be their most commercial album (with the pseudo-hit I Don't Remember Tomorrow and Don't You Wanna Go To The Moon ").

Barnes & Barnes - Cemetery girls

Family Fodder - Film Music (1981)

Family Fodder - Film Music (1981)

Dinosaur Sex (Full Version)

Family Fodder, the project of Alig "Fodder" Pearce fronted by Dominique Levillain, played comic party music that evokes alternatively Barnes & Barnes's musichall or Mekons' anarchic punk-rock or Gong's nonsensical prog-rock, the Lemon Kittens's surreal pop, on their first album Monkey Banana Kitchen (1980). Two entertaining songs (Symbols, Monkey) and the nutty disco-music of Savoir Faire and Organ Grinder are not enough to justify a full-length though: a four-song EP would have been more than adequante.

ScHiZoPhReNiA pArTy (1981) contains the nine-minute funk-dub-rock novelty Dinosaur Sex.

All Styles (Jungle, 1983) was incredibly amateurish, bordering on ridiculous.

Pearce reformed the band that continued recording all the way into the new century: Water Shed (Dark Beloved Cloud, 2000), Classical Music (state51 Conspiracy, 2010), Variety (state51 Conspiracy, 2013), etc

God Is My Co-Pilot - Marshmallow World

A cross between the Teenage Jesus & The Jerks, the Holy Modal Rounders, the Half Japanese and Captain Beefheart that is expressed in the miniaturized format of hardcore, the group touches the heights of madness in the voodoobilly of Looken For A Fat Girl, in rhythm and blues Downgraded to Fierce Beast's Beefheart and Angels In The Air's Patti Smith invective, which, despite the infinite devastation, are basically the most musical pieces.

God Is My Co-Pilot - Queer Disco Anthem

God Is My Co-pilot inherited Half Japanese's miniaturized dementia. I Am Not This Body (1992) packed 34 brief, childish, dissonant pieces that parodied all sorts of genres. Their chaotic approach bordered on free-jazz cacophony, and on party music for a madhouse

God Is My Co-Pilot ‎– I Am Not This Body

rake - klang co.

Rake, formed by bassist Bill Kellum (owner of the alternative label VHF) in Fairfax (Virginia), belong to the florid progressive-school of the 1990s.
They established themselves as one of the most creative ensembles of the Washington scene via the single Cow Song/ My Fish Died (L Records, 1990), the EP Motorcycle Shoes/ Look at Rocks, My Miserable Existence/ The Center (VHF, 1991), the cassette The Day I Remembered Seeing Ice (Sweet Portable Junket, 1992) and the single Subterranean Marijuana Garden/ USTV (VHF, 1992).
Their first album, Rake Is My Co-Pilot (VHF, 1994), contains two lengthy improvisations, Thin the Herd and Motorcycle Shoes, driven by a jazz guitarist who listened to John McLaughlin till he went nuts and by a keyboardist who fell in love with the Moog. The sound is an aberration of Albert Ayler and Borbetomagus.
The single Squelch/ Phrase Text Slur (Fourth Dimension, 1995) heralded the double-CD album The Art Ensemble Of Rake/ Tell-Tale Moog (VHF, 1995), featuring Justin Chearno of Pitchblend. The sound is even more adventurous, bridging the gap between God Is My Co-pilot, Half Japanese and Boredoms
The first CD contains four lengthy suites. Klang Co (20 minutes) begins with minimalistic repetition that is soon dueting with thundering drums and wild guitar distortions. After about nine minutes, the rhythm decays and a chaotic swirl of faceless, scattered sounds (prominently Moog and saxophone) terminate the music.
Remote Sensing (13 minutes) begins with a terrifying eruption of jamming but the bacchanal loses rapidly steam and leaves behind a nuclear waste made of bubbling Moogs, drilling dissonances and harsh guitar mistakes. Remove any melodic element from the music of Albert Ayler and Art Ensemble of Chicago and add a sub-psychedelic indifference towards harmony.

Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross - A Minute To Breathe

We're An American Band (Remastered 2002)

Rockin' In Rhythm

Go Away

Citadel (isolated) - featuring Brian Jones playing soprano saxophone & f...

You Got The Silver (left channel) - featuring Brian Jones playing autoharp


David Bowie - Station To Station (Christiane F ) 1980 - new edit, remast...

Sing Swan Song

Faust - Sixty Sixty

It's A Bit Of A Pain (2006 Digital Remaster)

Joshua Tree 1969 Keith Richards. Anita Pallenberg, Gram Parsons (Photos_...

Angels of Light - Song for Nico

QUEEN -Fragments

today 12-8-2012 The London Olympics ended with a spectacular musical closing ceremony. The three-hour show featured some of the biggest names of British music from decades past, including the Spice Girls, George Michael, The Who, Take That, Muse, Jessie J, Emeli Sande, Elbow, Madness, The Pet Shop Boys, One Direction, Ray Davies, Liam Gallagher, and Brian May and Roger Taylor from Queen.

Before You Go


Technically, Missing

Dead Souls (From "The Crow" Soundtrack)

King Midas Sound & Fennesz - On My Mind (Version)

Mickey Hart - Wayward Son (Audio) ft. Avey Tare

The Walking (And Constantly)

Annette Peacock - The Feeling's Free

RIP RIG & PANIC : Through Nomad Eyeballs

Jon Hassell - Malay (remastered)


The Go-Betweens - Hammer the Hammer

Go-Betweens-Ask (1983) HD

The Go-Betweens - Your Turn, My Turn


THOMAS LEER international 1978

Eyeless in Gaza - No perfect stranger

Martyn Bates - I'd better mean it all now

Martyn Bates - I'd better mean it all now

Weather Vane

Summer Places

Safety Scissors - Fridgelife

Safety Scissors - Fridgelife

The Floor

U.T - Yellow Magic Orchestra

Insomnia - YMO

OOIOO-Be Sure to Loop

Escape from Noise

Matmos - Lipostudio... And So On

Paths and Angles (2008 Remaster)

Paths and Angles (2008 Remaster)

Ultravox - We Stand Alone

Dangerous Rhythm

scritti politti "rock-a-boy blue"

Just Another Day

Strawberry Switchblade - 11 Being Cold (With Lyrics)

Refusal of Leave to Land

Coil - Hellraiser Themes & The Unreleased Themes for Hellraiser - Full 2...

Coil - Christmas Is Now Drawing Near

Death Waltz


Sopor Aeternus - Powder (subtitulada al español)

SOPOR AETERNUS: "Children of the Corn" (music video)



Just a Familiar Face

You Don't Know What Love Is



Toresch - Laquella [Offen Music]


Boghze Esfahan


Shaba Kouria

Island Of Unknown Joys

Well Tuned Dreams


Caterina Barbieri - This Causes Consciousness to Fracture [IMPREC, 2017]

Ana 'Ishiqt

Pan Daijing - Act Of The Empress 皇后之作 [PAN]




Little Dragon - Crystalfilm (Official)

Lifestyle Guru


Good Animal (For Hannah)


Lala Belu

Hailu Mergia — Addis Nat

Kate NV - вас YOU



Senyawa - Pasca


Facility of Parasitism

Open / Ouvre

He Dead

Everybody Play

Nowhere Ending Sky

bird dogs of paradise

Cast Of Mind

Sacer Profanare

Claim It


Cold Case


We Are Starzz

Grumbling Fur - Molten Familar