Frank Zappa - 1988 05 14 - Auditorio de la Casa de Campo, Madrid, Spain - EU ESTIVE AQUI NESTE DIA

on this day I was here FZ, Ike Willis, Mike Keneally, Scott Thunes, Chad Wackerman, Ed Mann, Bobby Martin, Bruce Fowler, Walt Fowler, Paul Carman, Albert Wing, Kurt McGettrick. 1988 05 14 - Auditorio de la Casa de Campo, Madrid, Spain The Black Page Packard Goose Medley Alien Orifice I Ain't Got No Heart Love Of My Life Cruising For Burgers Find Her Finer Big Swifty (q: Feelings, Four) More Trouble Every Day Penguin In Bondage Hot Plate Heaven At The Green Hotel Cosmik Debris Inca Roads Sharleena Bamboozled By Love Bolero Crew Slut The Closer You Are (Lewis/Robinson) Johnny Darling (Statton/Statton) Let's Make The Water Turn Black Harry, You're A Beast The Orange County Lumber Truck Medley Oh No Theme From Lumpy Gravy (aka Duodenum) Whipping Post (Allman) "Nos lo vamos a pasar de puta madre". It was Frank Zappa's greeting to the respectable person as soon as he took the stage at the Madrid Rockódromo. Then, two hours of music, two hours of a lesson in eclecticism, composition, and a lot of irony and acidity. This time, the destination of Zappa's satire was Iberia. Throughout his entire performance he did not stop insulting the first Spanish airline. The reason? The organization's version is that, apparently, Zappa found in Bilbao that there were more passengers than seats on his flight to Madrid, and he had to make the trip by car. Upon arriving, he asked for a change in the order of performance - initially he had to close the night -, claiming that he was tired, and so, every time the lyrics of his songs criticized something, that is, almost always, he closed the phrase with a "like Iberia". The Zappa-Iberia anecdote ran throughout a concert of a high level of quality, both musically and in the provocative aspect; facet that reached its culmination with the group's farewell: all the musicians horning the audience, with both hands! [...] The night had begun, with great punctuality, at 9:30 p.m. At that time, while more than half of the approximately 25,000 spectators who attended were stuck in the usual M30-Extremadura highway traffic jam, Mermelada came on stage. His performance was very similar to what Burning offered, more than three hours later. [...] When Burning began his performance it was already around two in the morning and it was intensely cold in the Casa de Campo. Despite this, more than half of the attendees stayed until the end. La primera actuación en España de Frank Zappa & The Mothers Of Invention fue en Badalona, el 4 de octubre de 1974

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