CP Unit, Before The Heat Death - Quantized - Brandon Seabrook · Tim Dahl · Weasel Walter · Chris Pitsiokos

CP Unit, Before The Heat Death (Clean Feed) Ever since extreme-music overlord Weasel Walter took Chris Pitsiokos under his wing in 2012, the saxophone wunderkind has been a major player in Brooklyn’s DIY jazz and experimental underground. In late 2016, Pitsiokos and his Quartet offered up One Eye with a Microscope Attached quickly followed by the early 2017 release of his CP Unit’s Before the Heat Death, a godhead assault that channels the downtown free-improv mayhem of John Zorn, the ecstatic groove throw downs of electric-era Ornette Coleman and the proggy precision of Walter’s Flying Luttenbachers. Fittingly, it’s Walter and his Lydia Lunch Retrovirus bandmate, bassist Tim Dahl on drums and bass respectively, holding the chaotic fort, giving free rein to Pitsiokos and guitarist Brandon Seabrook to go batshit-crazy with a brutal punk-jazz monolith that calls to mind no wavers like James Chance and the Contortions, DNA and John Lurie and The Lounge Lizards.

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